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my daughter

Hi Everyone! The reason I am doing this page is I had one of these babies, my second child was born only weighing 3 pounds 15 ounces and 16 and 3/4 inches long. I had her by emergency C-section after 3 days of labor and no progress. She come into the world, but we were not sure if she would stay. The picture above is my daughter, she had tubes all over in her, I was not allowed to hold her for the first 24 hours. All I could do is touch her tiny hand. I was able to take her home with me after our 5 day stay in the hospital, but little did I know what was ahead for me and my 4 pound baby. I had to feed her every two hours around the clock, had to be obcessed with her body temperature as she could not keep it up on her own. Then trouble started with her formula, she got worse on us. She was sick & losing weight. The Pediatrician she had was wonderful without him we would have lost her. (Thank You Dr. Alhariri where ever you are now!) He found she was allergic to soy bean's & any other type of bean, so she was put on Pregestimil and stayed on it until she was over a year old, she still had to be fed every two hours & needed my constant care & attention.

I know how these parents feel I was one of them not having any clothes to fit her I had to use doll clothes that would fit and then had to crochet the rest. When she was 3 months old she fit into preemie size clothes and at 6 months she was wearing regular newborn size. That is why I have made this page and that is why I crochet baby blankets, booties, sweaters, quilts, and burial gowns for babies, for Newborns in Need". They need our help and it takes so little. I am the Secretary of the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter of NIN and have an internet work group and my hometown work group as well. We meet once a month for 3 hours to sew and quilt things for the babies..... If you would liketo help you can contact me at the email addy below or go to the National Home Page to see if there is a NIN Chapter near you......

my daughter

Our daughter is now 9 yrs old and in 3rd grade she is doing very well. She still has the terrible allergy to soybean products, beans , peas & even beets. Whats worse is what child does not like chocolate? She can't eat chocolate without getting a rash, stomach ache, throwing up, & running to the bathroom. She also wears glasses she has trouble seeing without them, we found that her eyes inside are not shaped right. We are still very lucky though we have our daughter & can watch her grow, laugh, run, play & smile! We tuck her in bed at night, hug & kiss her. We see her pretty little face every morning with that smile on it that she seems to be able to put on it all the time. Other parents are sometimes not so lucky.

This page is to get awareness out of babies and parents who need help. These babies are Premature babies born weighing only a few pounds to full term babies, who need our help. It includes babies who dont make it. NIN has things you can make for the parents who are not so lucky and loose their precious ones. Please check out the link below for the Newborns in Need Page and if you want to donate to Newborns in Need, PLEASE look for more information on how to get involved at the chapter web-site or at the National web-site, depending on where you live.

Things The Babies Need

  • Blankets Newborn and Preemie Size
  • Sweaters
  • Booties
  • Angel Outfits (for babies who dont make it)
  • Donations of good used clothes
  • Donations of money
  • Lotions, shampoo, diaper rash ointment, baby soap & diapers
  • Baby yarn or fingering yarn
  • Quilt batting, sewing notions & fabric
  • Office supplies
  • The list goes on & anything is very much appreciated


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