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Kid's Crafts

Sidewalk Paint

Mix 1/4c. Corn Starch, 1/4c. water and food coloring.

Scratch and Sniff Watercolors

Mix powdered drink mix and a little water

These are a couple recipes I saw on TV. They are in the book The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions. Visit their website at Kid Concoctions

Silly putty

Put equal amounts of Elmers school glue into liquid starch. Let sit for a few minutes, stirring occasionally. Take out and knead it until it becomes the consistency of silly putty.

Jar shakers

Use size 3 baby food jars. Fill ½ to ¾ with corn syrup. Add plastic confetti. Fill with water and close. Shake. Purpose: As God divided the waters, so the confetti separates after it sits. Some floats to the top and some to the bottom.

Grass Head

Use knee highs or old nylons. Put grass seed in the toe. Add dirt. Tie a knot to close it. Put on top of a pudding container. Paint face. Grass will grow out of the head. Make sure to tell them to put water in the container. Leave a “tail” from the nylons to soak up water.

Bird feeder

You will need for each child 2 plastic cups, 1 small paper plate or margarine lid, 1 pipe cleaner, and stickers. Before the service, cut of top of one of the cups and punch holes on each side of the cup near the top and cut a little door in the other end of the cup. Cut off a little more than half of the second cup. It will go over the first cup to keep out the rain. Cut holes to match the first cup. Have the kids decorate the cups and plate with stickers or paint. Glue full size cup to paper plate, large size down. Place the other cup on top and push a pipe cleaner through the holes and twist to hand the bird feeder.

bunny basket

You will need for each kid 1 wash cloth, 2 wiggle eyes, 2 little pink pompoms, a piece of ribbon, and a rubber band. Lay a washcloth flat. Roll two corners to the middle. Fold rolled washcloth in half. Place nut cup in fold and secure washcloth around cup by putting a rubber band around the cloth ends. To make head and ears fold the rolled washcloth back and secure with rubber band at neck. Tie a bow around the neck and add wiggle eyes and a pom pom nose.


Cut two parallel lines from the bottom (you can also do this in the middle if you want to be able to enter the carton). Accordian fold the flap and use as stairs. Decorate as you like.

The Idea Box

Crafts for kids

Handprint Flower

Trace three handprints. Cut leaves, stem and flower center. Glue to paper. This looks really cute with three different color handprints.
You can also do a bud by cutting out 3 closed handprints.