DX thoughts

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DX thought: overnight taping
You should consider taping like I do. I use two Stereo VCR:s recording 4 frequencies for a little more than 8 hours each!! On standard E240 tapes. It's cheap per hour and adds no extra noise from the media. (As reception over here is only sporadic most of the tapes are without any signal at all...)
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DX thought: A/K indeces
High numbers (A/K indeces) point to high solar activity and possible auroral conditions. Long-haul DX can occur when the numbers are very low and stay that way for a while.
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DX thought: cheap rotors
Over the past 5 years I've found that low budget rotors are good for about nothing. In 5 years I've had at least three burn out, the last one rotating only an APS13 (less weight than a full size VHF antenna)...... Contrasting this to better rotors. Both my Channel Master HD9515's work great after a couple of years and one even survived a fall from the roof to the ground with a large antenna attached when a mast snapped in a Blizzard. My HD73 that I use for the oversized UHF dish in my tower has performed flawlessly as well. Moral of story for those putting up antennas is..if you use cheap rotors you'll be sorry. Response? write us