Vampire Hunter D Script and Notes

Reprinted from the notes included in the Vampire Hunter D laser disk.

Translated by Marianne Symanowicz

Edited by Richard Martin

Presented by the Dayton Animation Club

Note: The Japanese names are given last name first.

A Message From Hideuki Kikuchi, The Author Of Vampire Hunter D.

``D'' originated from the fact that I wanted to write a horror story. I based my story on ancient traveler folk tales and on Western horror movies.

``D'' is also a product of my eccentricity. It started as a idea about letting a vampire be a hero instead of a villian. My first image of ``D'' was the gunfighter video of Phil Collins. In this video, Phil was wearing American Western gunfighter clothing with Japanese Samurai gear; the background had a red sun burning in the sky. For some reason, my image shifted to a character like that wearing a half-moon sword and a cloak. Also, his face is changed from my image of a handsome man to a rough, gunfighter look. When I saw Amano's paintings of the character, it was beyond my expectations. (Yoshitaku Amano worked on the character and production design for this movie as well as for ``Ninja Team Gatchaman'' and many other animations.) D's personality is shifting between two different modes. He is not a man or a vampire, yet his personality constantly shifts between man and vampire. I hope that everyone enjoys this movie. - Hideuki Kikuchi

A Message From The Director - Toyo Ashida

I used many tricks while filming ``Vampire Hunter D.'' I will not tell you about them; you should try to figure them out for yourself.

I would like you to watch the background of the film. Please notice the characters, both human and vampire, who appear throughout. I tried to achieve the feel of dispair that both the humans and the vampires feel. - Toyo Ashida

Vampire Hunter D

Reprinted from the notes included in the Vampire Hunter D laser disk.

Translated by Marianne Symanowicz

Edited by Richard Martin Presented by the Dayton Animation Club

This document is protected under international public domain laws. Permission is granted to distribute the information contained herein in an unaltered state for non-profit and/or personal uses only. Information pertaining to the use of this document for financial gain will lead to legal proscecution of the offending parties. unadultered state for non-profit and/or personal usess document was created in order to enable a better understanding of a foreign work of art, not to make anyone undeservedly richer in a financial sense. We honestly hope you enjoy our efforts, and appreciate your passing it on to those who are interested in it.

Narration: This story takes place in the distant future when mutants and demons slither through a world of darkness.

[Through the midnight darkness, a girl rushes through a grove chasing a mutant which has been ravaging her crops. She calls for her horse, ``Luke'', and with its help, finally kills the mutant, but Luke dies during the chase. Then the girl finds herself attacked by a werewolf.]

Doris: A werewolf!

[The werewolf rips Doris' cross off from around her neck; it then bounds off into the darkness. Then, as a storm begins to rip through the sky, Doris sees the master of the werewolf. A tall, caped figure towers above her.]

Doris: Vampire!!!!

[The vampire opens his mouth to reveal razer sharp fangs. Fear roots Doris to the ground!]

[The opening credits roll.]

[On a road which cuts through a windswept field, Doris stands, her energy whip ready. A cloaked figure on a strange looking horse slowly approaches her.]

Doris: Are you the wandering hunter?

[The figure doesn't respond.]

Doris: You can talk, can't you?!!

[The figure still does not respond.]

Doris: Is your sword just for show? May I take it?

[Doris attacks the figure with her energy whip. The whip entangles the rider.]

Doris: You're not as tough as I thought! Give me your sword!

[The figure on the horse breaks Doris' whip without exerting himself. Doris is thrown to the ground and the figure begins to ride away.]

Doris: Wait! You must be him, the vampire hunter! You are, aren't you? I'm sorry. I needed to know how powerful you were ... I want to hire you! I need you!

[The vampire hunter rides back. Doris realizes that his horse is a cyborg.]

Doris: Please look at this. [She removes a covering from over her neck.] This is the ``Count's Kiss.''

[D examines Doris' neck which has the puncture wounds of a vampire's fangs on it.]

Vampire Hunter D: Your name?

Doris: Doris Rumm. Are you going to take the job? I'll pay you with three meals a day and you can ... you can do what-ever you'd like to do with me ...

D: When were you attacked by the Count?

Doris: You are going to take the job!

D: ...

[As the darkness of evening begins to fall, Doris brings the vampire hunter, D, to her home, a small farmhouse nestled at the foot of a mountain. The house is protected from physical, ground based intrusions by a series of energy fences.]

[A young boy, who was shooting at some gasious creatures which had attacked a herd of sheep, runs up to the pair.]

Dan: Sis!

Doris: Dan!

[Dan runs over to D's horse while D dismounts.]

Dan: I'll board it for you. Wow! This is a model DL4 cyborg horse, isn't it?

D: ...

Dan: You don't talk much, do you sir?

D: ...

Dan: Dr. Peringo told me that there are two kinds of people who don't talk much. One kind likes to keep quiet and think about nothing good; the other kind of person knows not to say much because he is always thinking and his actions will be based on his thoughts and experiences.

D: ...

Dan: You must be like the later one, sir. I can tell because you're so neat looking!

D: ...

[The next morning, D, Doris, and Dan travel to town in order to buy supplies. Three men confront Doris.]

Greg: Hey, Doris!

Doris: Greg?!!

Greg: So, the rumors are true.

Doris: What do you mean?

Greg [Refering to D] : I wanna talk to you about that!

Doris: What do you want?

Greg: I want to know if the Count attacked you.

Doris: What are you talking about?!!!

Greg: Hey, don't raise your voice. Do you want Dan to hear about this?

Doris: ...

Greg: Hey, Doris, why didn't you tell me about this? I'm The mayor's son; I could have hired a better hunter than the one you did. I could hire as many as you want. I'll just forget about what happened between us before. Listen to me ...

[Greg tries to kiss Doris, but she pushes him away.]

Greg: Ouch!! Why'd you do that?

Doris: Don't try to take advantage of me!

Greg: Doris, I'm just worrying about you and I want to help you.

Doris: Don't do me any favors! I know other girls whom you've helped! I know what your fee is!

Greg: You're so hard to deal with! You know what? You're cute even when you're angry.

[Greg tries to grab Doris, but she resists.]

Greg: You bitch!!!

[Greg tries to go for a weapon, but Doris knocks him to the ground with her whip. Doris walks back to the wagon where D and Dan wait. Greg gets up and starts to shout.]

Greg: Hey, everybody! Doris was attacked by the Count! She was bitten by the vampire! That's why she hired that hunter!

Dan: Sis ...

[The villagers gather at the mayor's office to discuss the situation. The mayor confronts Doris, Dan, and D. The village doctor, Dr. Peringo, is also present.]

Mayor [To D] : So, you are the hunter?

D: Yes, I am.

[The villagers begin to stir.]

Dr. Peringo: Doris, you ...

[Doris nods.]

Dan: Sis ...

Greg: Hah! It's just as I said.

Dan: No! My sister wouldn't lie! You're saying this about her because she rejected you!

Greg: What? You brat!

[Greg starts to make a grab at Dan.]

Mayor: Greg!

Greg: But, Dad, he insulted me!

Mayor: We're talking about something that could mean life or death for our village; get out of here!

[Mortified, Greg looks at his father and then leaves. The mayor addresses Doris.]

Mayor: Anyway, you can't stay here. Since you have been bitten, you must go to the stockade.

[Doris' face goes pale as a guard moves toward her. Dan steps in front to guard his sister.]

Dan: Don't! I won't let you take her anywhere!

Dr. Peringo: Wait, officer! The stockade is no place for her to be taken. It's worse than a pigsty. As a doctor, I object to this! Besides, it hasn't been used in 50 years.

Mayor: No, Doctor. We are upholding the rules of this village.

Dr. Peringo: Gorman, I know you remember what happened 50 years ago. That young woman who was bitten by a vampire, just like Doris. We kept her in the stockade. The vampire was enraged and that night, he butchered 30 villagers!

Doris: What happened to the woman?

Dr. Peringo: She went mad and killed herself inside the stockade.

D: Will you put off your decision about Doris until I finish my job?

Mayor: You seem highly confident, but you shall be dealing with the Count; if you fail ...

Doris: If he fails, I shall take full responsibility!

Dan: Sis ...

[Later, D and Dan walk back to their wagon. Dan begins to quietly weep. D talks to Dan.]

D: Dan, listen to me.

[Doris goes into a store to get some supplies.]

Mr. Waytry: Welcome ...

Doris: I need a month's supply of fertilizer, five packs of dried meat, some cans of ...

Mr. Waytry: I'm sorry. We're out of everything that you want.

Doris: Mr. Waytry?

[Dr. Peringo is in the store and speaks up.]

Dr. Peringo: Waytry! What are you talking about?!! You have everything she wanted!

Mr. Waytry: Doc, all the customers have left because of her! I'll not sell anything to the victim of a vampire!

Dr. Peringo: What?

[D continues to talk to Dan.]

D: There will be more horrible things happening to you and your sister. If you wish to cry, it's your decision, but don't let your sister cry. If you think that she will cry because of your tears, then you must hold your tears in. You must smile and cheer her up, even if it's painful for you. You are a man. Do you understand?

[Dan dries his eyes.]

[It is evening at Doris' home. While Doris watches over her sleeping brother, D examines some weapons which are mounted on Doris' living room wall. A strange voice speaks to D.]

Voice: He, he, he. What's wrong with you today? You're not behaving, are you? I never thought that you'd defend that girl. You even offered encouragement to her brother; what's going on in your head? You aren't attracted to her, are you?

[D speaks to the mysterious voice.]

D: Ridiculous!

Voice: I hope it is! The girl offered you her virginity; you can't lust for that! Think only of destroying the Count! Your only concern should be your blood-stained destiny!

[D stands up.]

Voice: Do you lust for the warmth of a human being? It isn't possible for a creature like you to ... OOPS ...

[Doris enters the room.]

Doris: Thank you for what you did this morning. You must have talked to Dan, right? He's been trying to cheer me up.

[D picks up a rifle which was mounted on the wall.]

Doris: My father was a hunter also. He was a werewolf hunter; he didn't know anything about the Count. My father always told me that only vampire hunters knew how to deal with creatures like the Count.

[D walks over to the window and looks at the night sky.]

Doris: D, please tell me about the Count.

D: Tomorrow is the ``Woman's Moon.''

Doris: The ``Woman's Moon?'' Oh, ... is that the red moon which appears once a month?

D: The Count will not hunt then because vampires hate the ``Woman's Moon.'' It is said that the moon corrupts the blood. He may send someone to bring you to him tonight.

Doris: What?!!!

D: Who is this Count?

Doris: His name is Count Lee. He's been ruling this area since before our people lived here. For years, people never saw him, but then, two years ago, we noticed lights in his castle. We knew that the Count was back! Some people say the Count is 5000 years old; others say 10,000. Anyway, he must be ancient.

D: 10,000 years old ... He could be trouble.

[It is midnight and the full moon lights the sky. The sound of thunder, and something else, an unearthly sound, pierces the night. D readies himself.]

D: They have come.

Doris: How can you stop them alone? I'll fight with you!

D: Neither the cross nor the garlic will keep them out. The Count has not sent vampires ... maybe mutants or lycanthropes ...

[D takes off his glove and reveals a face on his hand! The hand touches Doris and she falls into a deep sleep!]

[A werewolf followed by a young man, and a woman riding a cyborg horse approach the house. They stop outside the innermost security system. D turns off the security system and steps out of the house. He approaches the intruders.]

[The woman, Ramika, speaks.]

Ramika: Oh, she hired a bodyguard! Ha, ha, ha ... What a primitive idea.

D: So, a woman ... Where is the Count?

Ramika: The girl has such a beautiful face; that's rare among these natives. And her blood melts in the mouth, or so my father told me. So, I came to see for myself, but, after all, she's still a stupid worthless human. She must pay for resisting her master. First, you shall die and then we'll take care of the girl!

[The human male moves closer to D.]

Reiginsei: My name is Reiginsei. My job is to erase people like you! Prepare yourself!

[Reiginsei attacks but D dodges.]

Reiginsei: I underestimated you! I'll try harder!

[Reiginsei draws a semi-circular sword and throws it towards D, but D deflects it back at Reiginsei! D attacks and pushes his sword into Reiginsei's torso, but the sword emerges from D's own back!]

D: So, you have the mutant power of spacial warping!

Reiginsei: Too bad, now you know! Now, I'll take your head!

[Reiginsei attempts to cut off D's head but D grabs the blade!]

Reiginsei: Y..You ...

[D's torso wound begins to heal.]

Ramika: You're a dampire. Reiginsei, I'll destroy him!

Reiginsei: But, my lady ...

Ramika: Leave me alone!

Reiginsei: As you wish ...

Ramika: Dampire. This is the first time I've seen one.

[Ramika dismounts.]

Ramika: You are the offspring of a human slut and a vampire's joke! Now, I have to waste my time on you!

D: I only wish to see the Count! I don't wish to kill you!

Ramika: Shut up! Do you think that a dampire can kill me?

[Ramika attacks but doesn't defeat D.]

D: Go back to your castle and tell the Count that transient visitors will be sent back to the darkness! It is my rule!

Ramika: Transient visitors?!

[Inside the house, Dan and Doris soundly sleep.]

[Later at Count Lee's castle, a messenger of darkness delivers information to the Count.]

Count: Has Ramika returned?

[The messenger replies in its own language.]

Count: They have acted selfishly and without orders! [To the messenger] You shall await new orders. [The messenger speaks again.]

Count: What!!?? A dampire? Ramika and Reiginsei were forced to retreat by a dampire? Interesting ... This should be most amusing.

[Ramika is in the castle's worship room. She kneels in front of a portrait.]

Ramika: My lord Dracula, my father is wrong. He wishes to bring that human girl into our noble family of Dracula. He shall disgrace our noble blood. I can never forgive him.

[Reiginsei enters the room.]

Reiginsei: My lady Ramika, please return to your room.

Ramika: How dare you order me!

Reiginsei: The Count has punished me for my failure. He has ordered me to confine you to your room. Please ...

[Reiginsei puts his hand on Ramika's shoulder. She slaps him hard enough to draw blood.]

Ramika: You are never to touch me! You wish to join our family by winning my father's favor, but I shall never accept a creature with corrupt blood in our family line!

[Ramika leaves the room, laughing. Reiginsei stands alone and licks the blood off his lips.]

[The next day, D attempts a reconnaissance of Count Lee's castle. He fights his way through the creatures of darkness that inhabit its corridors. One creature, a huge giant named Golem, uses bombs to try and kill D. D dodges down a hallway to escape. D's left hand speaks.]

Voice: Watch out! This is a trap!

D: I know ...

[D encounters a mist cat which his sword will not effect. But the creature can damage D and manages to draw some of his blood! D looks at a section of wall; he senses something.]

D: A sage ... there!!!

[D smashes through a wall and sees Reiginsei and an old woman, the sage! The shadow cat retreats. D notes that the sage is floating in the air.]

Reiginsei: We meet again!

Sage:I see that you have fully regenerated, but then, I should expect that from a dampire.

Reiginsei: I would like to settle yesterday's fight, but the Count wishes me to guide you somewhere.

[The ground crumbles around D's feet but his wing-like cape keeps him from falling. Reiginsei throws his sword and D tumbles into the darkness. D lands in a damp cavern of darkness and skeletons. It is truly the land of the dead. D's hand speaks to him.]

Voice: I told you that this was a trap. These skeletons are the aftermath of the war that ravaged this place 10,000 years ago. They kind of give this place atmosphere.

[D walks through the caverns until he comes to an underground lake. The sound of harp playing echoes through the cavern. Three beautiful, but eerie women appear. Each is playing a small harp. The women begin to speak.]

Women [all three speak as one] : Who art thou? D: ...

Women [all three] : Why don't you answer us? D: Who are you?

Women [all three] : We are ... THIS !

[The women transform into giant, snake-like creatures - the Lamia! Their still human-like hair snags D and pulls him to them!]

D: You ... you are ...

Women: We are the Lamia!

[The Lamia comment: Lamia: Sisters ... we haven't had a good meal in ages! We shall have his vitality! We shall even have the marrow from his bones!

[Meanwhile, Doris and the Doctor talk at Doris' home.] Dr. Peringo: Don't worry, Doris. He'll be back soon. He's like a man forged from steel! I don't think that he'll be killed very easily. Doris, you aren't ... [Doris looks away.]

Dr. Peringo: No, you mustn't! He's not the type of man who could ... NO! You can't! He's not a bad person, but he has dangerous eyes!

Doris: Dangerous eyes?

Dr. Peringo: Yes, his eyes are hardend by battle. He is not the type of man who can love.

[Just then, the house is attacked by the minions of Count Lee! Golem and two other mutants attack! One of the mutants, an insect-like humanoid, opens its mouth and spews forth hundreds of tiny spiders onto Dr. Peringo! The bat-like mutant, Gimletto, catches Dan. Reiginsei walks into the broken house.]

Reiginsei: Well miss, the Count is waiting for you at the castle.

Doris: Leave Dan and Dr. Peringo alone!

Reiginsei: I don't know about that! My friends enjoy fresh meat!

Doris: If you don't, I'll kill myself! I'll bite off my tongue and kill myself!

Reiginsei: The Count told us to bring you back without a scratch. Well, I guess I've no choice. [Her brother and Dr. Peringo are released.] Please, put your tongue back in your mouth ... you look rather vulgar.

[Later, Doris confronts Count Lee at the castle.]

Count: Doris, come tomorrow you shall join our noble family. Please, don't be so glum.

Doris: I'll be away from this castle come tomorrow!

Count: You're such a cute girl. I shall forgive your outburst, afterall, you'll soon be my wife. Perhaps you still think the hunter shall rescue you ...

[The fog in one corner of the room shifts to reveal an image of D entrapped by the Lamia!]

Doris: D!

Count: Look. The Lamia are in ecstasy; they're stealing his vitality!! They've had this pleasure for over half a day! A normal human wouldn't last five minutes, but he is a dampire!

Doris: A dampire?!!! What?!!

Count: Oh, you didn't know? He's the result of a humble mortal woman and a noble vampire with a sense of humor - a half breed. What's wrong, Doris? Look at them, isn't it beautiful?

Doris: No! Please don't!

Count: All right! You should now rest for the night.

[The Count's eyes glow and Doris passes out. She falls, but the Count catches her.]

Count: Ha, ha, ha. The wedding is tomorrow. You're so dear to me, Doris. I dislike the moon this evening.

[Meanwhile, the Lamia are still in ecstasy, but then they begin to notice something strange about their victim.]

Lamia: What's happening?!

[Suddenly, D's eyes glow and his vampire half takes over! D's canines extend and he bites into the Lamia's necks.]

[While Doris sleeps in an ornate bedroom of the Count's castle, Ramika sneaks into her room.]

Ramika: He will make her a part of our family. She will be my mother.

[Meanwhile, D rips the Lamia apart and feeds on their blood! The symbiot on his left hand speaks.]

Voice: He, he, he ... You can't deny your blood! No matter how much you hate to, you will show your fangs! D: Shut up!

Voice: Does this upset you? This is your destiny! It is inevitable!

D: Shut up or I'll cut you off!

Voice: OK ... OK; I won't say another word.

[In Doris' room ...]

Ramika: What does father see in you? I, Ramika, will not have you as one of our family!

[Ramika draws a dagger, then D bursts into the room!] Ramika: YOU!

[D throws Ramika down and grabs Doris. He flees with her from the castle killing Golem on the way. Reiginsei stalks D through the woods around the castle. Reiginsei throws his sword at a sound, but, instead of killing D, he finds that he killed his friend, Gimletto.]

Reiginsei: Gimletto. I can't return to the castle until I kill him!

[While Doris sleeps in her own bed at home, she dreams of the horrors that she has witnessed. She awakes.]

Dan: Sis ... Sis ...

Doris: Dan, where's D?

Dan: D is outside fixing the wall. He's really something! He rescued you from that scary castle all by himself!

Dan: Since you returned, he hasn't even rested; he started working right-away!

[In the village, the villagers are in a panic as the Count's coach is parked in front of the hotel. NOTE: Look for Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken and Kei from the Dirty Pair in these scenes.]

Villager: Look! It's the noble one's carriage!

[Greg and some girls walk toward the hotel. Greg's attention drifts from the girls to the coach.]

Girls: Hey! What's wrong with you? Yea ... Hurry up! Let's get some more to drink!

Greg: Forget it! Go home!

[Greg rushes to the hotel.

Girls: What? Why?!!! Aaaahhhhh!!!!

[Greg finds the hotel manager.]

Greg: Hey, manager!

Manager: The Count...

Greg: I already know! Give me the keys to the monitoring room!

[Greg runs to the monitoring room and turns on the system, tuning it to Reiginsei's room.]

[In Reiginsei's room, Reiginsei talks to a strange messenger in an environmental suit.]

Messenger: I was sent by the Count.

Reiginsei: What do you want? Did he order you to execute me?

Messenger: No. That is out of the question. I can not slay you.

Reiginsei: I'll kill myself to atone for my failure. I didn't protect the dungeon.

Messenger: The Count ordered me to give you this. Use it to kill the hunter.

[The messenger gives Reiginsei a strange lamp.]

Reiginsei: Is this the ``Time Deceiver Lamp?''

Messenger: Yes.

Greg: The Time Deceiver Lamp ...

[Dan goes out to hunt mutants, but doesn't come back. D and Doris try to find him, but D finds Dan's gun and a note.]

Doris: D, did you find Dan?

D: Dan was kidnapped.

Doris: That's his gun! Why would they take Dan? They're only interested in me. What's the note? Please, let me see it!

D: Forget it. It's written in the ``Assassin's Tongue.'' It says ``If you want to get Dan back alive, ... come by yourself.'' He wants to separate us.

Doris: Why Dan? They could have taken me.

D: The person who wrote this has a score to settle. He took Dan as a hostage. To have taken you would have offended the Count's honor.

Doris: Offended the Count's honor? The Count is nothing but a blood sucking monster!!!

[Doris realizes that D is half-vampire.]

Doris: I ... I'm sorry.

D: Why are you looking at me like that? As you know, I'm a dampire, a half-breed of the ``noble ones'' you hate.

Doris: I know ... you didn't want us to worry about that. I wish I'd never found out ...

[D rides his horse to the designated meeting place, a wasteland of stone monoliths and petrified trees. Suddenly, Reiginsei jumps out of hiding.]

Reiginsei: You came.

D: Where is Dan?

[Reiginsei motions to the top of a monolith where Dan is stranded, too high to jump or climb from.]

Dan: D! Help!

Reiginsei: Kid, as soon as I kill him, I'll come and get you down. Just stay there and don't move!

[Reiginsei starts to laugh.]

Dan: D, I'm scared!!!

D: You ...

Reiginsei: I'm ready.

[D and Reiginsei begin to battle. D draws his sword but Reiginsei draws the lamp! D's symbiot recognizes the lamp.]

Voice: Watch out, D! It's ...

[Reiginsei has trouble lighting the lamp!] Reiginsei: Light! It won't ...

[Without hesitation, D cuts off Reiginsei's left hand which was holding the lamp! His hand and the lamp fly through the air! Reiginsei screams!]

[At her home, Doris waits for D and Dan.]

Doris: Dan ... Dan ... please come back alive. If . . . . If you die ...

[A knock comes from the door. It is Dr. Peringo.]

Dr. Peringo [from outside the door] : Doris, it's me, Peringo!

Doris: Doctor!

Dr. Peringo: Doris, turn off the security.

[Doris turns off the internal security system and lets Peringo in.]

Doris: Doctor ... Doctor, Dan is ...

Dr. Peringo: I'm sorry for being late. There was a seriously ill patient at the village. Please, come with me ... I can't understand why you two have had to suffer so much...

[Back at the meeting sight...]

Reiginsei: My hand! This was a set-up!

D: You've been cheated. Someone gave you a fake lamp. Learn your lesson from this and forget your foolish dream.

Reiginsei: Shit!!! You'll never understand my motivations!

[A carriage winds its way throught he night. On the carriage are Doris and Dr. Peringo.]

Doris: Doctor, how did you find it?

Dr. Peringo: I was on my way back from Parker's house when I passed this ancient building on the north side of the village. Engraved on its stone wall was a glyph of protection against vampires. There you'll be safe while D rescues Dan.

Doris: Alright.

Dr. Peringo: Ah, a daughter of the noble one!

[Ramika approaches!]

Dr. Peringo: Doris, we'll go around her!

Doris: We can't turn around!! I'll take care of her!

[Doris stands up when, suddenly, Dr. Peringo grabs her whip and her cross!]

Doris: Dr. Peringo!?

Dr. Peringo: That is who I was until yesterday!

[Dr. Peringo has been transformed into a vampire!]

Doris: Doctor, NO! You too??!!

Ramika [To the Doctor: You!

Dr. Peringo: Miss Ramika, why have you come? The Count told me to take her to the castle ...

Ramika: Bring her to me!

Dr. Peringo: Until yesterday, she was like a daughter to me but now, she looks so luscious. Why did I never touch her? The Count has excellent taste. I begged the Count to give me a few drops of her blood ...

Ramika: YOU!

[Ramika stabs the Doctor and he tumbles off a cliff that is near the side of the road! As the Doctor tumbles into the blackness, he looks up to Doris...]

Doris: Doctor!

Dr. Peringo: Doris!!!!!!!

Doris: Doctor ... it's hopeless ... Dan and now him ...

Ramika: Him? Do you mean that dampire?

Doris: I'd rather die than become a noble one!

Ramika: This has all been my father's doing! You should go somewhere far away from his clutches.

[Suddenly, a bright light shines from in-front of the carriage! Ramika begins to writhe in pain! The light comes closer.]

Ramika: You?!

[Ramika passes out on Doris' lap. The wielder of the light is revealed to be...]

Doris: Greg!!

Greg: Ha! This lamp really works! Legend says that it blinds vampires, but she appears to be suffering!

Doris: Where did you get that?

Greg: That doesn't matter! Now, we have the Count's daughter as hostage. This'll be great! We can make a deal with the Count!

Doris: What are you thinking?

Greg: We lure him out, ambush, and kill him! This makes it so easy! But, you have to promise to come with me.

Doris: Greg ...

Greg: If you say ``No'', I'll leave. But, if you come with me, we can have the Count's riches and I can rule the village as I please!

[Greg shines the light on Doris.]

Doris [hiding her eyes] : Don't! It's too bright!

Greg: Don't be so glum, Doris. From now on, I'll take good care of you. Hey, that vampire's kinda cute. I always thought that she'd look like a monster!

Ramika [in pain] : Kill me now!

Greg: Oh, you still have some life left in you!

Ramika: Kill me! I'd rather die than have a scum like you take me...

Greg: Bitch! What the fuck did you say you brat?

Ramika: If you don't kill me now, I'll kill you later!

Greg: OK, I'll kill you now! I can still lure the Count out!

Doris: Don't!!! She's helpless!

Greg: I'm not a scum!

[Doris throws herself over Ramika.]

Greg: Doris!

[Greg is shot and falls into the gorge!]

Dan: Sis!

Doris: Dan, is that you?

[D and Dan arrive!]

Dan: Are you ok?

Doris: Dan, Dan, you're still alive! Dan ...

[D, Ramika, Dan, and Doris travel away from the sight of so much bloodshed.]

Dan: So, the Doctor as well ...

Doris: I thought that you were both dead! I thought I'd die too...

Dan: Sis, you've got to be strong. D said we can't give up no matter how bad things get!

Doris: Dan ... you ...

[Doris is surprised by her brother's strength. She realizes that D taught him this and that D really does care about them.]

D: The castle isn't far. Go back home.

Ramika: You're not going to kill me?

Dan: Of course not! Only a coward kills a woman.

Doris: Do you want to know why he saved you? He really doesn't want to kill anyone, not even a common vampire.

Ramika: I'm not a commoner, I'm a noble one. All I know is the ``law of the jungle'', not love or feeling. We are superior - the vampires rule the humans!

D: The strong eat the weak; the strong rule the world? I don't think that's what your family founder said. Ramika: Our founder?

[Back at Doris' house, D rests while Doris showers. She comes out of the shower.]

Doris: D, the shower ...

[D isn't in the house and Doris gets worried.]

Doris: D! D!

[D comes back into the house.]

D: What is it?

Doris: I'm so glad you're here! I thought you might have left. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said those terrible things to you earlier.

D: I don't mind. Things happen ...

Doris: I don't want you to end up like my father! Just because he was a hunter, the villagers forced him to attack the vampires. We've fought enough! Let's go far away from here and live together.

D: That's impossible.

Doris: Why?

D: Because, you'll be even unhappier than you are now. Doris: No! I won't be! I don't want you to die!

[Doris embraces D.]

D: Don't ...

Doris: No! I wan't to stay like this.

[Doris begins to weep. D notices Doris' neck and begins to loose control of his vampire half. His fangs begin to grow as he fights with his vampire instinct.]

Doris: It's alright. You may have my blood.

[D grabs her shoulder and pushes her away. He begins to regain control.]

Doris: D ...

D: Forgive me.

[Later, while D rests on the sofa, his symbiot speaks to him.]

Voice: Why con't you give in to your instinct? Is your blood that cursed? You couldn't even grant her wish! You call yourself a dampire!?? Why, your father was ...

D: Shut up!

Voice: Oh brother!

[Greg limps towards the village in the early morning hours. He has narrowly escaped death, and is showing the signs of his wounds, but someone is waiting for him.]

Greg: Shit! At least the lamp worked, but ...

Reiginsei [comes out from hiding] : It was you!!! Greg: Wait!

Reiginsei: I'm very sorry, but NO! You'll pay!

[Back at the house, D awakens to a noise. He goes outside and, without warning, two grenades explode before him! A bright light ignites!]

D [in agony] : YOU!

[Reiginsei steps out laughing cruelly, the Time Deceiver Lamp in his hand!]

Reiginsei: You really are powerful ... how about this!

[D finally collapses under the beam from the lamp! Reiginsei puts the lamp down and pulls a stake from his pocket!]

Reiginsei: The noble ones ... eternal youth ...

[Reiginsei plunges the stake into D's heart! D lets out a scream as his blood spurts from his wound! D then falls to the ground in silence.]

Reiginsei: He was a powerful man.

[Reiginsei suddenly remembers his anger and cuts off D's left hand as a payback for the loss of his own hand. D's hand flies through the air and lands a few feet away. Rain falls from the sky.]

Reiginsei: Now we're even.

[D's body lies under the rain swept sky. Doris' sorrowful cry echoes in the air.]

Doris: D! D! You can't be dead! D!

Dan: D ... my brother! D! Wake up! Please open your eyes!

Doris: D!

[At the castle, Ramika feels in her heart that D is dead.]

Ramika: Dead! He's ...

[While D lies on the soggy ground, Doris and Dan are taken to the castle. There, Doris is readied for the wedding. Strange goblins, demons, and mutants also prepare themselves for the wedding.]

[Under the light of the moon, strange creatures hunt for food. D's left hand, the housing of the symbiot, wakes up and begins to search for its host.]

[Back at the castle, Count Lee and Ramika talk.]

Count: You're such a stubborn daughter.

Ramika: Father, I'm asking you for the last time, please reconsider what you're doing. Please, don't bring her into our family.

Count: Ramika, I'm only doing this for temporary pleasure. When I'm tired of her, I'll look for someone else. I enjoy this.

Ramika: Father, if you do this, I'll kill her! If I don't do something, the Dracula family will be destroyed!

Count: Listen well, Ramika. The family will not be corrupted just by this marriage! Ramika, your own mother was the same as that girl; she was a human!

[Ramika is shocked to hear this.]

Count: I've been alive for about 10,000 years; you probably can't conceive of that. All that time is boring and tiresome. The best way to enjoy it is to flirt with the human women, just as I did with your mother. The humans enjoy their short lives because we protect them and their lands. You can not begrudge me pleasure once every fifty or hundred years!

[The Count begins to walk away.]

Ramika: Father, please tell me that this is a lie!

Count: It is no lie. Your mother was a common human ...

[Ramika screams and launches herself at her father! Count Lee telekinetically pins her to a wall.]

Count: Ramika, your dignity is worthy of a noble one, but you must not interfere with my wedding! You'd better cool yourself down, up there, for a while.

[Reiginsei interrupts the family discussion. He kneels before the Count.]

Reiginsei: My lord, I came so that you may grant me your promise.

Count: Promise ...

Reiginsei: Yes, to give me the gift of eternal youth and make me a member of your noble family.

Count: You idiot! You're lucky to be alive after the mistakes you made! Eternal youth ... you'd better wait another fifty years!

Reiginsei: Fifty years?!!!

[Meanwhile, D's symbiot crawls back to its host. It sees some mutants approaching. One is a large, gassy, amoeba-like creature which envelopes and digests the other mutant. It then moves closer to D!]

Voice: Aaaaaayyeeeee ... . SHIT!

[The creature gets closer to D!]

Voice: Ah ... OH NO! Gotta hurry!

[The symbiot begins to ingest earth and then it inhales a large volume of air. It crawls to D and tries to revive him.]

Voice: Oh, what now? Move! What happened, D? Come on! Breathe! Oh Shit!! He saw us!

[The gas creature approaches.]

Voice: HEY ... HEY!!! MOVE!!! MOVE!!!

[D revives! He destroys the mutant and then mounts his horse!]

[Dan has been left alone in the castle. He hears the chanting of its occupants and sees the wedding procession. He also sees his sister walking, with blank eyes, in the procession.]

Dan [whispers to himself] : Sis ...

[Dan tries to move closer to the procession.]

Dan: SIS!

[Dan attacks the Count but he and his weapon bounce off the Count like a fly off a car! Doris doesn't even react to her brother! Dan falls into the techno-cavern of the Count's castle, but he is saved by Reiginsei! Reiginsei smiles at the boy and then looks back at the procession.]

[Reiginsei walks up some stairs to the walkway where the procession is. He confronts the Count!]

Count: Reiginsei, don't be rude. Get out of the way.

Reiginsei: This is your END!!!

[Reiginsei ingnites the lamp! The mutants and goblins shy away in pain! ]

Reiginsei: You said to wait for fifty years! 50 YEARS! Because of you, I lost my left hand and all of my friends! Now, you'll die too!

[Reiginsei appoaches the Count, but the lamp is shattered by the Count's psionics! The Count smiles.]

Count: Did you think that could hurt me?

[The Count uses his telekinesis to torture Reiginsei!] Count: Goodby, Reiginsei.

[The Count pins Reiginsei, upside down, to a wall and then he explodes Reiginsei's head! The Count smiles, again.]

Count: What a fun day! I'll probably never know a more enjoyable day!

[The wedding procession marches on, until it reaches the worship room. There, the Count addresses his guests.]

Count: Thank you, everyone, for your blessings!

[The Count lights a fire in the middle of the chamber and he then takes Doris' veil off. He turns her head to one side.]

Count: I've never had anyone like you before. You've put me through so much trouble.

[The Count gets ready to bite Doris, but then a dagger pierces his eye! The Count pulls the knife out and his eye regenerates!]

Count: YOU?!

[D has arrived!]

D: The noble ones should have died out ages ago! They are only temporary visitors to this world!

Count: Temporary visitors?

D: The noble ones and this castle are ghosts, forgotten by time. You must leave this world!

Count: Very funny! You're nothing more than a dampire! You're a freak who sprang from our race! Do you believe that you'll defeat me? My other fun can wait until I deal with you.

[D and the Count battle, but the Count's psionic powers get the better of D! Lee pins D to a wall with his telekinesis!]

Count: You look miserable! Why did you even think that a half-breed could match my powers, Dampire? You could never win against a noble one! Well, I'll kill you differently than I killed Reiginsei ...

[The Count psionically takes D's sword and presses it to the vampire hunter's neck.]

Count: Dampire, you have killed uncountable vampires with that sword, your own blood relatives! Now that sword will take your own life!

[The sword begins to cut into D, but D's face begins to become wild! D's vampire blood begins to boil! The Count begins to loose control over D!]

Count: YOU! Who are you?!!

[D attacks! He thrusts with his sword so hard that the Count is thrown across the room and is pinned against a wall! The sword has penetrated the Count's chest!]

[In another room, Ramika is freed from the Count's spell.]

[The Count's blood spills from his wound! Psionically, D pushes the sword in deeper! The Count tries to control Doris! Doris grabs a dagger and moves toward D's back!]

Dan: Sis, don't!

Doris: Dan ...

[Doris collapses, the Count's spell is broken!

Dan: Sis, Sis, ...

[Ramika enters and approaches her father.]

Count: What are you doing? Avenge me ...

Ramika: Father, why didn't you give up? Our family will be ruined.

Count: What?

Ramika: Because of your lust, you forgot your family's honor!

Count: No!

[The castle begins to collapse. The Count looks over at the painting of the family's founder, Count Dracula. He then notices that the painting's face and D's are similiar.]

Count: You ... you're the great ancestor's ....

[The Count finally dies, again.]

Ramika: D, our great ancestor, I will die here with my father.

D: I am not your great ancestor.

Ramika: I am a noble one. Our founder is now destroying us, I will die here as he wishes.

D: You're a dampire as I am! You have human blood also. You can live without being a ``noble one!''

Ramika: No! I am a noble one! I will not have the blood of a vulgar human ...

[The walls collapse.]

Doris and Dan: D!

Ramika: I am a pure blooded noble one!

[Ramika retreats into the collapsing ruins. D, Doris, and Dan leave. They could not save Ramika.]

[Outside, the trio stand and watch as the castle crashes down. Soon, the land is clear of the Count's corruption.]

[The next day, under a clear, blue sky, D rides off on a journey with no destination. Doris and Dan call out to him; D looks at them and for a moment, his eyes are filled with affection. Then, D turns away, and he travels into the distance.]


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