Blind Faith at Detroit's Olympia Stadium

(Photo Copyright 1969 by Robert Matheu, All Rights Reserved)

Blind Faith onstage at Detroit's Olympia Stadium, 1 August 1969. Posted by kind permission of Robert Matheu, photographer. This photo is part of The Rock Shutter Photo Exhibit, touring across the USA for the next 18 months. Billing itself as the 500 greatest photos from the first 50 years of Rock! The exhibit opens in Las Vegas, NV on 1 January 2003. For more info on the Rock Shutter Photo Exhibit, have a look at the latest news on the new Creem Magazine website:
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On the evening of 1 August 1969, Blind Faith performed at the Olympia Stadium in downtown Detroit, Michigan. The Olympia was a gritty sports facility, built during the 1940's. The acoustics within the Olympia were said to be somewhat poor, unless one was able to have one's ears in close proximity to the stage. As you can see in the photo of the boys above, the stage did cramp the group as they performed, but according to at least one person who was at the performance, Blind Faith rocked the audience all night long. A non-commercial (amateur audience taped) recording of the concert has been said to have captured of the entire concert, although that has been exceptionally difficult to find among collectors. A photo of the outside facade of the Olympia can be found by linking to another website

Outside photo of the Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI.
(kind permission of Don Green)

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Updated 31 March 2003

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