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Lonlisoms is a dark novel of the sea. Kind of a personal statement of mine. It is the story of four misfit kids that try to find a friend and their ownselves. Is rated PG 13 for its strong themes; also has some language. With the proper responsible viewing I hope you explore in "Lonlisoms", the places we have all been as this bitter-sweet world. Lonlisoms will run on this page 'till the end since is a novel. Look forward to see more since I'll try and update it as I develop the story. But please don't hate me if you want to see more and there is none ... but this is a project I work on in between classes and homework. I am an animation student and most of my time is pretty tedious. Still "Lonlisoms" will keep on going till its resolution since it is squedualed to be a big portfolio piece. Click on the various links below to flip through the sequential comic style. Please remember to sign the guest book as you leave and write your opinion on the work. All the artwork and literature are copyrighted.

Click on the various links to follow the comic in a sequential way

Lonlisoms- 2 to 4
Lonlisoms- 5 to 7
Lonlisoms- 8 to 9
Lonlisoms- 10 to 12 (Last Update 8/23/00)