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Ukraine in Brief

Ukraine may now use the Ukrainian language officially and rediscover its heritage.

Ukrainians are renowned for their love of singing and music, and the folklore is made up of songs for every occasion:

The national symbols of Ukraine are the yellow-blue flag and the "Tryzub", and the hand-embroidered towel is the symbol of the love of Ukraine.

More traditionally, the Ukrainian has many ideas concerning his homeland:

Ukraine; the capital is Kiev. The population of Ukraine is 58.5 million.

Ukraine obtained its independence in 1991.

Industry and agriculture are highly developed in Ukraine. Ukraine is rich in natural resources from mineral to agricultural sources.

Ukraine possesses a fascinating history. The roots of Ukraine can be found in "Kievska Russ".

Many historic monuments are found in Ukraine: Kievska Pecherska Lavra and the Kievskiy Sophiefskiy Sobor.

Ukrainian art is famous the world over and, of course, the national dance known as the "Hopak".

Ukraine's poetry and literature are a national pride. Famous Ukrainian artists include : Taras Shevchenko, Mykola Lisinko, Lina Kostenko, Volodimir Javorivskiy.

Ukraine is also well developed economically. Precious stones are mined in Ukraine. The famous aircraft known as the "Ruslan" flies only for the Ukrainian National Airlines. The Dnieper River flows through the whole of Ukraine and tourists come from all over the world for the famous pearls of Odessa and the resort spas of the Krimean Pennisula.

The Carpathian Mountains are Ukraine's crowning glory. The Ukrainians are well justified when singing these praises to their homeland : "Ukraine my mother, in all your wondrous beauty from the villages to the great cities."

A great majority of Kiev's population is Ukrainian, but most Ukrainians, whether patriots of Ukraine or not, use their native language.

Three centuries of despotic rule prohibited the official or public use of the Ukrainian language. Later, under conditions created in Ukraine, led to the Ukrainian language's use being limited to rural Kolkhoz life or in propaganda. In Kiev, the use of Ukrainian was not used officially.

There was a brief hiatus in the years between 1918-1921 when Ukraine became an independent state. There was a great and spontaneous Ukrainization of all spheres of Ukrainian life as the Ukrainians revived cultural and normal customs and modes of life. Cultural restoration of Ukraine followed.

This change of national policy (1930-1933) coincided with the general rout of the peasantry in Ukraine during what was known as the "liquidation of the karkuls as a class". Since the peasantry of Ukraine, mostly farmers at that time, was the main core of the nation and the main source of the Ukrainian national heritage intellectually and culturally, this action was in effect a "liquidation of Ukraine as a nationality".

The culmination of this action was the Famine-terror of 1933 which represented massive deaths of at least 7 million Ukrainian people. One of the main targets of this anti-Ukrainian terror was the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

Kiev replaced the former capital, which was Kharkiv, at the onset of Her enemies rule. During the war between independent Ukraine and Her Northern invader in 1918-1921, Kiev had been the central government of "nationalistic Ukraine" and a "nationalist" was, at the time, any Ukrainian who spoke the Ukrainian language instead of the one officially accepted by her enemy.

Today, Ukraine is a wonderful country to visit. Once again restored to it's own culture and rich in architectural splendor, Ukraine's cities boast an historical flavor and hospitality unlike any other destination in Eastern Europe. Ukraine can now offer the adventurous traveler an unparalleled virtual trip into it's glorious past.

The Ukrainian people are friendly and generous hosts. The gourmet traveler can once again discover authentic Ukrainian dining.

This web site offers many Ukrainian links to travel destinations for Ukraine and it's neighbors.

Many businesses are opening up and the Ukrainian business boom is growing ever stronger. Many products and services found in most western countries are now offered in Ukraine. Even Internet access is now available in Ukraine. Enjoy your visit to Ukrainians in Brantford and please visit often.

Reprinted from UKRAINET.ORG web site.

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