/Heard:New Hampshire FMs!

Here is a listing of all the FMs heard from Misissippi! The first number is the month and where it was heard from! IE:7-MT would mean July from Montana! This feature will been run monthly so we can all lick our chops on those great Es catches, in lieu of any Es logging. Still it is there. Just a matter of being there to catch. * denotes a newer addition to this listing! Formats or slogans are listed at the end of the list, where possible. A sincere thank you to the reporters who make this feature possible!
Only these states will be used in this state by state rotation: AL AZ DE FL ID LA ME MS NV NH NJ RI TX VT WY. It'll be a higher rotation from "far away" areas for all of us! NEXT is:KANSAS, due up on December 28th.
88.3 WEVS NH Nashua 6-IL 6-IL 6-OH 6-ON
89.1 WEVO NH Concord 6-IL 6-ON 6-WI 7-IL 7-OH 8-WI
89.3 WEVO NH Concord 7-IL
90.1 WEVH NH Keene 6-IL
92.3 WGXL NH Hanover 7-WI
94.1 WFTN NH Franklin 6-ON 6-ON
94.9 WHOM NH Mt.Washington 6-WI
97.3 W247AO NH Plymouth 6-IL
98.3 WLNH NH Laconia 6-ON
99.1 WNNH NH Henniker 6-OH
100.3 WHEB NH Portsmouth 6-AL 7-WI