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Dear Brother (Dear Sister) in the Holy Gnosis,

The Directorship of this Seminary is happy to welcome you and to count you among its newest seminarians.

Here you are then at the threshold of eight courses of theological study. We do not have the intention to offer you a course of theology in competition with the largest universities, but rather to convey the knowledge of a theoretical and practical basis indispensible to everyone aspiring to work in Religious Orders. That is to say our institution is the first to elaborate gnostic study within the milieu of a church that is distinctly Gnostic in it's praxis. We are persuaded that you will make every effort to learn as rapidly as possible to finally become a servant of God, as you have demonstrated by your tonsure and your promise.

These courses are personal and adapted to your rhythm of study. It is important to think over each subject of study so that a better understanding permits you to live more fully.

We offer you all our collaboration and wish you perserverance and tenacity.

Each Course is entirely free, provided your commitment to assigned ministery and duration. However, it will be necessary for you to procure the following volumes so that you may pursue your studies and keep them as reference books.

Each Course Includes:

  1. A Subject of History
  2. Religious Instruction: general necessary knowledge about different ceremonies, etc.
  3. Theoretical Knowledge: helpful to grasp the importance and value of ordinations and useful symbols
  4. Practical Application: indispensable in the accomplishment of your ministry
  5. Gematric Study: a systematic series of studies on Sacred Numerics and Geometry, in short the "Gnostic Qabbalah"
  6. A Lecture to write up: These lectures are for the goal of facilitating your understanding of the subjects that are today disputed and so you will become knowledgeable to clarify for the faithfull who will ask these questions.

These Studies will help you prepare for the final examination. However, an appreciation of your work will be accomplished during your progression in the Seminary.

At the end of the cycle you will take an ORAL and a WRITTEN EXAMINATION.

The courses of theology being in proportion with your advancement in the Minor and Major Orders, the Church allows you to be the sole judge of your spiritual interior evolution and asks you to manifest clearly each time your desire to be elevated to a greater ordination, and ask the Bishop how the instruction is to be completed.

The eligible Seminarians to receive the Power of the Exorcist will be obliged to have been successful in the first three Courses in Theology.

The Deacons aspiring to receive the Preisthood will have successfully passed their written and oral examinations before being ordained. Completion of all eight Courses leads to the award of the "Licentiate of Divine Theology" granted by our institution.

"That the Propator lead you the farthest possible and sharpen your zeal and love."

The Directorship of the Seminary of North America

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Supplemental Papers

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