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Easter Ideas

Easter Devotions

Teen or Adult Easter Lesson - What's In Your Basket?

Easter Lesson - Heaven

Resurrection Eggs - sent by Chris Cheedie - Thanks!

Easter Cookies (Thanks Jill and Missy!)

Easter Paper Plate Craft

Color one paper plate. Take another plate and cut so a cross is left.
Glue inside of plates together. (If you color the cross plate black it will look like a silouette.

Easter Game

Make or buy baskets. (E-mail me and I will tell you how to make one from a paper bag)
Put words associated with Easter inside eggs. Let kids search for eggs. Label baskets example: People, places, events. After the kids find the eggs, have them read the word, tell what it has to do with Easter and put it in the right basket.

Easter Tomb Craft

Turn a margerine tub upside-down. Cut out a door. Glue rocks all over it to look like a tomb.

Wash Cloth Bunny Basket

Lay a washcloth flat. Roll two corners to the middle. Fold rolled washcloth in half. Place nut cup in fold and secure washcloth around cup by putting a rubber band around the cloth ends. To make head and ears fold the rolled washcloth back and secure with rubber band at neck. Tie a bow around the neck and add wiggle eyes and a pom pom nose.
Easter Song

This is sung to the tune of Jesus Loves Me. I don't know who wrote this. If you know, let me know so I can give them credit.

Easters more than brand new clothes,
Or a rabbit's wiggling nose.
Jesus died to save from sin,
And on Easter rose again.
Yes, Jesus lives,
Yes, Jesus lives,
Yes, Jesus lives,
The Bible tells me so.

Easter bells are ringing clear,
Telling of the Saviour dear.
Once He died on Calvary's tree,
Then He rose for you and me.
Jesus is risen,
Jesus is risen,
Jesus is risen,
He arose for you and me.

Jesus Christ is in my heart.
I am glad He'll not depart.
If I walk with Him each day,
He'll keep me on the narrow way.
Jesus is living,
Jesus is living,
Jesus is living,
Praise God! He lives for me!