Blind Faith - West Allis, Wisconsin

Very sketchy information is available about this little known Blind Faith performance. The tape recording found was ressurrected from an obscure used music/bookshop on the eastside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here's a brief background leading to the music that is by now, moderately distributed among Blind Faith enthusiasts around the world!

A few years ago, I met a fellow (now a good friend) in Madison, Wisconsin, who attended the Blind Faith performance on 26 July 1969. He informed me that this concert took place at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Grounds in West Allis, Wisconsin, a suburb southwest of Milwaukee. To my amazement, he also mentioned that this was a rock & roll festival, that included several other well-known groups of the late 1960's. This was information I wanted to further investigate and share with my friends.

During April of 1999, I was with two of my good friends on a used vinyl/compact disc search adventure in Milwaukee. We were looking for interesting collectibles, including obscurities like bootlegg concerts, music related books and magazines from the glorious years of our youth. While digging around in one of those book stores, we detected a stack of old cassettes under a glass shelf, with a small notice that suggested that the owners of the store had a selection of local musical concerts recorded on cassette tape. Well, we decided to ask what the selection was. Eureka, one of those listed was Blind Faith in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 1969! Well, that was too good to pass by, although collectively, we (as serious Blind Faith collectors) already had a copy of a portion of the concert from earlier music swaps. My good buddy suggested, "Let's get this copy also, it may be an alternate, or better recording". So we did, and it was indeed, a very nice recording, with additional performance tracks!!!

We listened to the cassette in the car on the return trip to Madison, Wisconsin, and were delighted with the audio sound we heard. And several weeks later, I reworked the cassette recording, cleaning up the background hiss, boosting the audio gain. Voila, I named this little known effort as "Blind Faith - The Lost Performance"!

The performance was on 26 July 1969. A less than sunny Saturday afternoon at State Fair Park in West Allis, Wisconsin. The happening was promoted as "The Rock & Roll Festival". Opening acts were local, followed by another British group called Taste (with Rory Gallagher), then by the Motor City (MC) 5, John Mayall, and Delaney, Bonnie & Friends. Prime time in the late afternoon was the new super group from England, Blind Faith...........

Artwork cover created to announce the lost concert performance.

Newspaper advert of the Midwest Rock & Roll Festival

Performance: Had To Cry Today; Can't Find My Way Home; Sleeping In The Ground;

Well All Right; Presence Of The Lord; Do What You Like; Sunshine Of Your Love.

Total playback time: 51:15 minutes

The musical recording and information described on this page are collectible materials, not intended for commercial sale or financial gain under any circumstances. If you have questions about the lost performance, make contact through the email address below. If we learn of anyone attempting to sell this music or information for profitable intent, beware !!!

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Created 8 September 1999

Updated 26 December 2003