Blind Faith At Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden was Blind Faith's first gig on the North American tour. A single perfomance was given on July 12th 1969, from a revolving stage. Opening acts were Free, a British rock & roll group that grooved in electric blues, and Delaney & Bonnie and Friends, a southern soulful R&B band.

Reports in New York City newspapers and various music magazines at that time purported that a minor riot occurred at the finish of the final encore of the evening. Ginger Baker was involved in swatting a security person, who was roughing-up a BF fan at the edge of the stage. There's more to this story, which needs to be sleuthed out a bit before further details can be reliably detailed on this website. Enjoy the photos....

Stevie Winwood doing guitar and vocals

Stevie Winwood doing guitar and vocals

Stevie Winwood doing keyboards and vocals

Eric Clapton into a guitar solo

Ginger with Ric in an intense blues condition

Close-up seating for the Blind Faith performance

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