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The Voice of Hope

Baby Hope was originally created as commercials for a pro-life rally aired on my husband's radio program. I researched the development of a pre-born baby month by month, then became the"voice" of that baby. After a few commercials, people began to ask me what was going to happen to "Baby Hope". How would I end it? My sister began to adopt a baby at the same time, so "Baby Hope" became a true story about my nephew's birth. I hope you receive a blessing from this story.
Peggy Hughes

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An Adoption Story

"Once Upon a Time"

"Mama, please tell me my adoption story again." Those words coming from my 4 year old daughter will forever be precious to me.

For 11 1/2 agonizing years my husband and I tried unsuccessfully to have a baby. It was such a horrible time in my life. A trip to the mall consisted of little more that watching mothers parade past with all their children in tow and every other television commercial I viewed was advertising baby food or diapers. The whole world around me was a constant reminder of what I wanted so desperately but could not have.

What was most tragic though, was the fact that women everywhere were (and still are) killing thier unborn children because they didn't "want" them. Tiny, perfectly formed babies have been destroyed, buried, and scattered across this nation leaving behind thousands of childless couples who so WANTED them, but were never given the chance.

Not all mothers who are unable to care for their unborn babies opt for abortion, though. One such woman is a precious soul. She is my daughters birth mother and my answer to prayer. Because she cared enough to allow the child inside her to live, on May 25, 1991 I became a mother! My once empty arms now held the most beautiful angel in the world - MY angel!

Two and a half years later the Lord blessed my husband and me with a second child through adoption... a precious boy. His wonderful birth mother delivered him on Christmas day! His birth mother had been raped, but praise God she chose life and gave us a son!

Once upon a time, I longed for a child. Now, because of the Lord and two very special birth mothers, we all shall live happily ever after.