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Supercup Cyclocross, Washington Park... Angelfire

Supercup Cyclocross Nov 13th, Washington Park


Steve Larsen does some warm-up laps before the race begins...


After stalking Steve for a while, we finally approached him for a quick pic and to wish him luck


The race begins and the riders are off!!! Steve had a bad start (looked to me like he wasn't quite ready when they said go...), but he recovered quickly and was soon back amongst the lead group.


I just like the angle these shots were taken at... =)

After numerous lead changes and breakaway attempts by Steve and many of the other top riders, at the end, when it all came down to it, Steve opened it up and pulled away from them all on the last lap and a half, and it was all over from there.

Steve crosses the line tired but quite triumphant as the Chicago area crowd goes wild...


And how could this collection of photos be complete withouta look at our dear friend the Easter Bunny, caught here on film making a fwe bucks doing some wrenching in the pit area...

Well... That's all folk!!!