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Meeting Your Animal Totem

Most exercises to discover one's Totem can follow a basic pattern:


Entering a Tree or Cave.

Leaving the Tree or Cave to enter a natural area or meadow.

Experiencing peacfulness of nature.

Allowing the Totem to enter the scene.

Allowing the Animal to speak to you-its movements, sounds, forms, colors,etc, will give you a message about its power. You May even hear its thoughts in your own thoughts. Let it tell you or show you how it has helped you in the past and how it will help you in the future. The key thing here, is to listen and pay attention to your Animal Spirit Guide(Totem).

Thank your Totem for making itself known to you. Ask it for some conformation in the next few days or weeks. You may find these conformations in dreams, pictures, marked on any given item, etc.

Move back to the Tree or Cave and step back through it to its other entrance point, then step back out again.

Take 4 or 5 slow, deep breaths and allow yourself to feel grounded and connected.

Reaserch and study the totem and it's qualities.(To read up on your Animal Totem, go to home page and click onto the link Animal Spirit Guides(Totems).

Rattles and Drums are efective intruments to use while doing this. Keep them at a slow, steady pace.(But the instruments are not really all that crucial).

Make sure you will not be disturbed. Take the phone off the hook, lock doors,etc. You may sit or lie down, which ever one is more comfortable for you. Focus on each part of your body, sending warm, soothing sensations through it. Starting at your feet and working your way up to the top of your head. There is no need to rush, take your time. If your mind wanders, don't worry about it. Just bring it back to where you left off.


Relax, Take a few deep breaths. You will find yourself growing lighter and lighter.. Your surrounds seem to be fading around you, and you are wrapped in the warm darkness of your innerself, your own energy and mind. It is safe, warm and comfortable.

You begin to see a very soft light, and slowly the picture opens. You find yourself by a clear pool of water. The sky above is blue, and there is a soft haze in the far of distance.

Above you, you can see the Sun and Moon together in the sky. You are not sure if it is Dawn or Dusk, but you know it is one of those powerful "Between Times" a time in which there is a thinning of the vails between the physical and the spiritual.

To your right, at the end of this clear pool of water, is a waterfall. The spray from this waterfall is a cool, refreshing mist. And where it touches the pool, water ripples outward, distorting all of the reflections in the pool.

You look about you at the green grasses and the distant trees, and all is quite. It is as if Nature is in a state of Quietness.

You look back at the waterfall, and you notice that there is a cave behind it. You step carefully behind the Falls, into a dark, muted cave. You are surprised, because the cave is lit by soft, glowing torches, wich gives the cave a sense of warmth and security. You slowly begin to travel down the path of this cave, still feeling safe and warm.

You feel happy, and a small childlike laughter slips out. For the first time in a long time, you feel like a child, about to explore the wondrous treasures of the world.

The walls of this cave feel warm as you touch them. As you go further into the cave it begins to widen and grows taller. The torches are fewer and more distant, and you pass a few that aren't even lit. You can see the glowing of the sun at the end of the cave.

You walk out the exit of the cave, the sun feels warm against your face. You also see a river before you, and lush, green grass.

Across the field is the edge of a rich, deep-green forest. You pause only for a minute, and then you burst through this beautiful meadow, feeling the warmth of the sun against your face. You feel very happy.

The grass is soft beneath your feet, and you can smell the rich fragance of honey and wildflowers. The air is sweet, and you tilt your head back and stretch your arms wide.

Next to the river is a large, ancient oak tree. Surrounding it is the lushest, and greenest grass you have ever seen. You run to it and sit down beneath it. You stretch out, and roll in its softness, and you inhale its sweetness.

You sit up and notice a stone near the tree that looks as if it were almost a chair. You sit down on it and you find that this stone fits your form perfectly. You breath deeply, and from this chair you look about you.

It is quiet and peaceful, and you know that this meadow is a place where wildlife must come, and for a moment you envy the Animals and the Birds for having such a place of beauty.

You sit quietly and enjoy the beauty of this meadow. It is as if with each breath you become more and more a part of it, and it becomes more and more a part of you.

Suddenly you see a movement out of the corner of your eye near the edge of the forest, your breath catches. You think to yourself, that maybe you will see some wildlife after all. Then from among the trees comes movement. It may soar above you or it may step out into the meadow. You sit quietly, and very still.

Watching, as an animal appears in your vision, don't force it. Allow it to show itself to you. And as it does, its eyes seek you out and hold your gaze. Never have you seen anything so wonderful, so unique. Such Animals have always seemed so wild and out of touch.

There is no fear as the animal draws closer, only recognition and wonder. Surely you think that this must be a dream! Then, as if in response to your thoughts, it makes a sound, a movement, a gesture and you fix your eyes upon it.

In that moment, you begin to understand. You catch glimpses of memories of how it has helped you in the past. You know now, why you have always been so fascinated with it.

And then it begins to move toward the cave. It pauses and looks back at you, as if telling you that it is time to go. You stand up and begin to follow it. As you approach the mouth of the cave, it waits. It is so close to you that you can almost touch it.

Carefully, and gently you extent your hand out to it, but before your hand gets close enough to touch it, it jumps and runs back to the edge of the forest. It pauses, looking back at you once more, and then disappears into that lush, deep-green forest.

You understand, that it will take time to develope a relationship with it. There is much you have to learn from each other. Until then you must be patient. You smile a sweet sadness, and then follow the cave back to the waterfall.

You step from the cave, and out behind the waterfall. You look into the clear pool, and see your reflection rippling. And then behind your reflection you see the form of your Animal Totem. You catch your breath and you laugh, thanking it for opening to you. As you do, the image disappears, and the scene around you begins to fade.

You are again in the warm darkness of your own mind. The image of your Totem is strong within you, as you breathe deeply and allow yourself to come back to your surrounding.

(You can find these meditation exercises in a book Called ANIMAL-SPEAK/by Ted Andrew.........Also, to learn more about your Animal Spirit Guide you can find some links below that I have provided for you.

May the Great Spirit guide you on your paths/ Peace & Love, Wolf Moon Dancer & RavenHawk

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