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      Welcome to dx'er profiles, formerly called e-mail/stats & stuff. This is where you can let others get in touch with you, tell the world of your dx'ing statistics or tell folks about your interests in life!      E-mail addresses and web-sites are only added AFTER YOU OK them! People like privacy and that is respected! Statistics are basically statistics. Nobody is bragging! If you have 200 or 2000, think of the hours you have invested in our hobby! You can be proud! Other interests are just that. What are your hobbies or interests other than dx'ing?      If you want your name removed, it will be done. If we don't hear from you in SIX MONTHS, your name is dropped, figuring you might have lost interest in the hobby. You may add/change anything, anytime you want. Let me know! Nice thing is, if you're in IA, and you hear something in MI, you can e-mail person on list, if there is such, and get help with an UNID that mentions Michigan for example. Also if you collect say, baseball cards and you live in MN, and someone in ND does too, bango! You get the picture! I have met some very interesting, nice and kind people! Welcome aboard!       Speaking of pictures, you may now send in pics of your shack, tower, radio related stuff and we'll post it on our DX-midAMerica picture page!       Lastly, I might have forgot to add your ham license or something. Please advise me on any mistakes/omissions! It would be easy to click & "goto" mailbox. This is NOT done so some idiot who copies addresses all day isn't copying this list and you end up getting "HOW I GOT RICH" and so on.
SA-MB Shawn Axelrod, MB Winnipegsaxelrod@sympatco.ca STATS:YB:86 THrd:2090a StHrd:50+DC CoHrd:66 QSLs:10 Best catch:1665 2MM Sydney Australia at 400w!Best catch/watt: 1690 STLMO St.Louis MO at 1/10w!Other dx: FM, tropicalOther interests: history, computers
KRB-IN Ken Berkebile, IN Demotte (NB9I)nb9i@yahoo.comKen's Home Page!Other interests: Ham op, LW dx'ing, alternative energy technologogy.BEST CATCH: Medfer beacon PX in Benton MD on 1634 at 100mw!
JB-IL John Berszoner, IL Bolingbrookrbnhood125@aol.com STATS: YB:67 THrd:2012b StHrd:31+DC PrHrd:6 CoHrd:56 QSLs:232Other dx: SW scanningOther interests: computer, photography, gardening
EB-MI Eric Berger, MI nr Detroit EMAIL: ericberger@ameritech.net PICTURE PAGE: Eric's McIntosh MR-65 STATS: YB:AM 2000 FM:1994 TV:1993-98 THrd:760 StHrd:39+DC PrHrd:7 CoHrd:6 FM: THrd:430 StHrd:22 PrHrd:1 CoHrd:2(US & Canada) TV: THrd:226 StHrd:21 PrHrd:1 22 LPs. (ended:'98) BEST CATCH:WPUN696 Bedford, PA@10w. Midday log. Other interests: Traveling, collecting Ertl toy tractors, rare oldies music, watching freight trains, wine tasting, playing Microsoft Flight Simulator.
MH-IN Mike Habeck, IN Brooklynmhabeck@inetdirect.net STATS: YB:73 THrd:318 StHrd:32+DC PrHrd:3 QSLs:0Other interests: airline timetable collector
SLH-IL Steven L. Hildebrand, IL Chicago (KB9KPK)unkadeve@hotmail.com
AJ-TX Arthur Jackson, TX Fort Worth (KA5DWI)art.jackson@airmail.net
TL-IN Tom Laskowski, IN South Bend (KB9BIT)mwdxer@aol.comSTATS :YB:81, though I was dx'ing in the 70's, THrd:1462b (119 call changes, 9 freq changes), StHrd/QSLd: 44/8, PrHrd/QSLd: 8/7, CoHrd/QSLd: 22/11 QSLs:140Best catch/watt: 1540WZAL @ 4w in 1984 dx testOther interests:hardcore amatuer astronomer, extra class ham KB9BIT
RL-MI Richard Line, MI Sterling Heightscortina68@aol.com Other interests: bicycling, electronics, camping w/trailer, travel, working on cars/mods, 4 wheeling, etc.
JN-TX James Niven, Moody, TX jdniven@ev1.net (home) james.niven@med.va.gov (work) YB:1975 Other DX:SW "My main passion is Broadcast." Stats: WORLD: CoHrd:92, QSL'D Countries: 71, QSLs: 597 All from Australia. Stats: USA & Canada: StHrd:32 StQSL'd:26 THrd:137 QSL's: 89 all from Australia. Best Catch: 1560 KKAA, Aberdeen SD heard and QSL'd from Mt. Gambier South Australia, Australia. (I am an ex-aussie) Other Interests: Plane spotting, interested in database programs and computers.
CR-IL Christos Rigas, IL Wood Dalecrigas@birinc.comSTATS: YB:80 THrd:1010a StHrd:46 PrHrd:7 CoHrd:29 QSLs:451Other dx: SW LW FM TV, editor of DX Chicago (CADX bulletin)Other interests: Frank Zappa music, computers, videos, beer bottle label collecting/beer drinking
JJR-WI John J. Rieger, WI So. Milwaukeedx-midamerica@WebTV.net STATS:YB:67 THrd:2024b StHrd:47+DC PrHrd:10 CoHrd:27 QSLs:13 BEST:1230 WBOK LA New Orleans, 903 miles BEST:1240 WTAM MS Gulfport MS, 876 miles BEST:1340 WMID NJ Atlantic City, 748 miles RARE!1400 WBRL NH Berlin, 840 miles. NH on 1400! BEST:1400 KILE TX Galveston, 1028 miles BEST:1450 WSPB FL Sarasota, 1126 miles BEST:1490 KZZN TX Littlefield, 1000 miles Other dx: FM: 556 logs, TV Other interests:Beer can collecting, model railroading, landscaping/gardening, feeding birds/squirrels, beer tasting, travel, transit maps/timetables
JW-WI John Wilke, WI Greenfield (WB9UAI)Other DX:AM/FM/TV, pirates, ham contesting, cwOther interests: cycling, Xcountry skiing, punk rock mx, medicine, working on VWs, race car driving
KW-WI Kent Winrich, WI Wauwatosakwin@execpc.com Other interests: collecting old radios, photography, ham radio, skiing, cooking, my wife

a counts call changes
b does not count call changes

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