12 Month Tracker - JULY 2022/KENTUCKY
Welcome to the 12 Month Tracker. Here, a state or province is highlighted every month. It goes back twelve months. This page will be changed monthly will be archived for one year. For July 2022:KENTUCKY!
Comments are always welcomed! MOST RECENT AT TOP. LAST MONTHS IS BELOW THAT!
970 WGTK KY Louisville 6/27 0419 P Salemnow.com (owner of WGTK) Talk programming. Assumed. JJR-WI
1080 WOKT KY Cannonsburg 6/27 0428 P REL program ending, "30 mins of (fade) WalkFM.org" Catch of the day! Rare! JJR-WI
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 6/28 0421 P M-F Gregorian chanting. Catholic prayers. Assumed. JJR-WI
630 WLAP KY Lexington 5/18 0444 P w/end of ad, and "News Radio 630 WLAP." Nothing great. JJR-WI
740 WNOP KY Newport 5/20 0434 P thru CFZM w/Rosary being said. Assumed. JJR-WI
790 WKRD KY Louisville 5/23 0443 P tuned in to hear ad w/#502 area code, Babble, Progressive ads. Alone. JJR-WI
790 WKRD KY Louisville 5/18 0500 P -tuned in to hear LID, I Heart app ments, sports. Atop. JJR-WI
940 WCND KY Shelbyville 5/22 0444 P "La Pantera" --been hearing almost daily cutting into CJGX. Lively SS mx. Tnx to EB-MI & WH-TX for help on this former UNID. NEW! JJR-WI
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 5/26 0453 F! Catholic preaching: Gospels, readings, prayers. No WKJG to be found. JJR-WI
740 WNOP KY Newport 4/18 0622 "Sacred Heart Radio" slogan ID. Fair, No CFZM. NEW! GH-IL
740 WNOP KY Newport 4/1 0554 P REL/EWTN chatter and no sign of CFZM. Alone, steady. JJR-WI
790 WKRD KY Louisville 4/26 0523 P Genesis Diamonds ad, JI Heart ment, jingle, K-R-D, Fox Sports. Alone, surprisingly. JJR-WI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 4/19 2205 V/G w/wx forecast from WAVE Channel 3. RD-IA
990 WWKY KY Manchester 4/9 2325 to sweep tones till :26. Morse at :30, Sweep at 33:20 Signal was at S9 then, couldnít hear it at :00. Didnít distinguish sweep tones from stepped tones on either station. RL-MI
990 WWKY KY Winchester 4/9 2315 good with code ID's, sweep and steady tones on scheduled DX test. Mixing with CBW. CR-IL
990 WWKY KY Winchester 4/9 2022 Poor under semi-local WDEO with AC, 'Winchester's Own,' and 'WWKY' ments between records. NEW! EB-MI
990 WWKY KY Winchester 4/9 2304 Poor under WDEO in DX Test: Morse code, sweep tones, ladder tones, etc. EB-MI
990 WWKY KY Winchester 4/9 2301 A2 International Morse callsign ID's. Good sigs (DX test) Icom R75/Quantum loop, then on my ultralight Sangean DT200X with good sigs. NEW! GH-IL
1150 WMST KY Mount Sterling 4/9 2304 heard sweep tones till 06:40, followed by morse code till 09:45 then to sweep tones till 10:20. Sweep tones at 17:50 till 18:50. VVV in morse at 0420. Signal was S9+10.Didnít distinguish sweep tones from stepped tones on either station. RL-MI
1150 WMST KY Mount Sterling 4/9 2300 very good with code ID's, sweep and steady tones on scheduled DX test. Mixing with WHBY. NEW! CR-IL
1150 WMST KY Mount Sterling 04/09 2300 Weak signals under CKOC and CJSL but copied Morse Code ID at 0030 and sweep tones at 0035. Thanks to all for putting on and arranging this test. NEW! SMA-MB
1150 WMST KY Mt Sterling 4/9 2307 Fair with DX Test: 1 kHz tones, sweep tones, ladder tones, Morse code. EB-MI
1150 WMST KY Mt. Sterling 4/9 2307 A2 International Morse callsign ID's Good sigs (DX test) Icom R75/Quantum loop, then on my ultralight Sangean DT200X with good sigs. NEW! GH-IL
1250 WLCK KY Scottsville 4/21 0337 G w/clear ID: "Thank you for listening to Southern Gospel 1250 and 100.1 FM WLCK." RD-IA
1340 WBGN KY Bowling Green 4/21 2247 Briefly in w/ID: "Good Times, Great Oldies, WBGN." RD-IA
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 4/30 0545 P Relevant Radio sponsors, promos in WKJG fade. JJR-WI
1400 WIEL KY Elizabethtown 4/12 1959 poor w/"1400 WIEL, ID. Also mention of FM 106.1 and ESPN Radio. CR-IL
1430 WLCB KY Buffalo 4/12 1931 poor w/country music. QRM from WXNT. //web stream. CR-IL
790 WKRD KY Louisville 3/15 0603 P "KRD" noted on tuning to freq. Sports chatter. JJR-WI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 3/15 0618 P Hugh Hewett "the Answer" slogan, lost to WHA. JJR-WI
1320 WCVG KY Covingtonn 3/29 0541 P tho lost after 7 mins or so. Black Gospel mx and "1320 the Voice" slogan. No WILS. Some KOZY. Not common by any means. JJR-WI
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 3/16 0640 F! have never heard this well! Relevant Radio content. Alone. Almost loud! JJR-WI
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 3/8 0552 P talk of St.Francis, Relevant Radio, Cath. chatter. No WKJG. JJR-WI
570 WIDS KY Russell Springs 2/9 0601 Poor with C&W Gospel, dual ID (// WIOK,) into SRN nx.EB-MI
790 WKRD KY Louisville 2/9 0605 Very poor with "Radio 790, KRD" ment. EB-MI
860 WSON KY Henderson 2/26 2117 Poor under CJBC with AC mx, // Webcast. EB-MI
860 WSON KY Henderson 2/13 2148 f- Classic Hits/oldies (Heart, INXS) clear weak WSON Henderson ID. TL-IN
1490 WKYW KY Frankfort 2/2 1810 f- "Wrap up your workdays with Afternoons with Kendall on Pop Radio 93-5". TL-IN
680 WHBE KY Newburg 1/19 1817 Vp "your Kentucky select Chevy dealers" Calls. 5th new log of 2022! 1110#17, #2514,NEW! JJR-WI
730 WFMW KY Madisonville 1/28 1717 Poor but atop with "Crying In the Chapel," // Webcast. EB-MI
860 WSON KY Henderson 1/18 1732 poor with rock oldies. //web stream. CR-IL
860 WSON KY Henderson 1/1 1747 Faded up with KY ads, sports talk of some sort, // Webcast. Clashed with CJBC, but finally succumbed to the FF pest. EB-MI
940 WCND KY Shelbyville 1/30 0701 p- regional Mexican format, heard weak brief WCND 94 ID. TL-IN
990 WWKY KY Winchester 1/1 1639 P "Most Music Radio..W-KY" (2nd W not heard) and AC mx that stood out! no CBW! Day #1 of 2022 and NEW! JJR-WI
1130 WBZB KY Murray 1/10 0659 weak in mess with "WBZB Murray" ID. also mentioned 104.5 FM. Parked on 1130 in hope of re-logging CKSW. NEW! CR-IL
1150 WMST KY Mount Sterling 1/1 1610 Poor with AC, 'America's Best Music, WMST' between records. EB-MI
1290 WCBL KY Benton 1/28 0753 good w/ID and local ads. CR-IL
740 WNOP KY Newport 12/15 0757 P Sacret Heart Radio men in chatter. No CFZM. JJR-WI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 12/12 1700 Poor with ID, The Answer, into Town Hall nx. EB-MI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 12/12 0400 "On WGTK (missed) Dot Com" Good. NEW! GH-IL
1070 WEKT KY Elkton, 12/26 2155 fair w/bluegrass music, "Home of the Heavenly Mix, WEKT Elkton, kentucky, Heavenly 10-70" ID at 2200. NEW! CR-IL
1080 WOKT KY Cannonsburg 12/4 0700 f- ID for multiple stations including WOKT Cannonsburg, ID as Walk FM, ad for Hoffman's Auto Center. TL-IN
1240 WSFC KY Somerset 12/19 1559 p- Quick ID at tune-in "Newstalk 12-40 WSFC, An iHeart radio station". NEW! TL-IN
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 12/31 1650 P tho best ever heard. Solid, stready w/Relevant Radio. JJR-MI
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 12/15 2029 Relevant Radio programming, local ads. fair. CR-IL
1420 WVJS KY Owensboro 12/1 1615 "92.9 WVJS" ID. Xmas music. CR-IL
790 WKRD KY Louisville 11/25 1647 P others nulled. Fox Sports. "K-R-D" JJR-WI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 11/23 1907 P tho steady. Basketball game "on WGTK." JJR-WI
1060 WJKY KY Jamestown 11/16 0555 Poor in pileup with "I'll Be" - Edwin McCain, then barely heard "Playing what we want" into another record, before the signal succumbed to the pileup. EB-MI
1320 WCVG KY Covington 11/25 1724 "1320 WCVG & 1320theVoice.com" Cincinatti references. Silent Night. Alone. No WILS. Not heard in a while. JJR-WI
1250 WLCK KY Scottsville 11/3 1901 g- "This is southern gospel's AM 1250 WLCK Scottsville", into SRN News. TL-IN
1040 WLCR KY Mt. Washington 10/3 2309 fair signal but u/WHO with religious talk and matched to web stream. CR-IL
1320 WBRT KY Bardstown 10/1 2009 Nelson County High school football. Fair. CR-IL
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 10/5 1830 P tho this replaced WKJG. Relevant Radio, Fr. Rocky. JJR-WI
1570 WLRS KY Louisville 10/7 0618 P in fade up for a few mins. "LaPoder..." was all I noted. JJR-WI
610 WRUS KY Rusellville 9/27 1917 good with oldies. CR-IL
790 WKRD KY Louisville 9/6 0558 P "Fox Sports Radio 790 K R D"into ads, all alone. JJR-WI
1130 WBZB KY Murray 9/15 0603 poor- Only heard WBZB call once and Murray heard three times in mess with CKWX and presumed WISN, NEW! TL-IN
1250 WLCK KY Scottsville 10/19 2105 Atop with clear "1250 AM & 100.1 FM, WLCK" ID. RD-NE
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 9/23 1921 P tho atop a few minutes. Relevant Radio. Rosary. JJR-WI
790 WKRD KY Louisville 8/110520 P Cards Radio 790 K-R-D. This, while chasing unID C&W outlet. JJR-WI
1230 WHIR KY Danville 8/13 0500 p- ID "This is the talk of the town, AM 12-30 WHIR Danville". TL-IN
June 2022:ALABAMA:
610 WAGG AL Birmingham 4/21 0151 F w/"...AGG" heard in ID between black GOS songs. RD-IA
770 WVNN AL Athens 3/6 0534 P promo for Dan Bongino "on 770AM & 92.5FM WVNN. Depend on it!" JJR-WI
850 WXJC AL Birmingham 2/13 2106 g- religious program, IDed by hearing it // to stream but a later clear call ID was heard. TL-IN
1700 WEUP AL Huntsville 2/21 0557 P -UC mx o/ weak KBGG. LID. Trying for unn WRCR. JJR-WI
540 WASG AL Daphne 1/15 2335 fair w/religious talk and black gospel music. //web stream. CR-IL
810 WCKA AL Jacksonville 1/31 0657 P but C&W and no WHB,etc! Ment of Real Country, LID "Alabama: ment, psa into newscast. Alone! @2513, 4th new log this month! NEW! JJR-WI
770 WVNN AL Athens 12/10 1620 "newstalk 7-70 Am, 92.5 FM WVNN" ID. CR-IL
1250 WZOB AL Ft. Payne 12/6 1559 p- surfaced out of the din with clear "WZOB Fort Payne", not heard in years here. TL-IN
1140 WBXR AL Hazel Green 11/18 0610 Poor in WRVA null with religion, preacher; // Webcast. Lost to WRVA. EB-MI
1150 WJRD AL Tuscaloosa 11/25 0723 P alone, for a while. Black Water-Doobie Bros, Sad Eyes,Robt. John, Dancing Queen,Abba. There was another sn trying to overtake, but dead air tween OLD & C&W was no help. JJR-WI
1410 WNGL AL Mobile 10/17 0300 "WNGL 1410 AM (M) FM Archangel Radio" weak in QRN . NEW! GH-IL

1680 WOKB FL Winter Garden 4/20 0501 P with WPRR o/c, a very clear "W O K B" came thru SS(WTTM?) JJR-WI
570 WTBN FL Pinellas Park 2/18 2014 good with religious talk and //web stream. CR-IL
880 WXBN FL Sweetwater 2/14 2210 f- Black Information Network program good under WCBS NEW! TL-IN
1040 WHBO FL Pinellas Park 2/11 1755 to 1800 . Poor cuz it was coming in u/ a stronger WHO. Male and female talk, ad for a Tampa law firm, LID on TOH, then USA nx. // to the streema webcast. On late w/ its day ant. pattern. NEW! TPK-WI
1620 WNRP FL Gulf Breeze 11/12 0500 Ad then TOH ID. QRN/QRM. Fair sig. briefly. NEW! GH-IL
570 WTBN FL Pinellas Park 11/5 2300 f- very clear ID "WTBN Pinellas Park" into SRN news, NEW! TL-IN
1040 WHBO FL Pinellas Park 11/3 1900 p- "Your local news, talk and information WHBO Pinellas Park", no WHO. TL-IN
600 WBOB FL Jacksonville 9/3 2300 Heard the DX test here under both KSJB with country and western music and WMT with talk. Hear Morse Code at :10 and sweep tones at :30. What a great way to start the DX season. SMA-MB
610 WTBN FL Pinellas Park 9/29 1920 good with religious talk. Matched to web stream. CR-IL

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