/Heard:Indiana FMs!

Here is a listing of all the FMs heard from Indiana! The first number is the month and where it was heard from! IE:7-MT would mean July from Montana! This feature will be run monthly so we can all lick our chops on those great Es catches, in lieu of any Es logging. Still it is there. Just a matter of being there to catch. * denotes a newer addition to this listing! Formats or slogans are listed at the end of the list, where possible. A sincere thank you to the reporters who make this feature possible! Current through JANUARY 2024.
88.1 WVPE IN Elkart-South Bend 4-MI 6-MI 6-OH 6-ON 6-WI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 7-WI 7-WI 7-WI 8-MI 8-OH 8-ON 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI 9-MI 12-OH
88.3 WEAX IN Angola 7-MI 8-MI 9-MI
88.3 WDSQ IN Chesterton 410w HS stn - WFEN nulled 2-IL 5-WI 5-WI
88.3 WNIN IN Evansville 6-MB 7-IL 7-MT
88.3 WLAB IN Fort Wayne 4-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 7-OH 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI
88.5 WTMK IN Lowell 6-WI 7-MI
88.5 WTMK IN Wanatah CCM:Shine FM//WONU-89.7 7-MI *
88.7 WGVE IN Gary 9-WI GOS
88.7 WICR IN Indianapolis 7-MI 9-MI
88.7 WQKV IN Warsaw 7-MI 9-MI KLove
88.9 WLKJ IN Battle Ground K-Love 7-MI *
88.9 WSND IN Notre Dame 2-IL 4-MI 7-MI 9-MI 11-ON
88.9 WJYW IN Union City 5-MI 7-OH 7-OH 8-OH 9-MI 88-9JoyFM
89.1 WBOI IN Ft Wayne 2-IL 4-WI 6-MI 6-MI 7-IL 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-OH 9-MI 11-OH
89.5 WBEW IN Chesterton 6-WI 7-MI 7-WI 8-IL 8-WI
89.5 WISU IN Terre Haute 9-MI
89.9 WHLP IN Hanna 8-WI 8-WI 9-WI
90.1 WFYI IN Indianapolis 6-OH 7-MI 7-OH 8-OH 8-OH 8-WI
90.3 WBCL IN Ft. Wayne 2-IL 5-OH 5-WI 7-IL 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 11-MI
90.5 WRTW IN Crown Point 7-MI
90.7 WPSR IN Evansville 7-MB
90.9 WBSW IN Marion 5-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH
91.3 WGCS IN Goshen 4-MI 6-MI 7-IL 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 9-OH 12-OH
91.3 WVUB IN Vincennes 6-MI
91.5 WJHS IN Columbia City 9-MI
91.7 WETL IN South Bend 7-IL
91.9 WQKO IN Howe 7-OH 8-MI 8-OH REL
92.1 WBST IN Muncie 6-MI 6-MI 6-MT 7-MI 7-MI 7-MT 8-MI 8-MI
92.1 WROI IN Rochester 6-MT 7-MI 9-MI 11-MI ClHITS GiantFM
92.3 WTTS IN Bloomington 6-IL 6-WY 5-MT 7-MT 9-MI 9-MI 12-MI
92.3 WFWI IN Ft. Wayne 7-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI
92.3 WPWX IN Hammond-Chicago,IL 3-WI 6-WY 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-WI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-WI 9-WI 11-MI 11-WI "Power92"RAP
92.7 W224BY IN Angola 250w SPO:FOX 8-MI
92.7 WZBD IN Berne 6-MI 7-MI 7-MT 7-OH 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-OH 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI
92.7 WSDM IN Brazil 8-MI
92.7 WZWZ IN Kokomo 6/WI
92.9 WNDV IN South Bend 5-MI 5-MI 5-WI 5-WI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-ON 6-WY 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MT 7-OH 7-WI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-WI 9-WI 9-WI 10-OH 10-OH 11-MI 11-MI 11-OH 11-WI 11-WI 12-WI U93 Top40
92.9 WSKL IN Veedersburg 6-WY 7-MI
93.1 WIBC IN Indianapolis 6-IL 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 9-WI 12-MI TALK
93.3 WKHY IN Lafayette 7-OH
93.3 WQTY IN Lawton 6-MI 6-MT
93.3 WBTU IN Kendallville-Fort Wayne 1-MI 4-OH 5-MI 5-MI 5-MI 6-MI 6-MT 7-IL 7-IL 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-IL 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-OH 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI
93.5 WMXQ IN Hartford City 7-MI 8-OH
93.5 WKHY IN Lafayette 7-IL 8-MI 8-MI 8-OH ROCK
93.5 WITW-LP IN Valparaiso 7-IL 7-MI 7-MT 8-MI 51 watts!
93.7 WPFR IN Clinton 7-MI
93.7 W229CO IN Fort Wayne REL:Bott//1090-WFCV 230w! 8-MI *
93.7 WRCL IN Frankenmuth 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-OH
93.7 WFRR IN Walton 7-MI 8-OH 9-MI 9-MI 10-WI
93.9 WPFR IN Clinton 8-OH
93.9 WYRG IN Fisher-Indianapolis 6-MT 7-WI
94.1 WBNI IN Roanoke 7-IL 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 8-MI 8-OH 9-OH 10-MI 11-MI 11-MI
94.3 WZOC IN Plymouth 4-MI 5-MI 6-IL 6-MI 6-MT 6-MT 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MT 7-MT 7-OH 7-WI 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-OH 9-WI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-OH 12-OH OLDIES 94.3
94.7 WFBQ IN Indianapolis 5-MI 6-OH 7-WI 8-OH 8-WI 9-MI 9-OH Q95
95.1 WAJI IN Ft. Wayne 5-IL 5-MI 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 7-OH 7-OH 7-OH 8-MI 7-OH 7-OH 10-MI 10-MI 10-OH 10-OH 11-MI 12-OH "Magic95.1"
95.3 WUME IN Paoli 9-WI
95.3 WNDI IN Sullivan 6-IL
95.5 WFMS IN Indianapolis 6-IL 6-IL 6-MI 8-WI 9-MI
95.7 WQMF IN Jeffersonville 7-IL 7-IL
95.7 WAOR IN Napanee -South Bend 6-MI 7-MI 10-MI
95.9 WEFM IN Michigan City 3-WI 6-WI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-OH 8-WI 9-MI 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI "We-FM"
95.9 WKUZ IN Wabash 7-MI 7-MI 8-IN 8-OH 8-OH 8-WI 9-OH 10-MI "95-9KissFM"
96.1 WQLK IN Richmond 5-MI 5-OH 6-MI 6-OH 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 7-OH 8-ON 10-MI 11-MI 11-MI 12-WI "Kicks96Country"
96.3 WXKE IN Churubusco 6-MI 6-MT 7-MI 8-OH 9-MI 9-MI 11-MI
96.3 WWSY IN Seeleyville 6-IL
96.5 WAZY IN Lafayette 2-IL 5-IL 5-MI 6-IL 6-MI 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MT 7-WI 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-ON 11-MI Z96.5
96.7 WCOE IN LaPorte 6-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI C&W:96-7 The Eagle
96.9 WHPZ IN Bremen 9-MI
97.1 WENS IN Shelbyville 5-IL 8-OH 9-MI 9-MI
97.3 WMEE IN Ft Wayne 5-MI 6-IL 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 7-OH 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 10-OH Top40
97.7 WYXX IN Goshen 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-WI 7-MI 7-MI 7-WI 7-WI 7-WI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 8-WI 9-MI 9-WI 10-MI 10-MI
97.7 WLQI IN Rensselear 6-MT 7-MI 7-WI 8-MI
97.7 WCLS IN Spencer 8-OH
97.9 WGNR IN Anderson 2-OH 6-MI 7-WI 9-MI 9-MI REL
98.1 WIBN IN Earl Park, 6-IL 6-MI 6-MI 7-WI 8-MI 8-WI 9-MI 12-WI OLD
98.1 WRAY IN Princeton: 6-IL
98.7 WQME IN Anderson 8-WI
98.7 WASK IN Battle Ground 5-IL 6-MI
98.9 WBYR IN Woodburn 6-MT 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 11-MI 11-ON TheBear
99.3 WXVI IN Knox 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 8-WI
99.3 WCJC IN Van Buren 6-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI C&W
99.5 WZPL IN Greenfield 4-AL 5-IL 5-IL 6-MT 7-MI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI Top40
99.7 WSHW IN Frankfort 5-WI 6-IL 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 6-OH 6-OH 6-WI 7-MI 7-WI 7-WI 7-WI 7-WI 7-WI 7-WI 7-WI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 12-MI
99.9 WTHI IN Terre Haute 6-MT 7-WI 8-MI "Hi99"
100.1 WFCV IN Bluffton 4-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-OH REL:Bott
100.1 WFRI IN Winamac 7-MI 7-WI 8-MI REL
100.3 WLKI IN Angola 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-MI 8-OH 8-WI Cl HITS
100.3 WIFE IN Connersville 8-WI
100.5 WWKI IN Kokomo 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-IL 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-KS 8-MT 8-OH 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 9-OH 10-MI 10-MI 12-MI C&W
100.7 WBYT IN Elkhart-South Bend 5-MI 5-MI 6-ON 6-MI 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MT 8-MI 9-MI 12-OH "B100"
100.7 WMGI IN Terre Haute 6-MI 9-MI 9-MI "MixFM"
100.9 WBDC IN Bloomington 7-IL "101 Country"
100.9 WPGW IN Portland-Muncie 6-MT 8-MI 9-MI C&W
101.1 WIOE IN South Whitley 7-WI 8-OH 8-OH 8-WI 8-WI "OLDies 101"
101.3 W267BE IN Angola 7-MI U-Rock *
101.3 WFMG IN Richmond 4-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH "G 101.3"
101.3 WBAA IN West Lafayette 7-MI 8-IL 8-MI 9-MI 10-MI
101.5 WKKG IN Columbus 6-MT 7-IL 7-IL 7-WI 8-OH 8-OH 8-WI
101.5 WNSN IN South Bend 6-IL 6-MI 6-MI 6-ON 6-MT 7-WI 7-WI 7-WI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-OH 8-OH 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI 9-WI 10-MI 12-MI
101.7 WIKL IN Elwood 6-MT 7-IL 7-MI 9-MI "K-Love"
101.7 WLDE IN Ft. Wayne 5-MI 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-WI 7-WI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI9-OH 10-MI OLD
101.7 WIVR IN Kentland 4-WI 8-MI 8-WI
101.9 WKLU IN Brownsburg 8-OH
102.3 WGBJ IN Auburn 6-MI 6-WI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI Alt 102-3
102.3 WSMM IN New Carlisle 8-MI 8-WI 8-WI 9-MI
102.5 WMDH IN New Castle 2-OH 4-IN 5-MI 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-KS 8-MI 8-OH 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-WI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI 11-MI 11-OH 11-WI 12-MI 12-OH
102.5 WIHN IN Orleans 8-ON
102.5 WLEZ IN Terre Haute 8-OH
102.7 WLEG IN Ligonier 6-MI 9-MI Hot AC:Froggy 102.7
102.7 WDWQ IN Terre Haute 6-MT 8-KS 9-MI C&W
102.9 WLME IN Cannelton 8-KS
102.9 WJCI IN Huntington 7-MI 8-OH 9-MI REL
103.1 WMHE IN South Bend 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI
103.3 WIVQ IL Spring Valley 5-IL 7-IL
103.3 W22AK IN Fort Wayne 250w 7-MI GreatCountry103.3
103.3 WOLT IN Indianapolis 5-IL 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI
103.5 WAWC IN Syracuse 7-IL 9-MI 9-MI
103.7 WFIU IN Bloomington 5-IL 5-IL 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI
103.7 WHZR IN Royal Oak 7-IL 7-MI 11-OH
103.9 WIMC IN Crawfordsville 7-IL
103.9 WXRD IN Crown Point 2-IL 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-WI 8-MI 8-WI 11-MI ROCK
103.9 WXKE IN Fort Wayne 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI
103.9 WRBR IN South Bend 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-WI
104.1 WIKY IN Evansville 6-MT
104.1 WLBC IN Muncie 6-IL 6-MI 7-IL 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 11-MI 11-MI 12-WI 12-WI
104.5 WJJK IN Nobelsville-Indianapolis 4-MI 5-IL 5-MI 7-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-OH 8-ON 9-MI 9-OH 9-ON 12-MI 12-MI
104.5 WERK IN Muncie OLDIES //WURK 107.7 Elwood IN
104.7 WFRN IN Elkart 6-ON 8-IL 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-OH 8-ON 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-OH 9-OH 10-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI 11-MI 11-MI 11-MI 12-MI
104.9 WERK IN Muncie 7-MI 7-MI 9-MI
104.9 WAXI IN Rockville 10-MI 11-MI
105.1 WQHK IN Huntertown-Decatur 6-MI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI C&W K-105
105.3 WJLT IN Evansville 6-MT 7-IL
105.3 WKOA IN Lafayette 7-IL 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 8-KS 8-MI 8-OH 8-WI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-MI 9-OH 9-WI 10-MI C&W
105.5 WTHD IN LaGrange 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-WI 8-WI 8-WI 9-MI 9-MI 12-WI C&W
105.5 WLJE IN Valparaiso 4-WI 5-WI 7-WI 7-WI 7-WI 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 8-WI 9-IL 9-MI 9-WI 11-MI 12-WI
105.7 WYXB IN Indianapolis 4-MI 7-WI 9-MI 9-MI B105.7
105.9 WJOT IN Wabash 6-MI 7-MI 9-MI
106.1 WWWY IN North Vernon 4-MI 6-MT theRiver
106.3 WJOE IN Columbia City 6-MI 7-MI 8-MI 8-MI 9-OH 9-OH 10-MI TALK
106.3 WUBU IN South Bend 7-IL 7-MB 8-WI 11-MI
106.5 WBWL IN Washington 6-IL
106.7 WGLM IN W. LaFayette 3-IL 5-IL 7-WI
106.9 WXXC IN Marion 4-MI 4-MI 5-OH 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 7-OH 8-MI 8-MI 12-MI
107.1 WEDJ IN Danville 9-MI SS
107.1 WZVN IN Lowell 3-WI 5-WI 7-WI 7-WI 8-MI 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI HotAC
107.3 WRZQ IN Greenburg 8-ON 8-WI Top40
107.3 WRSW IN Warsaw 5-MI 6-WI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-WI 8-MI 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI 8-WI 11-MI 12-MI
107.7 WMRS IN Monticello 7-IL 9-MI
107.9 WNTR IN Indianapolis 4-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-WI 8-MI 9-MI
107.9 WJFX IN New Haven 5-MI 9-MI 10-MI 10-MI 11-MI
107.9 WAMW IN Washington 6-MT 7-IL