Blind Faith at Honolulu's International Center Arena

(Photos archived in KJ Bleus Collection, 2001

On the evening of 24 August 1969, Blind Faith performed it's finale in Hawaii at the Honolulu International Center (HIC) Arena in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii.
The HIC Arena was designed as a multi-use facility, and a fine music venue, with superior acoustics for live performances. facility, built during the early 1960's.
Stage presence was comfortable and audience viewing was really quite good. Sound reproduction acoustics were very good. A fellow who was in the armed
forces and staging out from Southeast Asia during August 1969 has described the venue and show as superb and quite a treat for military personnel who
were able to get tickets. Just imagine coming out of a jungle war zone, and within a week sitting in an arena listening to BF's music.
Must have been an astounding experience. Below are photos of the HIC inside and out.

A photo of the seating and stage within the HIC Arena.


A photo of the outside facade of the HIC Arena.

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