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Hektor Thillet
Computer Animation student
Art Instutute of Fort Lauderdale

My name is Hektor. I am an animation student. I am 22 years old. I have always had a somewhat morbid and witty look towards certain aspects of life. I see the world as a bitter-sweet place were at one point we all become freaks...or misfits, but have jolly moments in between. For having the desire of doing something totally odd for "normal" people; but dreamy for us. This page is dedicated to my visions as a "Fantagi"( a being who sees the world in blues). Everyday I witness so many Fantagi stories... in the school... at work... in the public... at my house... Stories of those who are invisible to society; and who's stories disappear in the cold blue. So I portray them with my art. My style as an animator is to tell bitter-sweet stories with a warm heart that can show that we all have hope. That is my vision...that is my story