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Welcome to the domain of "The Tigers". Simply stated we are an international group of people who love to play Spades and other games. We primarily play in GamingPeak. We DO NOT cheat or quit and we WILL NOT tolerate rude or crude behavior! We believe that honesty, fairness and good clean fun are more important than individual ratings. We are strong competitors, but we endorse an "All Welcome" policy in our games. The Tigers would like everyone to know that when you play with us, you will have a fair and honest game!

The Tigers became a club "family" in March of 1999. From our humble beginnings of just four, spades playing friends, we have become the largest club playing on the Internet today. We consider ourselves a "family" and we invite anyone sharing our philosophy to apply for membership.

We encourage you to openly surf this site and meet our members. You will find our common pages informative and entertaining. These pages are constantly updated so please visit often.

Tigers are the pillars of fairness, honesty and integrity. We wear our stripes proudly and we encourage fair play wherever we may be.

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright
In the Forest of the Night
Powered Muscles for all to See
Silent Stalking is the Key!

Author: Unknown Zone Opponent

Click on the links below to meet our members, read a little about them, then come join us on the Internet and if you share our beliefs we extend a warm welcome to YOU to join the "TIGERS". We hope to see you soon at the tables...HAPPY SPADING!!!!!!

Auguest 2012 Tigers




For a membership APPLICATION
Please email Tiger_Tale


To send a COMPLAINT Tiger Complaint Central

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