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HOT TIPS for November-December-r-r,2020
1270 KIML WY Cheyenne 12/25 1800 P end of song, LID-local nx. - XXX-WY
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********************************************** 12-19 4th BEST DEC. 9TH BEST MONTH on record!

560 KWTO MO Springfield 12/3 0550 P "This is the Wake Up Springfield Show on KWTO, FM 93.3, 560 AM." O/U a weak WIND. BP-WI
560 KMON MT Great Falls 12/1 0709 P "on the Voice of Montana, 560 KMON" t/c, in fade up. JJR-MI
580 KIDO ID nAMpa 12/1 0705 P o/weak CHAB. Calls, many Idaho mentions. No fading. Atop. JJR-MI
580 CHAH AB Edmonton 12/1 0705 P ETHnic chanting just a bit u/KIDO. Would fade leaving KIDO.JJR-MI
590 KXSP NE Omaha 12/3 0558 F-G Easily cutting through the slop from adjacent local WKTY. PSA for Serve Nebraska org. Ad for local Eyman Plumbing followed by LID. BP-WI
620 CKRM SK Regina 12/3 0644 P C&W in WTMJ null, calls, more music. JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 12/1 0724 P psa:message from gov't of Canada, 6-30 Ched. WREY nullable. JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 12/2 0703 P M-F anchors o/weak WBHR. 660 News time 6:10.JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 12/1 0722 P "-3(c), coming up a 6:30..." ads, "660 News" JJR-MI
810 CKJS MB Winnipeg 12/1 0702 Vp FF "NBA" and lost to WJJQ. Chasing KLVQ. Assumed. JJR-MI
900 WATK WI Antigo 12/2 0702 P LID for AM, ABC news, "the Christmas stn" (vs usual CL HITS) JJR-MI
910 KCJB ND Minot 12/1 0740 Vp "91 Classic Country KCJB" way u/WFDF. JJR-MI
930 KKIN MN Aitkin 12/1 1640 G- Leo Sayre How Much Love, ID "Build yourself a snowman while listening to home grown local radio, KKIN the Gobbler". TL-IN
930 KSDN SD Aberdeen 12/3 0641 930 KSDN on tuning in, Western Wear clothing, farm prices. Atop. JJR-MI
980 CFPL ON London 12/1 2047 P Global News Radio, Talk show, ad into talk, no calls,thru others.JJR-MI
990 WISK GA Lawrenceville 12/1 2000 G- loud with SS music in CBW's absence, Clear "WISK Lawrenceville Georgia" ID, NEW! TL-IN
990 WWKY KY Winchester 12/1 1853 F with Richard Marx song Right Here Waiting, NEW! TL-IN
1000 KOMO WA Seattle 12/1 0630 Vp "24/7 news, overcast in the Great Northwest" -WMVP nulled. JJR-MI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 12/1 0629 P SS impassioned preaching. No KDKA. Still in for LID at TOH. JJR-MI
1060 WHFB MI Benton Harbor 12/3 1732 P "WHFB"jingle, Maniac, Michael Sembello. Good for 1w, hi! JJR-MI
1140 CJRB AB High River 12/1 0657 P So.AB's community radio stn-AM1140, We'll Sing in the Sunshine. JJR-MI
1150 CJSL SK Estevan 12/1 0656 F! loud! CJ 1150, C&W in w/no sign of WHBY, others. Solid. JJR-MI
1170 KBOB IA Davenport 12/3 0743 P "you can get it all here in the quad Cities area..." Alone. JJR-MI
1190 WMEJ MS Bay Saint Louis 12/3 1858 Poor and mixing w/ other poor stations. WOWO not around. Urban gospel mx. LID @ 1858 with 104.3 FM W282CE being mentioned. NEW! TPK-WI
1220 CFAJ ON St. Catharines 12/3 1925 . Poor but on top. WLPO-IL was also present in background. Oldies and Xmas mx. Call letters. ( Finally got ‘em.) NEW! TPK-WI
1220 CFAJ ON St.Catharines 12/2 1628 P "from 1220 CFAJ" Burton Cummings song, WHKW in back. JJR-MI
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls 12/2 0822 P "AM 1230 & 93.3" detailed wx, Catrrier Htg/cooling. JJR-MI
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls 12/1 0655 P 19 here in Thief River Falls after giving MN temps. JJR-MI
1230 KWSN SD Sioux Falls 12/3 0759 P "Sunny in the S Falls area 40 for a high, Brian Karsten in the storm center" after "from the kelo newsroom" First time this season. JJR-MI
1240 KCID IA Spencer 12/1 1727 Vp promo for Big Country 107-7 in mess. Lost. JJR-MI
1240 KDLR ND Devils Lake 12/4 0821 P tho steady. Alone. Weather almanac, "KDLR" into C&W. JJR-MI
1240 KDLR ND Devils Lake 12/1 0753 P wx: sunshine, sounder, "KDLR" Statler Bros song. First time this season. JJR-MI
1240 WJMC WI Rice Lake 12/2 0723 Vp "WJMC" ... "Rice Lake" ments in mud. WOBT most likely here. JJR-MI
1260 WNDE IN Indianapolis 12/3 0644 P Fox Sports radio, shows, apps, "Welcome back" & no calls! JJR-MI
1260 KSGF MO Springfield 12/3 0644 F in fade up. Ad for Family Center Farm and Home Store and other local businesses. "Springfield Talk 104.1" BP-WI
1260 KWYR SD Winner 12/3 0756 P "your locally owned Winner True Value.." JJR-MI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 12/2 0815 P R&J Broadcasting, on the news page. No usual WMKT. JJR-MI
1270 KFAN MN Rochester 12/3 0902 P Fan taking of when they were on AM 1130, moved into new studios, all Mpls based. JJR-MI
1270 KYSJ MO St. Joseph 12/3 0629 VP "Anyway You Want It" by Journey then hrd "Rockin' the Heartland, KY102." Later hrd "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd. Mostly alone. Matched online stream. BP-WI
1270 KNWC SD Sioux Falls 12/2 0733 P MyFaithRadio, shoe promo, wx:40, no usual WMKT. JJR-MI
1280 KVXR MN Moorehead 12/3 0802 P EWTN Catholic chatter, lost to WWTC. Assumed. JJR-MI
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 12/2 1640 P FF tele talk, lost to WWTC. Unusual hearing this, if only for a minute! JJR-MI
1290 WHIO OH Dayton 12/3 1710 P wx from Storm Team 7. 1290 & 95.7 WHIO. Alone, unusual here! JJR-MI
1300 WRDZ IL LaGrange 12/3 1637 P UNID song, then Polish chatter u/or even to WOOD. JJR-MI
1310 WISE NC Asheville 12/1 1555 F- heard "AM 13-10 and 970 and 102.9 FM WISE" on drive home. TL-IN
1330 WTRX MI Flint 12/3 1633 P MI sports talk, MI Hockey, football. "TRX" at :52. No WHBL,WLOL. JJR-MI
1340 KDLM MN Detroit Lakes 12/4 0739 P "insurance in Detroit Lakes..." Obits in mess. JJR-MI
1340 KDLM MN Detroit Lakes 12/1 1631 P "When Doves Cry, Prince on Classic Hits KDLM" in mess. JJR-MI
1340 KXPO ND Grafton 12/1 0810 P easily 5 No.Dakota blurbs in newscast, calls @:14 o/others. JJR-MI
1380 WPHM MI Port Huron 12/2 0811 P "the news & information to start your day-WPHM" No WOTE. JJR-MI
1390 WLCM MI Holt 12/2 0800 P In Touch is newxt on Victory 1390, WLCM" o/WGRB. JJR-MI
1400 KEYL MN Long Prairie 12/3 1803 P C&W mx, Hometown R, 1300 & 103.1 KEYL Long Prairie,Fox nx.JJR-MI
1410 KLFD MN Litchfield 12/2 1708 P -no WIZM for a change. Many Litchfield obits. JJR-MI
1410 KRWB MN Rosseau 12/2 1711 P songs by Def Leppard, Small Faces, Calls into Tom Petty. No WIZM. JJR-MI
1410 KOOQ NE North Platte 12/4 0737 Vp tho "liquor store in N.Plsatte" cut thru others. No WIZM.JJR-MI
1420 KGIM SD Aberdeen 12/4 0835 P -no usual KTOE. Dan Patrick. O/others. Assumed. JJR-MI
1430 KNSP MN Staples 12/3 0900 P"AM 1430 KNSP Staples the Fan" into LID for 100.3-Mpls! Yikes.JJR-MI
1440 KMAJ KS Topeka 12/2 1705 P Fox news, "1440 KMAJ" text in to win. Alone, atop. JJR-MI
1440 WMAX MI Bay City 12/4 0732 P ments of Ave Maria Radio. No others. JJR-MI
1450 KBUN MN Bemidji 12/1 0845 Vp w/calls, 94.1 100.1 ments, "KBUN sports network" LID @:51. First time this season. JJR-MI
1460 KKAQ MN Thief River Falls 12/1 0842 P 1460 &98.5FM KKAQ, Behind Closed Doors, Charlie Rich.JJR-MI
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 12/2 1703 P nx, Guelph Humane Society,wx. No KXNO. JJR-MI
1470 KWSL IA Sioux City 12/3 0800 P LID for AM, FM xlator, LaPreciosa, I Heart....SS mx.JJR-MI
1470 WFNT MI Flint 12/4 0816 P 743-XXXX or XXX-1530 to bid on things. Alone. JJR-MI
1490 WLXR WI LaCrosse 12/2 1631 P Fox Sports, Magnum Media info on jabs, 1490 the Eagle,OLDies. JJR-MI
1520 KMSR ND Maryville 12/3 0849 P ND scores from Rugby,Oakes,Hettinger,etc. "..Sports Radio..."JJR-MI
1520 WPAY OH Rossford 12/4 09000 P til lost. LID, Christmas music. WMLM in earlier. JJR-MI
1560 KBEW MN Blue Earth 12/3 0842 P Spencer-? Funeral home, in Winnebago(MN) since 1936, Alone. JJR-MI
1570 WFRL IL Freeport 12/4 0800 P "here at K-92 it's 28 degrees" UNID I had 12/3? JJR-MI
1570 KDIZ MN Golden Valley 12/4 0758 P -no WLKD. Freedom 1570, LID at TOH. Town Hall news. JJR-MI
1570 WKBH WI Holmen 12/1 0747 P "...here on Relevant Radio" interview w/Fr. Rocky, lost to WLKD.JJR-MI
1590 WCGO IL Evanston 12/3 1120 Abruptly went off the air @ 1120. Came back @ noon w/ an OC. Audio came back on @ 1210. TPK-WI
1590 KVGB KS Great Bend 12/3 0605 P In briefly with mention of snow storm and a list of area school districts with starting delays. Then lost. BP-WI
1660 WQLR MI Kalamazoo 12/1 1800 P w/LID for WTOU, 95.5 translator & 1660 WQLR. R&B/new format. JJR-MI
1680 WPRR MI Ada 12/1 0710 P open carrier til undermodulated @:26. Chatter underneath. JJR-MI
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***************11-84 First DX tests for DX-midAMerica: 1300-WQPM MN, 1370-KFJM ND
******************************11-82 VG AU cx
********11-81 First bulletin Hot Tips dated 11-15

MOST reported frequency: 1460 -11 reports

540 WXYG MN Sauk Rapids 11/11 0726 P Album Rock 540 WXYG & 94.3- downtempo jock. No CBK. JJR-MI
550 KFYR ND Bismarck 11/12 0634 P w/u WSAU. nxcast "6:36 here at K-Fire."Good Top40 in its day! JJR-MI
560 KLZ CO Denver 11/1 0632 P Crawford Bcstg, KLZ-560, KLZ-AM mentioned w/others. 1st time this season. JJR-MI
560 KMON MT Great Falls 11/1 0633 Vp "KMON" jingle, Anne Murray's You Needed Me. 1st time this season. JJR-MI
570 CKSW SK Swift Current 11/29 0713 Vp thru WNAM. C&W cut through. "Sun morning inspirational on CKSW 570." First time this season. Rare. JJR-MI
580 KIDO ID nAMpa 11/1 0539 P alone, steady. P S.Hannity, 3-6 weekdays on KIDO 107-5FM & 580AM. JJR-MI
580 WIBW KS Topeka 11/2 0553 P ads, KS grain futures/markets, KS farm actions, "29 in Topeka" JJR-MI
580 WELO MS Tupelo 11/21 1908 P in past few nights. Weak, but there. Marvin Gaye song, "the Pulse, 104-3FM". JJR-WI
580 KZMX SD Hot Springs 11/1 0630 Vp Carry on Wayward Son,Mt.Rushmore psa by YL. Lost to ??? power up. WKTY WTCM WIBW etc have made this long impossible! Off my most wanted list. NEW! JJR-MI
580 WKTY WI La Crosse 11/6 1941 P with “CBS Sports”, Zack Gelb Show KMD-MN
580 CHAH AB Edmonton 11/13 0657 P ETH chanting. Solid, tho lost to WTCM power up @:59. JJR-MI
580 CHAH AB Edmonton 11/1 0631 Vp, though would fade in o/KZMX. ETHnic. JJR-MI
580 CFRA ON Ottawa 11/11 0636 P "the morning rush on NewsTalk 580 CFRA." No KIDO today, hi. JJR-MI
590 WKZO MI Kalamazoo 11/21 0458 Poor under CJCL Toronto with ID into CBS nx. Was trying for KID, but no joy there. EB-MI
590 KXSP NE Omaha 11/18 0555 Fair, noted in passing with sports talk. Assumed.EB-MI
590 WMBS PA Uniontown 11/13 1710 F- weather forecast sponsored by Kelley Clark Auto in Uniontown. TL-IN
590 CJCL ON Toronto 11/18 1648 Fair with ads, .ca in one, Sportsnet 590 The Fan. EB-MI
590 CJCL ON Toronto 11/17 2108 G with sports, IDs as "SportsNet 590 The Fan" Seriously!, I can't believe I have never heard this before, NEW! TL-IN
600 KSJB ND Jamestown 11/6 2001 F with CBS News, John Anderson's “Swangin'”, ID “Check with us anytime 701-705-9426 – KSJB AM 600 100.1 FM” KMD-MN
600 KSJB ND jAMestown 11/1 0611 P ND Senate seat ad, Thrifty-White drugs in Jamestown. No WMT. JJR-MI
610 WPLO GA Grayson 11/21 1802 Vp but in a bit better earlier. LID:02 slower SS mx. NEW! JJR-WI
610 KDAL MN Duluth 11/1 0415 G- "KDAL is now broadcasting on one oh three point nine FM", under loud WTVN. TL-IN
610 WTVN OH Columbus 11/21 1850 P portfolio help (ad) "right here in Columbus" -not in earlier.JJR-WI
610 WTEL PA Philadelphia 11/19 1738 P Verizon 5G ad, Philadelphia's BIN 610 o/weak SS! JJR-WI
620 WKHB PA Irwin 11/21 0509 Fair with classic hits, KHB jx between records EB-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
620 CKRM SK Regina 11/27 0654 P Bronco Htg/Cooling, calls, 620CKRM.com, w/WTMJ nulled. JJR-MI
620 CKRM SK Regina 11/21 0558 Very poor at bottom of pile; heard 'Country' and 'CKRM.' EB-MI
620 CKRM SK Regina 11/12 0630 P ...620ckrm.com it's 6:32, 620 CKRM sunrise show. WTMJ nulled. JJR-MI
620 CKRM SK Regina 11/1 0621 P C&W, WTMJ nulled. "620 CKRM county club @ CKRM.com" JJR-MI
630 WREY MN Saint Paul 11/1 0547 P Minnesota Matters from MNN (EE pub service) into SS at TOH. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ________
630 CHED AB Edmonton 11/30 0720 F! MedicineShoppe.ca, 3 locations in/around Edmonton. No WREY. JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 11/29 0706 P --some WREY. Alberta morning news. AB lotto chatter. JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 11/27 0657 P Nissan, Rogers Wireless, fAMily Matters, Sun/11am:6-30 Ched. JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 11/26 0701 P -WREY nulled. "Edmontonians" on lockdown restrictions.... JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 11/12 0624 P "in AB's oil/gas industry..." right into ad. SleepCountry.ca JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 11/28 0659 P tho louder/dominant 15 min later. Alberta's Morning News, 6-30 Ched, no WREY. JJR-MI
640 WBIN GA Atlanta 11/18 0045 GA - Poor, mixing with CFMJ with BIN programming. Ex-WGST EB-MI
640 WHLO OK Akron 11/21 0630 Poor with ads, ID, ABC nx, out. EB-MI
640 KWPN OK Moore 11/1 0556 P ESPN fodder u/WOI nulled. No KFI,KNX this morning. Just checking.JJR-MI
640 WXSM TN Blountsville 11/18 1542 Poor with ad for Johnson City EB-MI
640 WCRV TN Collierville 11/18 1602 Poor with Town Hall nx, ads, one mentioning Memphis. EB-MI
660 KTNN AZ Window Rock 11/18 0022 Poor under WFAN with Native chanting, drumming. A nice relog! EB-MI
660 KTNN AZ Window Rock 11/17 2117 P Navajo singing was VERY distinct, with a decent signal under WFAN // to webstream, Relog but always nice to hear AZ. TL-IN
660 WBHR MN Sauk Rapids 11/12 1636 G- Ad for store in St. Cloud, ID "... weekdays 9 to 11 on AM 660 and 95-7 The Bear", last logged as WVAL in 1988. TL-IN
660 CFFR AB Calgary 11/2 0625 P "660 news" stocks/Bloomberg News. Alone. JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 11/1 0646 P Sports @ :15 & :45 from SportsNet 960. Recorded overnights? JJR-MI
670 WSCR IL Chicago 11/3 1720 F with sports talk programming, adds for Red River Sports, DBW (?) IT orchestration, ID “670 The Score” KMD-MN
680 WCTT KY Corbin 11/23 1900 P -possible WPTF,WDBC in back. Clear "WCTT" These Eyes,Guess Who. JJR-WI
680 WOGO WI Hallie 11/24 0739 P 103.1 & 680 WOGO, Hugh Hewitt --alone. No others! JJR-WI
680 CFTR ON Ontario 11/5 1950 P traffic on Westbound 401, "in downtown Toronto." Not common. JJR-WI
690 KGGF KS Coffeyville 11/12 0622 P alone. "I'm Casey Shepard for KGGF" after farm news,etc. JJR-MI
690 KGGF KS Coffeyville 11/2 0605 P Fox nx, ???(name) "KGGF news,at 19th & Glenn Avenue..." JJR-MI
690 WQNO LA New Orleans 11/23 1856 P alone. "the EWTN app" moved on, hi. JJR-WI
690 WQNO LA New Orleans 11/21 1851 P tho alone. Steady. Catholic chatter. Only fit. JJR-WI
690 WELD WV Fisher 11/05 0433 F- with oldies music behind CKGM, "690 AM, WELD Radio" into Jackson Browne song. TL-IN
700 WLW OH Cincinnati 11/1 0525 G with Friendship Baptist Church of Cincinnati church service, “WLW News Radio” Ed Bousman program KMD-MN
710 KCMO MO Kansas City 11/1 0540 F with Red Eye Radio program and KCMO Highlights KMD-MN
710 WDSM WI Superior 11/19 0622 Poor with ad, CBS 3 wx, '710 & 98.1, WDSM' into talk. EB-MI
730 KWOA MN Worthington 11/16 0618 P Comfort Suites "on I-90 & 59 at the Worthington exit..." JJR-MI
730 KWOA MN Worthington 11/12 0618 P MyRadioWorks.com, game "on FM 104.3 the Party".."on KWOA"JJR-MI
730 WLTQ SC Charleston 11/24 0732 P tho alone. Talk of Pope, Grace to You-EWTN. Assumed. JJR-WI
730 WJMT WI Merrill 11/29 0729 P Sun morning spirituals on Blue Jay 96.3, no CKDM. JJR-MI
730 CKDM MB Dauphin 11/18 0035 Fair, noted in passing with C&W, ID between records.EB-MI
740 WNOP KY Newport 11/25 0726 P Catholic chatter, phone calls. No CFZM. Assumed. JJR-WI
740 CBX AB Edmonton 11/26 0700 P chatter on area temps, CBC world report" - Alone. JJR-MI
770 KUOM MN Minneapolis 11/5 2002 Very poor in WJR slop and under WABC; some mx, younger-sounding man, got match to Webcast. Thanks to a tip from other DXers! NEW! EB-MI
770 KUOM MN Minneapolis 11/5 2000 P tho louder earlier. LID "Radio K" after WABC LID. On late. JJR-WI
780 WAVA VA Arlington 11/11 0615 Poor under WBBM with Pastor Rick, // Webcast EB-MI
790 WKRD KY Louisville 11/21 1743 P heard "Sports Radio KRD" from play by play into ads. JJR-WI
790 WKRD KY Louisville 11/18 0600 Poor with QSB; ads, ID, 'An iHeart radio station.' EB-MI
790 KGHL MT Billings 11/16 0637 P thru others. "the mighty 790 & 94-7 KGHL" dj chatter. JJR-MI
790 WPIC PA Sharon 11/23 1749 G- sports coaches show for a local PA high school, ad for Iron City Beer and Mancino's Driving School, ID at end of show. TL-IN
790 WVWZ TN Ashland City 11/21 1838 P but not in earlier. C&W "the Bear" -w/others. JJR-WI
790 WETB TN Johnson City 11/21 1556 P- weak, promo for morning program "right here on W-E-T-B", call given slowly. TL-IN
790 WMC TN Memphis 11/3 1746 P ESPN promos, "ESPN 790" in bunch of stns. JJR-WI
790 KFYO TX Lubbock 11/22 1834 G- Loud and alone with local weather and very clear KFYO ID - TL-IN
800 KXIC IA Iowa City 11/11 0700 P Iowa clearly heard "News...Sports" but nothing else in mess.JJR-MI
800 WSVS VA Crewe 11/21 1535 P- CW format, CKLW absent, southern accented announcer. TL-IN
800 CHAB SK Moose Jaw 11/16 0616 P "6:16, -7 at CHAB" CHAB jingle, Kinks OLDie. Alone. JJR-MI
820 WBKK MN Wilton-Bemidji 11/30 0717 P lia@sacredheartradio.com, Sonlight morning show. Atop. JJR-MI
820 WBKK MN Wilton 11/14 0633 P talk of Cat.Bishops, Canon Law, Holy See. Atop WBAP. Assumed. JJR-MI
840 KWDF LA Ball 11/22 1910 Poor but over WHAS for a bit with religious talk, Wilkins Radio ment. at :15. // Webcast. Thanks to another DXer for tip; NEW! EB-MI
840 KWDF LA Ball 11/22 1858 G- strong with religious sermon, "AM 840 KWDF Ball" with whole slew of cities and frquencies given, NEW! TL-IN
840 KTIC NE West Point 11/16 0615 P "KTIC West Point is on the air..." w/s/on. FMs mentioned. JJR-MI
850 WPTK NC Raleigh 11/18 1547 Poor with oldies, 'Just Right Radio,' into Blue Monday - Fats Domino. Playlist match. EB-MI
860 KNUJ MN New Ulm 11/14 0633 P "painting.(in ad)..KNUJ." Hearing EE, hoping for KTRB, hi. No CJBC. JJR-MI
860 WOAY WV Oak Hill 11/3 0516 Poor toward SE with preacher, // Webcast EB-MI
870 WPWT TN Colonial Heights 11/11 1530 G- Loud with country music, ID as "96-3 The Possum", great for this early. TL-IN
880 KRVN NE Lexington 11/12 0757 P "from the news ctr, I'm Bob Brogman, NE Covid 19 #s.." JJR-MI
880 WMEQ WI Menomonie 11/11 0700 Vp detailed LID for AM,Xlator. Sounded like a s/on, but not. JJR-MI
890 KQLX ND Lisbon 11/29 0742 P Country Gold on AM 890, Markets on thre 10's, weekdays on Ag News 890. No WLS. JJR-MI
890 WKNV VA Fairlawn 11/22 1609 P- weak under WLS and strong het from Algeria 891 with religious music program. TL-IN
900 KTIS MN Minneapolis 11/30 0716 P My Faith Radio, Twin Cities wx: 41. Alone, o/others. JJR-MI
900 KTIS MN Minneapolis 11/14 0629 P "Faith Radio....in the Twin Cities..." into REL. No CHML.JJR-MI
900 WATK WI Antigo 11/29 0703 P Country 106 & Classic Hits 98-7 ask you to shop local. JJR-MI
900 WATK WI Antigo 11/14 0647 P songs you grew up with- Classic Hits 98-7, and no CHML. JJR-MI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 11/29 0725 P "Saskatchewan Country-CKBI" tween C&W songs. JJR-MI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 11/26 0655 P "CKBI,mornings w/Christi...., this is Sask.Country-CKBI"JJR-MI
910 WSEK KY Burnside 11/13 1817 P- weak but clear "nine-ten, WSEK Icons" into C&W song, NEW! TL-IN
910 KCJB ND Minot 11/27 0640 P calls, chatter. C&W could be KCJB CKDQ or KJJQ. No WFDF! JJR-MI
910 KCJB ND Minot 11/14 0646 P no WFDF. Minot's Classic Country 910 KCJB. "I Feel Like a Woman" song. JJR-MI
910 KJJQ SD Volga 11/16 0757 P "the Ranch-AM 910" tween C&W songs. No WFDF. Solid. JJR-MI
910 KJJQ SD Volga 11/1 0606 P "AM 910 the Ranch" tween WSUI, WFDF, others. JJR-MI
910 WJCW TN Johnson City 11/13 1829 P- HSFB between South Doyle Cherokees and Crockett Pioneers, ID during game break. TL-IN
920 KLMR CO Lamar 11/9 0635 P but steady. Ag-related programming and ag-related business ads, including Colorado Beef Council. Then ID "On Radio 920, KLMR" BP-WI
920 WBAA IN West Lafayette 11/21 2006 P l o n g symphonic piece in WOKY null. Assumed. JJR-WI
920 WBAA IN West Lafayette 11/3 1839 P tho steady.Local WOKY nulled. "WBAA news...105.9 & 920...Purdue University" JJR-WI
920 CFRY MB Portage-la-Prairie 11/26 0654 P "CFRY, Real country radio, it's 6:54..." thru WMPL.JJR-MI
920 CFRY MB Portage-la-Prairie 11/1 0721 Portageonline.com, CFRY w/UNID REL,WMPL had o/c again. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
930 WBEN NY Buffalo 11/24 1757 P- poor with only mention of Buffalo and quick "here on WBEN". TL-IN
930 WBEN NY Buffalo 11/19 1730 P "WBEN traffic" into WBEN news and WBEN.com mention. Alone. JJR-WI
930 WBEN NY Buffalo 11/16 1729 P shopping in Buffalo & Erie County was good sense. Shop local. JJR-WI
930 WBEN NY Buffalo 11/3 1757 "Star 102,5 Buffalo" slogan ID and "Buffalo's (missed) Station. Strong. WTAD Quincy IL underneath. GH-IL
930 KSDN SD Aberdeen 11/1 0605 P ABC nx, "in Aberdeen, 24 degrees" Atop. JJR-MI
940 KPSZ IA Des Moines 11/30 1640 G- Very loud and alone with Christmas music, ID as "Faith, Family, Fortitude. Iowa's Hope 940 at Iowashope.com". TL-IN
940 KPSZ IA Des Moines 11/9 1709 P REL preaching//stream. No CJGX yet. JJR-WI
940 WIDG MI St.Ignace 11/28 0650 F! usually never in, due to CJGX. Not in 115 mins later. REL. JJR-MI
940 WCPC MS Houston 11/24 1722 G- loud, man with religious bible program, an old SSS favorite that I have not heard in years. TL-IN
940 KVSH NE Valentine 11/20 1735 P Ag news, Covid-19 #s in NE, w/others. Assumed. JJR-WI
940 KVSH NE Valentine 11/11 0600 P SSB, detailed s/on thru others. (Ah, an old fashioned s/on!) JJR-MI
940 CFNV QC Montreal 11/14 1801 G- Bill Haley and the Comets Rock Around the Clock then ID in French "AM neuf quarante Montreal". TL-IN
950 KKSE CO Parker 11/29 0625 P Ad for Superior Medical Solutions in Arvada, CO. "Altitude 950AM, home of Fox Sports." No KOEL BP-WI
950 KWOS MO Jefferson City 11/9 0649 P but dominant on the frequency. "Here's your financial news on KWOS." Followed by ads with Missouri mentions then hrd "It's the KWOS Morning Show with ???" No KOEL. BP-WI
950 WERL WI Eagle River 11/26 0747 P "Dewey, Ketchum & Howe" fishing center, in No.Wisc. JJR-MI
950 CFAM MB Altona 11/26 0653 P "from CFAM, the latest farm information" no WWJ. JJR-MI
950 CFAM MB Altona 11/16 0612 P CFAM 950 is your community station. M-F anchors. Alone. JJR-MI
960 KZIM MO Cape Girardeau 11/11 0628 Poor in WWJ HD fizz with ads, KSIM ment. EB-MI
960 CFAC AB Calgary 11/13 0651 Vp "only all sports stn....local Calgary" in w/others. JJR-MI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 11/7 1858 P Larry Elder show, lost to ftbl game from "ESPN U P" JJR-WI
970 WZAM MI Ishpeming 11/23 1841 P alone. Seemed to drop @:43. Still noted "ESPN U.P." @:46. JJR-WI
970 WZAM MI Ishpeming 11/2 1824 P tho atop. ESPN promo, psa's galore. "ESPN-U P" wx:Tues 46. JJR-WI
970 WDAY ND Fargo 11/9 1821 P ph # at end of ad, WDAY said 2x. Log onto WDAY.com. Alone. JJR-WI
980 KSGM IL Chester 11/24 1736 P- classic country format, "The River Region's Legend, classic country 98 AM and 105-3 FM, KSGM". TL-IN
980 KMBZ MO Kansas City 11/16 0713 P nx report tagged "98-1 KMBZ" w/others. Nice hearing this! JJR-MI
980 WPFP MN Park Falls 11/26 0746 P "visit me at 110 ... Street in Park Falls" 103-1 Jack FM. JJR-MI
980 CJME SK Regina 11/16 0634 P temps/winds in Regina, Saskatoon given. Lost to WCUB. JJR-MI
980 CFPL ON London 11/24 0727 Vp "980 CFPL" said 3x. No sign of WCUB. WONE in later. JJR-WI
980 CFPL ON London 11/11 0600 P "in London, it's 7 o'clock.." w/others. JJR-MI
980 CJME SK Regina 11/2 0619 P "from the 980 CJME newsroom" 2 person newscast. Above others.JJR-MI
990 KFCD TX Farmersville 11/24 1727 G- loud, woman with what sounded like a spanish religious sermon, // to a Dallas area SDR, NEW! TL-IN
1000 WMVP IL Chicago 11/3 1745 P with ESPN Radio, ID “ESPN 1000 – Chicago's Home for Sports” KMD-MN
1000 KOMO WA Seattle 11/1 0615 P ??Washington.org, 1-800-Got-Junk, NW lifestyle/Mental Heath (psa Sun Morn talk) "Komo news" -WMVP nulled. JJR-MI
1010 WIOI OH New Boston 11/14 1841 P- weak WIOI ID heard in break, under weak presumed CFRB, NEW! TL-IN
1010 WJXL FL Jacksonville 11/25 1800 "Dolphins 1010XL" and "WJXL" ID's by male. Weak under CFRB. NEW! GH-IL
1010 CFRB ON Toronto 11/11 2026 Fair with ad for zip recruiter of Canada, ID “Newstalk 1010” KMD-MN
1020 KJJK MN Fergus Falls 11/7 1326 G with ID “Hit Music Channel 977” Celebrity News, Weather report by Jennifer (?), “Listen to weather updates on Channel 977 - sponsored by Barker Insurance (among others) or download the FergusNow app” KMD-MN
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 11/29 0700 P multi stn LIDs. No KDKA. JJR-MI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 11/27 0634 P SS chatter, REL "Christo" -"Maria" No KDKA. JJR-MI
1030 WBZ MA Boston –11/7 1837 G with TOH ID “Newstalk 1030 WBZ Boston”, then weather report KMD-MN
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 11/29 0722 Vp but still, ESPN easily noted in WHO null. Only fit. JJR-MI
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 11/26 0652 P but giving WHO a good fight. ESPN, only fit. JJR-MI
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 11/21 0600 Poor but above weakened WHO with ESPN, ID ment. Bell Media, 'TSN 1040, an iHeart Radio station.' First heard mixing with WHO about 75 minutes earlier, this finally clinched it. NEW PROVINCE!!! NEW! EB-MI
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 11/13 0649 P talk of AL game in WHO null. Rather solid, steady. ESPN. JJR-MI
1050 KLOH MN Pipestone 11/1 0604 P "KLOH 10-5-Oh" in passing. 1050 is anything here! JJR-MI
1050 WVXX VA Norfolk 11/29 0527 Very poor with SS Tropical mx, 'La Selecta.' // Webcast. NEW! EB-MI
1050 WLIP WI Kenosha 11/05 1800 P- "We are live and local, AM 1050 WLIP". TL-IN
1060 WJKY KY Jamestown 11/29 0543 Poor under KYW with classic hits, Jack FM. EB-MI
1060 WILB OH Canton 11/24 0723 P some WHFB. Catholic talk. Gone later. Assumed. JJR-WI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 11/21 1956 P Funny 1060 w/comedy bits, WHFB in back, no KYW. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 11/26 0650 F! on tuning in "KNX NewsRadio 1070, it's 4:50" stocks.Alone.JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 11/16 0611 P Tommy Lasorda, 93, in the hospital "told KNX..." alone. JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 11/14 0623 Vp "KNX 1070", Viagra ad, "It's 4:23" into nx w/others. JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 11/2 0617 P "61 in East L.A., 57 in Los Angeles, from CBS2...KNX 1070" JJR-MI
1070 WEKT KY Elkton 11/16 1721 Vp first NewsTalk,then SoGOS popped in,"Heavenly 10-70" NEW! JJR-WI
1070 KSKK MN Verndale 11/9 1731 Vp Moves Like Jagger, "on the Arrow" in/out. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1070 WCSZ SC Sans Souci 11/20 1732 P "LaJefa,LaJefa" jingle tween songs. Alone, no fading. JJR-WI
1070 WCSZ SC San Souci 11/19 1725 P possible ad in SS by woman. LaJefa, and no WTSO, 90 mi away.JJR-WI
1070 WCSZ SC San Souci 11/17 1735 P faded in while checking freq. La Jefa was is LOUD at 40/9 later! JJR-WI
1070 WCSZ SC Sans Souci 11/13 1731 G- spanish music, mention of Greenville, loud and alone briefly. TL-IN
1070 WCSZ SC Sans Souci 11/9 1639 P but popped out of nowhere. LaJefa replacing WFNI. No WTSO.JJR-WI
1070 WCSZ SC Sans Souci 11/5 2019 P SS upbeat mx cut thru others. WTSO not a factor."LaJefa"JJR-WI
1070 WFLI TN Lookout Mountain 11/2 1710 Fair with classic hits, Wolfman Jack! Lost at :15 QRP EB-MI
1070 CHOK ON Sarnia 11/19 1825 P -no WTSO. C&W song ended. "Wx can be found at CHOK.com." JJR-WI
1080 WTIC CT Hartford 11/13 1900 F- ad for Michael's Jewelers, "Your home of the New England Patriots, WTIC", not common here anymore. TL-IN
1080 WOAP MI Owosso 11/16 0710 P w/ WWWI. "Kidd Kraddock" forced laffs. Only affil. Not common. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1080 KYMN MN Northfield 11/30 1732 G- out of ad for a local builder, ID "locally-owned independently programmed, 95 point one, The One". TL-IN
1080 KYMN MN Northfield 11/17 1705 P tho alone, steady. WNWI much closer, nowhere. JJR-WI
1080 KYMN MN Northfield 11/13 1737 G- ID as "95 point one, The One" into Blondie Heart of Glass. TL-IN
1080 KRLD TX Dallas 11/20 1728 P "5:28 @ KRLD" Traffic & wx on the 8's. No WNWI. Lost at :29 JJR-WI
1090 WFCV IN Fort Wayne 11/17 1700 P- Bott Radio Network jingle, REL. Assumed/only affil. JJR-WI
1090 KSOU IA Sioux Center 11/12 0823 P many Sioux Ctr ments in EE on this SS stn. KAAY in back. JJR-MI
1090 KTGO ND Tioga 11/11 0625 P many ND mentions, "told WDAY news..." while chasing others. JJR-MI
1100 WISS WI Berlin 11/30 0647 P Is She Really Going Out with Him? Joe Jackson, "the Bug," no WTAM. JJR-MI
1100 WISS WI Berlin 11/9 1705 P -WTAM nulled. You Are a Friend of Mine, Clarence Clemons "the Bug." Decades ago, I requested a "WISS in Berlin" jingle, & it was played! Good stn still. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1110 WBT NC Charlotte 11/20 1903 P "WBT newstime 8:03" --KFAB nowhere! Carolina Mortgage ad. JJR-WI
1110 WBT NC Charlotte 11/17 1830 P Ben Shapiro show, KFAB nulled. "your WBT forecast" at :32. JJR-WI
1110 WBT NC Charlotte 11/9 1730 P -no KFAB. NewsTalk WBT 1110AM -99-3FM, nx headlines. JJR-WI
1110 WBT NC Charlotte 11/5 2029 P Ben Schapiro, "WBT sports..." no sign of KFAB. JJR-WI
1130 KBMR ND Bismarck 11/20 1713 P- Garth Brooks song, fighting with strong WISN, // to webstream, rare here. TL-IN
1130 WBBR NY New York 11/19 1815 PBloomberg 3 day forecast: 50's. "Bloomberg 1130" in WISN null.JJR-WI
1130 WYXE TN Gallatin 11/30 1735 P- loud with Spanish Christian music // to webstream. TL-IN
1140 WBXR AL Hazel Green 11/25 1758 G- end of gospel program, how to add Wilkins Radio to Alexa app, ID "AM eleven forty WBXR Hazel Green, Huntsville". TL-IN
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1140 CHRB AB High River 11/29 0720 P "the Spirit of the West, Sat 10AM on So.Alberta's community radio stn, AM 1140" JJR-MI
1140 CHRB AB High River 11/16 0703 P "told the High River RCMP...." alone, steady. JJR-MI
1140 CHRB AB High River 11/13 0647 P Southern AB's community radio stn-AM 1140, Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison. All alone. JJR-MI
1150 WGGH IL Marion 11/20 1900 P LID for translator & "WGGH Marion" jingle. Some WHBY. JJR-WI
1150 KASM MN Albany 11/13 0722 P "here in central MN..." w/WEAQ in, WHBY MIA. Assumed. JJR-MI
1150 KSEN MT Shelby 11/8 0105 G- DX test with code, tones, sweep tones, strong over WIMA and WHBY, MT #5. NEW! TL-IN
1150 KSEN MT Shelby 11/8 0115 Barely audible under pileup with only ladder tones, sweep tones, and Morse code heard. Thanks for the Test! NEW STATE! NEW! EB-MI
1150 WCUE OH Cuyahoga Falls 11/8 0121 ** Faded in and out with Family Radio: Bible reading. EB-MI
1150 WCUE OH Cuyahuga Falls 11/2 0735 P Sacred mx, Family R said 2 times. No WHBY, lost to CKOC.JJR-MI
1150 WEAQ WI Chippewa Falls 11/24 0802 P "95-9 Jamz" jingle tween songs. WHBY not in all morn, JJR-WI
1150 WEAQ WI Chippewa Falls 11/13 0723 P Break My Heart, Dua Lipa "95-9 Jamz" & no WHBY. JJR-MI
1150 WHBY WI Kimberly 11/8 0130 Faded up over WCUE/KSEN with wx, ID, ads, out. EB-MI
1150 CJSL SK Estevan 11/30 0711 P "CJ 1150" w/C&W, quashed by WHBY power up. JJR-MI
1150 CJSL SK Estevan 11/11 0654 Vp thru u/WHBY. CJ1150 & C&W mx cut thru, tho. JJR-MI
Count and compare! NOBODY has more HOT TIPS than DX-midAMerica! NOBODY!
1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 11/11 0744 Vp holding its own. LaMega w/no WYLL/KSL! SS music. JJR-MI
1160 WPIE NY Trumansburg 11/11 0744 Vp ESPN promos & "ESPN Ithica" no WYLL/KSL. JJR-MI
1160 KSL UT Salt Lake City 11/13 0721 Vp "UT football tomorrow on KSL" --no sign of WYLL. JJR-MI
1170 KFOW MN Waseca 11/20 1521 F- heard weak but clear "KFOW. 11-70 AM, 106-3 FM" No WWVA or KFAQ yet, third call-change log for this one. TL-IN
1170 KFOW MN Waseca 11/9 1805 P end of Fox nx, KFOW 1170AM-106-3FM, ad and "K F O W" into talk.JJR-WI
1170 KFAQ OK Tulsa 11/11 0743 P Sports World on 41st in Tulsa, Talk Radio 1170. Alone. JJR-MI
1180 WGUE AR Turrell 11/25 0753 P lively SS mx and LaJefe by woman w/chatter, replacing WSQR. JJR-WI
1180 WGUE AR Turrell 11/10 0513 Poor under WHAM with SS AC, // Webcast EB-MI
1180 WSQR IL Sycamore 11/25 0701 P Do Ta Think I'm Sexy? Rod Stewart, calls,No WHAM. JJR-WI
1190 WNWC WI Sun Prairie 11/12 0647 P 104.7FM & AM 1190 --Faith Radio promo for show at 3PM. JJR-MI JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 11/30 0646 P -AM1190 about even w/WOWO, upon turning radio on. JJR-MI
1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 11/21 1944 P no sign of WOWO."Today's hits, yesterday's favorites-AM 1190" JJR-WI
1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 11/20 1859 P from nowhere to even w/WOWO. "AM 1190" C&W. JJR-WI
1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 11/14 0640 F! loud. No WOWO til later. C&W "AM1190" non-ids tween songs. JJR-MI
1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 11/3 2110 G with C&W music, “All your country favorites AM 1190”, “This is AM 1190”, ad for “DiscoverWeyburn.com" find local sports and weather”, then a local weather report KMD-MN
1200 WOAI TX San Antonio 11/24 1808 P- not heard in a few years due to WOWO-1190 and WPHT-1210 I-Block, Joe Pags Show, in well. TL-IN
1210 KOKK SD Huron 11/10 0819 P Huron Tigers football player of the week. Long sportscast. JJR-WI
1210 KHAT WY Laramie 11/26 0713 P "Your home for new country, New Country 96-7" ad, o/CFYM. JJR-MI
1210 CFYM SK Kindersley 11/26 0714 Vp Lonely Boy, Andrew Gold, Classic Hits 1210 CFYM. JJR-MI
1220 WFKN KY Franklin 11/24 1822 P- heard clear WFKN ID by woman w/southern accent, man with ID "WFKN Country 12-20 AM forecast", NEW! TL-IN
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 11/13 0720 Vp "and KDDR" and gone. CJRB was dominating. JJR-MI
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 11/2 0645 P serving ND & SD, w/news, wx & sports, 1220 & 95-9 KDDR" C&W. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 11/27 0632 P chrch in Steinbach fined for holding services. Alone. JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 11/12 0818 P CJRB 1220 Healthy baby program, 748--XXXX JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 11/11 0621 P DiscoverWestMan, W.Man wx: sun winds -6(c) alone. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1220 CFAJ ON St.Catharines 11/26 1748 P "email CFAJ" if there's interference. 50's OLDies. JJR-MI
1220 CFAJtON St. Catherines 11/24 1811 P- occasional fade ups with oldies music, heard partial CF?? call, into Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson song, maybe them, NEW! TL-IN
1220 CFAJ ON St.Catharines 11/2 0715 P "1220 CFAJ" into Tequila, Champs. Lost in minutes. JJR-MI
1230 KFJB IA Marshalltown 11/20 1605 P- out of news with woman with weather mentioning KFJB three times. TL-IN
1230 KFJB IA Marshalltown 11/19 1805 P ABC news, HP printers, wx from w and Marshalltown said. JJR-WI
1230 WTKG MI Grand Rapids 11/28 0806 P alone, Fox nx, I Heart sports min, 2 "in West Michigan" references into talk, no calls. JJR-MI
1230 WKLK MN Cloquet 11/26 0742 P ad,"AM1230 WKLK" jingle, NOS mx. Alone, steady, atop. JJR-MI
1230 KGHS MN International Falls 11/26 1730 P "AM 1230 KGHS" w/OLDies. Lost to WSOO. JJR-MI
1230 KFSP MN Mankato 11/13 0643 Vp in big mess. "and 103.1 FM the Fan" & gone. JJR-MI
1230 KMRS MN Morris 11/16 0754 F! talk of HS sports, time, "Rock n Me. Steve Miller on KMRS" JJR-MI
1230 KMRS MN Morris 11/14 0749 P solid, alone. "1230 KMRS A M and 107.7FM, Sunny 30 degrees" JJR-MI
1230 WENY NY Elmira 11/18 1935 "1230, 1450 AM and 106.9 FM, WENY", repeated three frequencies again with slogan The Patriot, call sounded like WPNY TL-IN
1230 WIRO OH Ironton 11/19 1647 P- ad for Downtown Huntington Partners (Huntington, WV) sponsoring Small Business Saturday, November 28, NEW! TL-IN
1240 KBIZ IA Ottumwa 11/19 1800 P promo for Hannity, "on KBIZ" ABC news. JJR-WI
1240 KBIZ IA Ottumwa 11/19 0636 P Iowa state news followed by ad for Ottumwa Radio group. Barely over others in typical Graveyard mess. BP-WI
1240 KICD IA Spencer 11/19 1759 P- weak but clear "Newsradio 102-5 KICD .. it's six o'clock" into CBS news, NEW! TL-IN
1240 WATT MI Cadillac 11/19 1759 P weather, 106.1 & 1240 WATT Caillac w/KBIZ! JJR-WI
1240 WATT MI Cadillac 11/3 1806 Vp w/calls, 106.1 ment, Jow Pags talk just above mess. JJR-WI
1240 WCBY MI Cheboygan 11/9 1757 Vp-Mickey Gilley, Anne Murray songs, "Big Country Gold" in/out.JJR-WI
1240 WJON MN St.Cloud 11/14 0728 P "The news starts now! AM 1240 & FM 95.3 WJON" Atop, alone. JJR-MI
1240 WJMC WI Rice Lake 11/28 0730 P Softer OLDies by Jackson 5, Eagles, "1240AM-96.5FM WJMC" JJR-MI
1240 WJMC WI Rice Lake 11/13 0718 P NorthWest Honda, next ad "stores in Rice Lake, Mercer & Phillips" JJR-MI R-MI
1250 WPGP PA Pittsburgh 11/14 1644 P SalemSurround.com, SurroundPittsburgh.com in promo. Atop.
1260 KROX MN Crookston 11/14 0653 P "KROX AM & FM (105.7 xlator)" For What It's Worth, Buffalo Springfield. Atop. JJR-MI
1260 KDUZ MN Hutchinson 11/1 0711 P "here on 1260AM & 96.5FM KDUZ" lively jock, C&W song. JJR-MI
1270 WCMR IN Elkart 11/10 0816 P tuned it at "1270 & 105.3 WCMR" after ad. Lost. JJR-WI
1270 WXYT MI Detroit 11/6 1700 Vp T-Mobile ad, then "Detroit, a Radio.com station" -CBS sports.JJR-WI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 11/13 0639 P "the R&J morning show" Hi:29, 9 in the Brainerd area. C&W song.JJR-MI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 11/12 0644 P R&J B'csting, area psa's. Lost to WMKT power up. JJR-MI
1270 KNWC SD Sioux Falls 11/12 0643 P Faith Radio "last year's mission" w/others. JJR-MI
1270 KNWC SD Sioux Falls 11/7 2256 G with Good News verse, weather forecast, Living in the Light program, program note “...Bill Arnold each afternoon on Faith 1270” KMD-MN
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1270 WLIK TN Newport 11/18 1723 P WLIK AM 1270 & FM 97.9, Calif.Girls, Beach Boys JJR-WI
1270 WLIK TN Newport 11/17 1657 P Georgia on My Mind, Ray Charles, LID into HS Basketball. JJR-WI
1270 WLIK TN Newport 11/16 1817 P songs by Gene Pitney, Chiffons -ads "on WLIK" & Pied Piper, Crispian St.Peter ('66) JJR-WI
1270 WLIK TN Newport 11/9 1842 P in/out "1270 WLKI" jingle, Handy Man, Roy Orbison. JJR-WI
1270 WLIK TN Newport 11/3 1720 P alone. promo for nx on "97.9FM & 1270AM WLIK" OLDies JJR-WO
1280 WZXI KY Lancaster 11/13 1659 P- heard weakly "WZXI Lancaster" in with several others, NEW! TL-IN
1280 WWTC MN Minneapolis 11/11 2059 F with Mark Levin Show, ad for “FullServiceBattery.com – full service for Minneapolis and the Twin Cities” KMD-MD
1280 KDKD MO Clinton 11/30 0626 VP With many others. Heard end of weather forecast then clearly heard "...on KDKD 1280 AM." Then lost. BP-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 11/30 1827 F- with ethnic Indian or Hindi music, in fairly well, // to webstream. TL-IN
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 11/16 1811 P tho alone/atop. FF songs, but Micky, by Toni Basil played. JJR-WI
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 11/5 1928 EE songs, instrumentals, calls in EE. Not usual FF. Alone. JJR-WI
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 11/2 1803 Poor in WXYT slop with Ethnic, ID. EB-MI
1290 WIRL IL Peoria 11/12 0748 Faded up with Stevie Wonder record, out. // Webcast. EB-MI
1290 WIRL IL Peoria 11/2 1724 P Price Drop(?) Pharmacy, IL Sup Court ad, WIRL wx:Tue: Sun 51 2 WIRL jingles in perfect WZTI null. I thought it was WZTI. (Both are oldies.) JJR-WI
1290 KOIL NE Omaha 11/12 0851 P "Omaha's real estate hr, Saturday at 11 on News Talk 1290" WZTI in, CFRW gone. JJR-MI
1300 WRDZ IL LaGrange 11/27 0810 P w/radio talking Polish by w, replaced WOOD a few minutes. JJR-MI
1300 KPMI MN Bemidji 11/29 0738 P Northern Minnesota's home for country classics-AM 1300 the Legends, no usual WOOD. JJR-MI
1300 KPMI MN Bemidji 11/16 0809 P tho alone. "the Christmas legends. AM 1300 & FM 94.3" No WOOD.JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1300 WQPM MN Princeton 11/26 0738 P Tired of Waiting for you, Kinks, "the Big Q" --some WOOD. JJR-MI
1300 WQPM MN Princeton 11/19 1713 P -no WOOD/KGLO. Neil Diamond, Supremes, "the Big Q" jingle. JJR-WI
1300 WQPM MN Princeton 11/18 1721 P Mr.Sandman, Can't Buy Me Love, "the Big Q" sweeper. No WOOD.JJR-WI
1300 WQPM MN Princeton 11/16 1745 P but no WOOD. Srtevie Wonder, Donovan songs, "the Big Q" jingle, gone. JJR-WI
1300 KOLY SD Mobridge 11/13 0753 P farms for sale, see DRG.com site "Dakota Radio" -some KGLO. JJR-MI
1300 WFGM WV Morgantown 11/21 1930 P "new journey FGM" sweeper, Christian mx. Alone. New earlier this year. Never logged as previous WCLG tho. JJR-WI
1300 WFGM WV Morgantown 11/13 1700 P- heard mention of Morgantown and Clarksburg in ID, unsure of programming. TL-IN
1310 KOKX IA Keokuk 11/23 1737 P but no WIBA. Obituaries all Keokuk in nature. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1310 KGLB MN Glencoe 11/30 0641 P-F Under, and sometimes over, mega-pest WIBA. Promo for winter get-a-way to Arizona. Into C&W tunes..."On 1310 KGLB." BP-WI
1310 KGLB MN Glencoe 11/19 1749 P really old C&W song, calls "Classic Country." WIBA was weak. JJR-WI
1310 KGLB MN Glencoe 11/14 1729 P- surfaced from under WIBA with clear "1310 KGLB" ID after CW song, NEW! TL-IN
1310 KGLB MN Glencoe 11/9 1844 P but atop! "KGLB" said after OLD C&W songs. Shocker! JJR-WI
1310 WIBA MI Madison 11/10 0531 Very poor with "WIBA Traffic" ment. EB-MI
1310 WIBA WI Madison 11/8 1847 G with ad for TCD Dentistry at TCDDentistry.com, program note for “Madison in the Morning on WIBA”, ID “Newstalk 1310 WIBA Madison”, Fox news KMD-MN
1320 KHRT ND Minot 11/11 0642 P -WILS atop, tho not strong. SoGos mx and KHRT @:44 JJR-MI
1320 WLOH OH Lancaster 11/1 0638 G- gospel music, very clear "AM thirteen twenty WLOH", NEW! TL-IN
1320 WJAS PA Pittsburgh 11/21 1922 P NOS type music "My Funny Valentine" Radio Lux, Pgh ments. JJR-WI
1320 KELO SD Sioux Falls 11/2 0755 P alone. ButlerMachinery.com, "Kelo" & LID @TOH incl 105.1. JJR-MI
1320 WFHR WI Wisconsin Rapids 11/30 0705 P "Central WIsconsin's very own AM 1320 WFHR" wx:40. JJR-MI
1320 WFHR WI Wisconsin Rapids 11/26 0822 Vp "CBS SportsRadio" -some WILS, KOZY weak. JJR-MI
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 11/25 0706 P w/SS music. Assumed. While close, this is rare! JJR-WI
1330 WNTA IL Rockford 11/30 0659 F Several ads for Rockford businesses. "This is WNTA, Rockford Sportsfan Radio 1330." Into Fox Sports Network programming. Over KPTY pest. BP-WI
1330 WLOL MN Minneapolis 11/8 G with Relevant Radio, Family rosary, Daily Mass KMD-MN
1330 WHBL WI Sheboygan 11/10 0621 Fair with Sheboygan County ads. EB-MI
1330 CJYM SK Rosetown 11/27 0711 P 60's OLDie, "Classic Hits 1330 CJYM" thru WHBL WLOL. JJR-MI
1340 WXFNtIN Muncie 11/23 1800 Vp but o/perfectly nulled WJYI. Listened to sports w/102.9 1340 ments. Fox sports. 102.9 ment at :00 :03 talk of Holiday weekend, fishing Lk Mich, trolling. Hoping for more. JJR-WI
1340 WLEW MI Bad Axe 11/14 1559 P C&W live jock(stn not on bird ever!) calls, wx, more C&W. JJ
1340 KRBT MN Eveleth 11/30 0744 P Red Wing Shoes, across from Home depot & Shopko in Virginia. JJR-MI
1350 WIOU IN Kokomo 11/16 0731 P alone. "1350 AM WIOU" sales help needed: star1069. co-owned. JJR-MI
1350 KRNT IA Des Moines 11/8 1935 G with ESPN radio, ID “ AM 1350 KRNT Des Moines a Des Moines Group radio station” “1350 ESPN”, then Sports Center KMD-MN
1350 WCMP MN Pine City 11/14 0701 P sat thru SIX songs, til "Anthem Country 106.5 & 1350 WCMP Pine City" into Weatherology, no calls into OLD C&W songs. Format Flip. JJR-MI
1350 WCMP MN Pine City 11/13 0714 P "Anthem Country.Unapologetic! Anthem Country" tween OLD C&W songs. Former UNID IDed next day w/LID. JJR-MI
1350 WARF OH Akron 11/13 1705 F- sports, ID as "Cleveland's Fox Sports 1350 The Gambler". TL-IN
1350 WPDR WI Portage 11/19 1843 P out of nowhere "WPDR-YourRadio Friend" and gone. OLDies. JJR-WI
1350 WPDR WI Portage 11/9 1657 P Physical, Olivia Newton-John calls, into OLDie. No WARF. JJR-WI
1350 CIRF ON brAMpton 11/14 1555 P ETHnic programming. Ph# 416-999-54XX given in ad. JJR-MI
1350 CIRF ON brAMpton 11/2 0725 P new yesterday. In again today! ETHnic (R.Humsafar) teletalk. Not in 10 mins earlier! Lost in mins to WARF, as cx turned East! JJR-MI
1350 CIRF ON brAMpton 11/1 0745 P-steady. R.Humsafar and "Canada" said a few times. No others. NEW! JJR-MI
1360 WDEK IL DeKalb 11/25 0705 P First State Bank, FDIC, "Good morning, news on WDEK." No WTAQ. JJR-WI
1360 WLBK IL Dekalb 11/22 1917 G- "FM 98-9 and AM 1360" with Michael Jackson song, Heard WLBK Dekalb ID a few minutes later. TL-IN
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1360 WKMI MI Kalamazoo 11/21 0530 Very poor with ad, WKMI ments. EB-MI
1360 WKMI MI Kalamazoo 11/12 0741 P Michael Patrick Shields,Mich chatter o/WTAQ. Phone a/c#269.JJR-MI
1360 WKMI MI Kalamazoo 11/5 1558 Vp; "AM-1360 and the WKMI App" into ads. Lost.EB-MI
1360 WKMI MI Kalamazoo 11/3 0742 P- no WTAQ. Steve Gruber (MI based talk show), ads. No calls. Only fit. JJR-WI
1360 WTAQ WI Green Bay 11/9 1716 G with ID “It's 5:30 at WTAQ”, ad for Les Stumpf Ford in Appleton, then Mark Levin Show KMD-MN
1360 WVRQ WI Viroqua 11/26 0925 P "for Weatherology,Meghan Molter.35degrees. 107.3FM & AM1360" JJR-MI
1360 WVRQ WI Viroqua 11/5 0555 P no sign of WTAQ. WI radio net/Packers-sports, calls, OLDies. JJR-WI
1370 KDTH IA Dubuque 11/10 0810 Vp "from the ?? studios in Dubuque..." -WSPD gone. JJR-WI
1370 KIOL KS Iola 11/25 0655 Vp Clearly heard "On KIOL" under KSUM and others. Pretty much gone after that. BP-WI
1370 KSUM MN Fairmont 11/25 0653 P Came in over others. "This is KSUM 1370. The music gets better with every song we play." BP-WI
1370 KSUM MN Fairmount 11/9 1709 G with “This is KSUM Country and I'm J.K.”, C&W music, ID “The Best Country 1370 KSUM” KMD-MN
1380 WPHM MI Port Huron 11/12 0810 P weekdays on News-Talk-Sports 1380 WPHM. WPHM jingle, atop. JJR-MI
1380 WPHM MI Port Huron 11/2 0708 no sign of WOTE. WPHM.com in newscast. JJR-MI
1380 KLIZ MN Brainerd 11/14 0744 P -no WOTE, "from the Bryant Htg & cooling studios, this is 100.3 the Fan" (from Mpls) into Fan network. Many, many times, references to 100.3. Sloppy cutaways or such. JJR-MI
1380 WBEL IL S.Beloit 11/25 0740 P -no WOTE,WKJG. Beloit ments over & over in poss newscast. JJR-WI
1380 WBEL IL S.Beloit 11/19 1840 Vp tho alone. 92.3 98.9 the Beat and Lady Gaga song. No WKJG. JJR-WI
1380 KHWK MN Winona 11/26 0900 P tho alone. LID for AM,FM xlator into ABC news. No WOTE. JJR-MI
1390 KCLN IA Clinton 11/19 0645 P PSA on seat belts from Iowa DOT. Hrd "On AM 1390 KCLN" before lost to WGRB. No WRIG. BP-WI
1390 WLCM MI Holt 11/12 0808 P Dr. Charles Stanley cuts thru KXXS, WGRB. Web match. JJR-MI
1400 WGIL IL Galesburg 11/05 1733 P- WGIL with quick ID after Menards ad. TL-IN
1400 WQXO MI Munising 11/27 0800 P u WCCY. OLDies by Gloria Gaynor,Bread, LID for AM-FM xlator. JJR-MI
1400 WQXO MI Munising 11/26 0907 P but solid in WCCY null. "97-7 WQXO" tween oldies. JJR-MI
1400 WSAM MI Saginaw 11/26 1704 P "AM 1400 & 104FM the Bay" tween Christmas songs JJR-MI
1400 KEYL MN Long Prairie 11/26 0707 P "your financial advisor in Long Prairie..." No WCCY. JJR-MI
1400 WATW WI Ashland 11/27 0734 P Clint Black on Bay County 101.3FM &1400AM, WATWbaycountry.com.JJR-MI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 11/28 0723 P- easily 7 30 sec spots in a row w/"the Fan" tween a few nat'l ads. WCCY open carrier for 30 mins +! JJR-MI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 11/26 0731 P Jefferson Lines,Bryant Htg/cooling "the Fan" /WCCY in muck.JJR-MI
1400 WRJN WI Racine 11/29 0706 P- weather by woman into SID "... oldies, WRJN" into Blood Sweat & Tears "Spinning Wheel", NEW! TL-IN
1400 WRJN WI Racine 11/5 1743 Very poor with classic hits, playlist match. Lots of QSB. NEW! EB-MI
1410 WRMN IL Elgin 11/25 0704 P "reporting WRMN news" and no sual dominant WIZM. Unusual. JJR-WI
1410 KGRN IA Grinnell 11/12 0806 Vp "here on KGRN" w/no WIZM. Going into ad at lower volume. JJR-MI
1410 KGRN IA Grinnell 11/5 0650 Poor. Promo for an upcoming Grinnell Tigers game sponsored by various local Grinnell businesses. TPK-WI
1410 KLEM IA La Mars 11/4 2045 to 2100 Poor @ most. Some WIZM-WI QRM. Burlington Notre Dame/Gehlen Catholic girls' volleyball tournament game. // to their website. 50 watts. TPK-WI
1410 WHLN KY Harlan 11/4 2015 to 2045 Poor @ most. WIZM-WI in null. Call letters and oldies mx popping thru rather frequently. Maybe not 41 watts. TPK-WI
1410 KKLO KS Leavenworth 11/1 0600 P- weak but clear "AM 14-10 KKLO and FM 92.7", not logged since 1990. TL-IN
1410 KLFD MN Litchfield 11/26 0813 P"before you dig in Minnesota call..."No calls. C&W, no WIZM.JJR-MI
1410 WRTZ VA Roanoke 11/4 2120 . Poor but on top. WIZM in a null, WING in a fade. " . . . greatest hits 24/7. This is America's true oldies channel, WRTZ , Roanoke/Raleigh." 72 watts! NEW! TPK-WI
1410 WSCW WV South Charleston 11/18 1604 Poor with Town Hall nx, ad for local junkyard EB-MI
1410 WSCW WV South Charleston 11/13 1559 F- talk, Sebastian Gorka program, ID "newstalk 1410 and 102.3 WSCW and W207CB 102.3 South Charleston, loud and alone. TL-IN
1420 WHBN KY Harrodsburg 11/13 1607 P- promo for upcoming sporting pregame show with mention of WHIR, WHBN and FM 99.5", NEW! TL-IN
1420 KTOE MN Mankato 11/5 0300 P with ABC News, Coast to Coast AM KMD-MN
1420 KGIM SD Aberdeen 11/14 0800 Vp waaaaaaay u/KTOE. LID Sports, Fox sports. JJR-MI
1430 KNSP MN Staples 11/21 1916 P listening to WNXT, when "KNSP, the Fan" popped in w/ESPN! JJR-WI
1430 WION MI Ionia 11/4 0706 Calls, #616-523-XXXX for 55+ living Sherwood Forest(?) JJR-WI
1430 KRGI NE Grand Island 11/18 0714 P Preview of Nebraska-Illinois CFB game. "That's the latest from the KRGI Sports Network." Steady BP-WI
1430 KRGI NE Gr.Island 11/12 0837 P Dave Packard ABC sports, calls. CHKT still in. JJR-MI
1430 KRBK SD Brookings 11/14 0742 Vp "from the KBRK classifieds here on AM 1430..." JJR-MI
1430 KBRK SD Brookings 11/13 0746 P He's a Rebel, Chiffons "AM 1430 KBRK..." ad for Fish Fry. 1st time this season. Alone. JJR-MI
1430 KMES UT Ogden 11/12 0720 Fair signals with soft easy possibly religious Spanish music // their web feed. They are no longer KLO. New station is part of ESNE radio. Slogan seems to be El Sembrador. NEW! SMA-MB
1430 WBEV WI Beaver Dam 11/13 1612 P- faded up with WI Network News?, ID heard at 1620. TL-IN
1430 WRDN WI Durand 11/24 0747 P "Real Country 1430 & 107.3 WRDN." With KZQZ gone, others in! JJR-WI
1430 WRDN WI Durand 11/5 0703 P shop local in Durand, Monrovia(WI),Real Country 1430 & 107-3 WRDN. Alone. Rare! JJR-WI
1440 KCHE IA Cherokee 11/1 0741 Vp in mess of stns! "KCHE.....92.1" after song I didn't know. JJR-MI
1440 WEBR NY Niagara Falls 11/9 1915 P softer songs by Peter Paul & Mary, Dionne Warwick. Calls.JJR-WI
1440 WZYX TN Cowan 11/19 1702 P recorded LID by woman, Fox news. Lost. JJR-WI
1440 WZYX TN Cowan 11/3 1731 P seemed to pop out of nowhere. "94.5 WZYX"Sheryl Crow song. JJR-WO
1450 WNBY MI Newberry 11/13 0730 Vp "WNBY forecast w/Karl Bohnak after the news" w/WMIQ. JJR-MI
1450 KBMW MN Breckenridge 11/16 0804 P atop! "Voice of the Valley-AM 1450 KBMW" & kbmwnews.com. JJR-MI
1450 KNSI MN St.Cloud 11/18 1715 Vp but "is selling in the St.Cloud, Minnesota area" & gone! JJR-WI
1450 KYLStMO Fredericktown 11/18 1904 playing Christmas music, "making listening to the radio fun .. 94-3", Did not hear K-hits slogan, the only fit. TL-IN
1460 WKAM IN Kokomo 11/19 1654 P SS ad by W and M. LaRaza slogan. Some KXNO. WJTI still off. JJR-WI
1460 WKAM IN Goshen 11/16 1657 P SS ads, LaRaza into music. Local WJTI off the air....again! JJR-WI
1460 KXNO IA Des Moines 11/17 1811 P sports chatter.No WKAM others. WJTI off still. Assumed. JJR-WI
1460 KXNO IA Des Moines 11/16 1736 P "w/stores in Des Moines & Ames" and local WJTI off. JJR-WI
1460 KDMA MN Montevideo 11/16 0802 P "from the KDMA newsroom" into Fox headlines. No KXNO. JJR-MI
1460 KKAQ MN Thief River Falls 11/13 0744 P Allan Jackson on Real Country, chatter,ads,lost. Only fit. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 11/26 0850 P Peaceful Easy Feeling,Eagles, "more mx next on 1460 CJOY" ad. JJR-MI
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 11/14 1553 P "70s 80s 90s Greatest Hits-CJOY" jingle, Cars oldies. JJR-MI
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 11/12 0835 P chatter sounded like GYDX."CJOY" jingle/"99 Luft Balloons" JJR-MI
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 11/11 0806 P Hurts So Good, John Mellencamp "CJOY" jingle in/out w/KXNO. JJR-MI
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 11/1 0740 P 90's OLDie, "1460 CJOY" into Neil Young song. No KXNO. JJR-MI
1470 WMBD IL Peoria 11/12 0733 Poor with WMBD nx, Peoria ads EB-MI
1470 WMBD IL Peoria 11/6 0025 F with ID “Coast to Coast AM on 1470 an 100.3 WMBD KMD-MN
1470 KWAY IA Waverly 11/28 0704 P "You're in the country, K-Way Country-1470 & the new FM 96.3" JJR-MI
1470 KWAY IA Waverly 11/2 0705 P K-Way newstime... Weather First forecast "at 7:06, it's 22" JJR-MI
1470 WBFC KY Stanton 11/12 0718 Vp with C&W gospel, // Webcast. Mountain Gospel Radio. EB-MI
1470 WFNT MI Flint 11/16 0800 P LID, great Lakes News -Gov Whitmer locks down restaurants. JJR-MI
1470 WVOL TN Berry Hill 11/18 1721 Noted in passing with 'The Mighty 147' into R&B record EB-MI
1470 WVOL TN Berry Hill 11/13 1633 G- singing ID "WVOL" into Whitney Houston song. TL-IN
1480 KAUS MN Austin 11/10 0751 P MyAustinMN.com Deer, duck feed store. No usual WGVU. JJR-WI
1480 WHBC OH Canton 11/24 1555 P- talk about high school winter sports and COVID-19, WHBC ID heard in promo. TL-IN
1480 WHBC OH Canton 11/17 1800 P LID, CBS Sports Radio sounder. o/others. JJR-WI
1490 WZOE IL Princeton 11/3 0720 Vp, lost. "WAZOE weather" and noted 45 mins later. JJR-WI
1490 KRIB IA Mason City 11/6 0645 P "how to win $1000 from KRIB" (Nat'l I Heart contest) -lost. JJR-WI
1490 KRIB IA Mason City 11/4 0623 P calls said 2x, KRIB jingle, Love Is Blue,Paul Mauriat. JJR-WI
1490 WABJ MI Adrian 11/5 1700 Barely audible with ID, nx, lost. Rare at night! EB-MI
1490 KXRA MN Alexandria 11/4 0657 P "Alexandria" in obits over & over. "Assumed" tho I recognize voice as KXRA host. JJR-WI
1490 KLGR MN Redwood Falls 11/16 0746 P "here at KLGR & KLGR 95-9" very detailed wx almanac. JJR-MI
1490 KTTR MO Rolla 11/25 1602 P- ID heard as "KTTR Rolla, Hot one oh four nine", last heard in 2002 during our huge ice storm when all our locals were knocked off the air!. TL-IN
1490 KTTR MO Rolla 11/23 1742 P "Hot 104.9" sweeper. Been hearing Top40 here a few weeks. Now I know what it was. JJR-WI
1490 KIBM NE Omaha 11/12 0830 P Sir Duke,S.Wonder "on Boomer" said twice. 1st time this season. JJR-MI
1490 WMOA OH Marietta 11/28 1647 P- Local HS basketball coverage, "Tigers basketball tonight on WMOA 1490 AM and FM 101.3", NEW! TL-IN
1490 WGEZ WI Beloit 11/20 1507 P- heard CW music then clear "Country one oh one nine and & fourteen ninety", xmtr actually in S. Beloit, IL . TL-IN
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1490 WLXR WI LaCrosse 11/30 0701 P atop, Freddie Cannon's Tallahassee Lassie, LID, no-name nx. JJR-MI
1490 WLXR WI LaCrosse 11/26 0935 P "Good times & great OLDies-1490 the Eagle" alone - steady. JJR-MI
1490 WLXR WI LaCrosse 11/10 0803 P guy on city bus yelling at passengers/arrested. "for Magnum Media, I'm Rick Jensen" w/others. JJR-WI
1490 WLXR WI LaCrosse 11/6 0634 P WI sports report, "1490 the Eagle" OLDies by Tokens, Dion JJR-WI
1490 WIGM WI Medford 11/13 0802 P Rock sounding C&W song, LID for xlator & WIGM Medford, Kickin Country, into Bill Scott sports. JJR-MI
1500 WFED DC Washington 11/24 1600 P- ID with calls for many other stations, clearly heard WFED. TL-IN
1520 WHOW IL Clinton 11/19 0706 P In briefly. Hrd "...on the WHOW App." Ad for ??? Dealership in Clinton, then lost. BP-WI
1520 KSIB IA Creston 11/24 0743 P 70's oldies, "Kool 102" sweeper tween songs. Alone. JJR-WI
1520 KSIB IA Creston 11/11 0728 P "Kool 102--70s 80s hits" -Knew neither song played. Ouch. JJR-MI
1520 WPAY OH Rossford-Toledo 11/12 0734 P REL Christmas music. Lost after 5 mins. Assumed. JJR-MI
1520 KOKC OK Oklahoma City 11/30 1848 G- U. of Central OK vs Washburn college basketball, loudest station on 1520 right now. TL-IN
1530 WLCO MI Lapeer 112 1255-1301 good in daytime, now // WQUS w classic rock. Legal ID at 1259 "US 103.1 and WLCO Lapeer." TS-MI
1540 WSMI IL Litchfield 11/24 1635 F- sounded like CW format, heard mention of Carlinsville and Litchfield then quick SID "WSMI". TL-IN
1540 WBCO OH Bucyrus 11/24 1606 P- string of local ads for Bucyrus. TL-IN
1540 WPTT WI Hartford 11/24 1620 F- WPTT ID heard as "Party ninety two nine FM, proud to call Wisconsin home" unsure of format. TL-IN
1550 KAPE MO Cape Girardeau 11/2 1749 P -some CBEF. ad:"the politics in Springfield" Kape Radio, Joe Pags. JJR-WI
1550 WMRE WV Charles Town 11/24 1647 F- Home Depot ad, "Fox Sports 1550 Winchester's sports station". TL-IN
1550 WHIT WI Madison 11/13 0701 P Jet Airliner, Steve Miller (I'm thinking St.Joseph,MO) "we call our stn the Farm, the FCC calls up (LID for xlator,WHIT Madison) Now that we got that out of the way..." JJR-MI
1550 WEVR WI River Falls 11/26 0728 P"from the WEVR news bureau,WEVR 1550 & WEVR-FM 106.3" Rare.JJR-MI
1550 WEVR WI River Falls 11/5 0733 P -no WHIT at all! "wx forecast for WEVR...40, sunny today..." Rare! JJR-WI
1560 KBEW MN Blue Earth 11/26 0839 P until Lost, Rocket Man,Elton John, calls and gone. JJR-MI
1560 KBEW MN Blue Earth 11/14 0720 P "AM 1560 & 95.3FM" non-ids for 10 mins easily. This & 98Country will be off air Sun 11-15 for engineering work, per jock. JJR-MI
1560 KTUI MO Sullivan 11/05 1808 P- local weather forecast with two weak IDs in the forecast. TL-IN
1570 WFRL IL Freeport 11/29 0649 F Song "White Christmas" then "Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas from WFRL." Easily over semi-local WKBH BP-WI
1570 KAKK MN Walker 11/24 0738 P temps in MN giver rather slowly, replacing WLKD. JJR-WI
1570 WLKD WI Minocqua 11/24 0707 P "Northern WI weather" jingle. The Rose,B. Midler. Alone.JJR-WI
1570 WLKD WI Minocqua 11/5 0739 P end of song. "the Lake-AM 1570" ads. No Appelton,Gr.Rapids. JJR-WI
1580 KCHA IA Charles City 11/29 0700 F-P Oldies. "The fabulous 1580 KCHA" into TOH CBS News. Pretty dominant on frequency. BP-WI
1580 WJFK MD Morningside 11/9 0713 P Radio.com app, Progressive, Geico, ? Spirits, 7 mins of ads in EE, SS. Finally Tudn DePortes ment. Assumed WHLY-S.Bend. Glad I listened 7 minutes, hi! JJR-WI
1580 WWSJ MI St.Johns 11/30 0700 P Covid psa, "Joy 1580 & 100.3 St.Johns-Lansing" no CKDO. JJR-MI
1590 WNTS IN Beech Grove 11/23 1931 P but alone, replacing WAKR, in earlier. SS/LaPantera. JJR-WI
1590 WTVB MI Coldwater 11/3 0813 P "that's news from AM 1590 & FM95-5 WTVB" -no WGBW, WCGO. JJR-WI
1590 KGFK MN East Grand Forks 11/18 0657 P Hrd "Classic Rock Hits on Rock 95." Into "Pour Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard. Matched live stream. BP-WI
1590 KGFK MN East Gr. Forks 11/8 0643 P Black Gog, Led Zeppelin, "Rock 95" sweeper. JJR-WI
1590 WKTP TN Jonesborough 11/30 1851 F- with sports coverage of UT women's basketball, ID as ESPN Tri-Cities. TL-IN
1590 WPVL WI Platteville 11/4 0700 P LID ESPN replacing KGFK, tho lost to WGCO minutes later. JJR-WI
1600 KGYM IA Cedar Rapids 11/6 0038 P with Iowa news and sports, ID “KGYM Sports Radio” KMD-MN
1620 KOZN NE Bellevue 11/21 1838 Poor with Fox Sports, 1620 The Zone. Lots of QSB. Ex-KAZP. EB-MI
1660 KQWB ND West Fargo 11/21 1846 Fair with local ads, Fox Sports, Bison 1660. EB-MI
1700 KGBB IA Des Moines 11/6 1925 F with Miami vs. NC State football game, “...message by the Iowa High School Athletic Directors Association”, “This is Compass Media Network – home of NCAA football”, Progressive Scoreboard Report KMD-MN
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
590 CUBA CMBF La Julia Nov23 0255 UTC P- Radio Musical Nacional with nice classical music format, ID with actual CMBF callsign at 0300. TL-IN
800 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES PJB Bonaire Nov23 0050 spanish talk program, loud and alone in good southern conditions PJB - TL-IN
1620 CUBA Nov22 0234 Very poor with Radio Rebelde, // Webcast. Lots of QSB. Unsure which one it is, as three are listed. NEW! EB-MI
1620 VIRGIN ISLANDS WDHP Frederiksted Nov22 0107 Faded up barely audible with reggae mx, got // to Webcast. The Reef. Thanks to tip from another DXer. VI #1! NEW! EB-MI
1620 US VIRGIN ISLANDS WDHP Frederiksted Nov21 2310 UTC P- Reggae music format very weak but distinct under KOZN, // to webstream, USVI #1. NEW! TL-IN
AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX:
730 UNID 11/3 0552 Someone toward SW or NE cycling through classic rock records. Lost for TOH. Checked WGMF and CKDM, but no match. EB-MI
830 UNID 11/2 1654 Someone toward the SW or NE, cycling through Motown Gold. Heard "Cruisin" - Smokey Robinson, into "Stubborn Kind Of Fellow" - Marvin Gaye. Lost at :59 pattern change or QRP. No IDs given. Webcast/playlist of WQZQ didn't match! EB-MI
890 UNID 11/4 1746 Vp u/WLS. Music. Thus, the night of UNIDs is completed! JJR-WI
1030 UNID 11/20 1906 Vp u/WBZ. Dave rAMsey show. Points to KTWO, but I dunno..... JJR-WI
1130 UNID 11/4 1700 P w/WISN nulled. Sounded like Cont.Christian mx. Time for LID. Nothing! 5 sec of dead air. JJR-WI
1270 UNID 11/5 1924 P tuned in to hear "WF?R" jingle into Hard Habit to Break/Chicago. Stumped!JJR-WI
1310 UNID 11/10 0518 Poor, but sometimes over WDTW with America In the Morning. I suspect it may have been WIBA, but their Webcast didn't match. Lost by TOH. EB-MI
1410 UNID 11/5/20 0300 UTC. Weak signal w/o audio seen going off air. The frequency measured,1410.0087, was an exact match with a 2 year old posting on the MWList website for WRSS-Puerto Rico. TPK-WI
1450 UNID 11/17 1647 P AMerica's Best Music (jingle) into Candy Girl, 4 Seasons. No WW1 affiliate I know of on 1450. JJR-WI
1490 UNID 11/5 1604 Poor with lots of QSB; YL preacher, sounded like a gospel station. ONE ment of "AM-1490" during her hour-long speech, but nothing IDable. Lost by the TOH. Stumped, I am! EB-MI

Trans Pacific loggings: UTC
Trans Atlantic loggings: UTC
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SMA-MB Shawn M. Axelrod VE4DX1SMA, VEPC4SWL, Winnipeg MB Canada
Icom IC-R70,Drake R8, SDRPlay RSPduo, 3 foot un-AMplified box loop, Quantum QX LOOP v2.0, 155 Foot U
shaped outdoor wire, SDRPLAY RSPduo, 100 foot indoor wire run around the basement walls, MFJ 1026 Phasing unit
EB-MI Eric Berger, Carleton,MI
Sony XDR-S10HDiP
KMD-MN Kurt Decker Browerville, MN
DX-390, Antenna: RS loop .......................................................................................................
GH-IL Greg Harris, Park Forest,IL
GE Superradio III and internal ferrite rod antenna, Grundig YB400PE/Ferrite rod antenna, Icom R75/Quantum Loop .......................................................................................................
TPK-WI Tom Kirk, Milwaukee, WI
RFSpace CloudIQ sdr w/ a 160 foot, 2 wire phased system .......................................................................................................
TL-IN Tom Laskowski, South Bend, IN
Icom IC-718 w/outdoor Carolina Windom, C.Crane Skywave
Sony ICF-SW7600GR w/unamplified home-brew loop
JJR-MI John J Rieger, L'Anse,MI (Terk loop can/does phase the Grundig antenna)
Grundig Satellit 750 -Terk AM1000 loop, Sangean ATS-909X stock
JJR-WI John J Rieger, South Milwaukee,WI
Icom IC-R75 MFJ-959B tuner,preamp Kiwa loop, Sangean ATS-909X stock
TS-MI Tom Sanders. Lakeport MI
GE SuperRadio II barefoot
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