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The image above shows most of the objects available for download here, so feel free to look at them.

All of the downloads on this page have been created by me, although some may be based on the program of another person's object. I will try to give proper credit to those who have let me use their objects.

To Download objects: click on the link to the object you wish to download. A window should show up with options such as "save file to disk". You should save the file in your The Sims/downloads/transmogrified folder. You may have to make a "transmogrified" folder. Now when you start the game you will be able to purchase the downloaded object for your Sims!

Astromech Droid: Looks like a gray R2-D2. Walks around your house leaving oil spills here and there. You have to tinker/repair him every so often to keep him running. While its red "eye" lights are all off it is either asleep or dead. Based on Max, by Sim Freaks
Drink Bar: Same as the standard beverage bar which can be found in the original game, except with many many green bottles on top of it to make it look cooler.
Lightsaber: When off, this light looks like a lightsaber handle on a pedestal. When on, the blue blade comes out, straight up, and provides light for your sims. Looks good.
Hermit Crabs: Based on the aquarium from the original Sims game, these crabs look great in the game and don't pinch!
Cigarettes on a table: This item was made in response to a request from a certain person. I do not in any way wish to promote smoking and I think it should be outlawed. These cigarettes on a table go anywhere in your sim's home and make it look like he, well, has cigarettes lying around.
Security Guard: Based on a burglar alarm, this guard looks like a person hanging on your wall with a helmet and a gun. Not your average burglar alarm. Unfortunately, being the size of a person in the game, his head might poke through to the second floor if you have one.
Star Wars: Collectable Card Game Table: Based on the Chess Table from the original game, this table has a lightside and darkside deck on it from Star Wars CCG. The cards do not move as you play the game, sorry.
Hermit Crabs & Fish Like my Hermit Crab download but also like fish and can only afford one or the other? Worry no more! This object, based on the aquarium, has the fishtank in its normal position but a hermit crab tank is suspended above it. Looks great from one angle but at a different angle the fish and crabs may appear to leave the cage/tank. If this bothers you simply grab the cage/tank with the hand feature and turn it around.
Mouse Droid: Similar to the Astromech Droid, this was the first object I ever did. It isn't too bad. When the wheels retract it is sleeping or dead. Be warned, both the Astromech and the Mouse Droid will leave little messes around your home and both snore loudly. When they die it will say "A dog has died", another testimony to the fact that they were based on Max by Sim Freaks.
Box of Cigars: Again, I do not promote smoking at all. This box of cigars was made for a similar request to that of the cigarettes on a table. The difference is that these are based on a coffee machine. When your sim "lights one up" it will just look like he pulled a coffee pot and a mug from the cigar box. Enjoy!
Cigarettes & Ash tray: Essentially the same as the Box of Cigars. A blue ash tray has a cigarette sticking out of it while a pack of cigarettes lies next to it. The Super Cigarettes are the same as the normal cigarettes except that they were based on the espresso machine.
Roller Fan: Based on the slowly spinning sculpture from the original Sims, this "fan" adds to your room rating but only costs 150 instead of 1450. It adds four to your room rating because it keeps your sims cool.
Slipknot Tapestry: A response to a request. A black tapestry with the flaming words "SLIPKNOT" written sideways on it. Requires Livin' Large Expansion pack.
Communicators: The Imperial, Troop, and Royal Communicators are based on mirrors. Changes include altered menu options and a different image. The Imperial Communicator allows you to "Discuss Strategies" with an Imperial Moff, the Troop Communicator allows you to "Give Orders" to a stormtrooper, and the Royal Communicator allows you to "Report to the Emperor". The Royal Communicator is based on astanding mirror while the Troop and Imperial communicators are based on wall mirrors.
Air Conditioner: Based on a wall painting from the original sims, this airconditioner goes on your wall and adds eight to your room rating (because an airconditioned room is a nice room).
Pet Star Destroyer: Based (again) on max the dog from sim freaks. This Star Destroyer looks good in the game and will fly around your home. Get two and they will multiply (somehow). You can refuel them (for fifteen dollars) and pick up their fallen passengers (for fun) or start your own fleet (by "breeding" two of them). Make sure that you clean up all the garbage that those tiny Imperials leave around your house.
Podium: This is actually one of the best looking objects I've created so far. It is based on the standing mirror and will improve charisma, but because your sim will be talking to a podium, it will look as if he is giving a speech. The menu option has been changed from "Practice Speech" to "Give Speech". Would look cool in "the Church" house available from the Houses page.
Pinkles the Pigeon: Created for a request, Pinkles is based on the Aquarium from the original Sims. It actually looks okay in the game.
Podracer Toy: Created in response to a request for a podracer. Based on the dollhouse. Can be used by kids and adults.

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Downloadable Objects

Get the Astromech Droid
Get the Drink Bar
Get the Lightsaber
Get the Hermit Crabs
Get the Cigarettes on a table
Get the Security Guard
Get the SW:CCG Card Table
Get the Hermit Crabs & Fish
Get the Mouse Droid
Get the Box of Cigars
Get the Cigarettes & Ash tray
Get the Super Cigarettes & Ash tray
Get the Roller Fan 150
Get the Slipknot Tapestry (requires Livin' Large)
Get the Imperial Communicator
Get theTroop Communicator
Get the Royal Communicator
Get the Air Conditioner
Get the Pet Star Destroyer
Get the Podium
Get Pinkles the Pudgy Pigeon
Get the Podracer Toy

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