/Heard:Wyoming FMs!

Here is a listing of all the FMs heard from Wyoming! The first number is the month and where it was heard from! IE:7-MT would mean July from Montana! This feature will be run monthly so we can all lick our chops on those great Es catches, in lieu of any Es logging. Still, it is there. Just a matter of being there to catch. * denotes a newer addition to this listing! Formats or slogans are listed at the end of the list, where possible. A sincere thank you to the reporters who make this feature possible!

88.1 KCWC WY Riverton 5-IL
89.1 K206AJ WY Sinclair 5-OH NPR WY PUB R. 250w!
90.3 KCSP WY Casper 8-MI 12-MI
90.9 KCSP WY Casper 8-MI 12-MI
91.9 KLWD WY Laramie-Gillette 6-OH 8-MI REL
91.9 KUWR WY Laramie 5-OH 6-IL 6-IL 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 6-OH 6-OH 7-MI 8-OH
92.1 KFRZ WY Green River 5-IL 6-MI 7-IL 92.1 theFreeze
92.9 KLGT WY Buffalo 6-WI 6-OH 6-OH 6-OH 7-MT "Kix93"
92.9 KOLT WY Warren AFB 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 6-WI 7-MI 7-OH 7-OH 8-OH 8-ON SS:R.TigreFM EX:KMOR NE Scottsbluff
93.1 KTRZ WY Riverton 6-IL 7-IL
93.7 KAZY WY Cheyenne 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 6-OH 6-OH 6-OH 8-MI ROCK 93-7Ka-zy
93.7 KYTI WY Sheridan 5-MI 6-OH 6-OH 7-IL 8-MI 93-7theCoyote
93.9 KTAK WY Riverton 5-IL 6-IL 7-OH C&W
94.1 KUWR WY Laramie 6-IL
94.9 KZWY WY Sheridan 6-ON 8-MI
95.1 KCGY WY Laramie 6-IL 6-OH 7-MI 8-MI "Y95"
95.1 KYCS WY Rock Springs 6-MI 7-MI
95.5 KWYY WY Midwest-Casper 5-IL 7-WI &W
96.5 KLGT WY Buffalo 5-MI 6-MI [ex:92.9]
96.5 KQSW WY Rock Springs 6-IL 6-MI 7-MI 8-MI
96.7 KIMX WY Laramie 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI I-Mix
96.9 KAML WY Gilette 6-OH
96.9 KQSW WY Rock Springs 7-WI
97.3 KAML WY Gillette 6-MI
97.5 KDLY WY Lander 6-IL
97.9 KXBG WY Cheyenne 5-IL 5-IL 6-OH 6-OH 6-WI 7-IL Big Country
98.3 KZZS WY Story 6-MI HotAC
98.3 KERM WY Torrington 5-MI 6-OH "KGOS & KERM" C&W
99.5 KRKI WY New Castle 6-WI SPO:ESPN
99.9 KKPL WY Cheyenne 6-WI 7-AL
100.1 KKTY WY Glencoe 5-MI 8-MI
100.5 KTED WY Evansville 5-MI ROCK
100.7 KOLZ WY Cheyenne 5-IL 6-IL 7-AL 7-MI
100.7 KGWY WY Gillette 6-ON C&W
101.5 KDDV WY Wright 6-ON
101.9 KIGN WY Burns 5-IL 6-MI 7-MI KingFM
102.5 KHOC WY Casper 7-MI HotAC
104.1 KCGL WY Powell 5-MI ClROCK
107.9 KLVK WY Vista West 5-MI