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Welcome to my site which featured my American Cream Draft Horses.

This site has been taken down due to the indiscriminate "borrowing" of my photographs. I do not like to see my photographs on the web with derogatory scrawling all over them in sim games. Yes, I do check and despite asking for the photos to be removed they are not. So if you want any information on the horses I currently have please email me and state your purpose and I will send you to a secure webpage.

At this time I have nothing for sale. I do have a stud colt (2003) that could go to the right home if someone is interested in his lines which include Ead's Prince through Swede and Champion Supreme Cream aka Champ through his dam, Fanny aka Ertl's Pretty In Pink (double register in Champagne Assoc. also). He is a light gold with pink skin and is built like his mother and grandsires.

Email: HERE