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Here's some of the most useful links that will help you learn more about Blind Faith:

Discover Classic Rock.Com's Blind Faith web pages

Blind Faith Guitars, Winchester, VA USA

Blind Faith Cafe, Chicago, IL USA

Wikipedia - Blind Faith Reference
Coloured Rain E-Zine - Blind Faith & Traffic web site
Steve Winwood Fans web site (portions relating to Blind Faith)
EC Slowhand Tourography web site (Non-Commercial Archive - portions relating to Blind Faith)
EC Slowhand Bootography web site (Non-Commercial Archive - portions relating to Blind Faith)
Geetarz Website - Amazing graphics for all known BF bootlegg live concert recordings
ClaptonBoots Guidelines & FAQ w/ BF References
GEMM - Blind Faith '45s, LPs & CDs WorldWide
Blind Faith Artwork in the late '60s
A special website covering the Cream!!!
Everything Blind Faith (All Music Guide web site)

Of course, there are many more good links into the world of Blind Faith. You will find others placed strategically on other BF website pages, where thay will help you find even more good info! Mind you, this is not a definative list, but continuously growing. If you have useful contribution, kindly send that to the email address below.

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