Scary Sites of the Month

For the month of March:

Coast to Coast AM - The new site for George Noory, the replacement for Art Bell.

A 'Safe Room' of One's Own For the extremely paranoid.

9 March, 2003 So I noticed for awhile that my guest book was acting funny, and I was actually considering pulling down the whole thing, but then I decided not to because everyone's comments are truly appreciated and I wouldn't get nearly as much feedback for my site if I only offered email as a way to leave input. So it's back up, and fixed. Yay.

Art Bell has retired, so there is a new Coast to Coast AM website and it's actually very cool, so check it out.

30 November, 2002

Yes, I know it's been awhile, I suck. I do have a valid excuse: nursing school is kicking my ass. I start clinicals in two days and I'm scrambling to collect all my supplies in order to be able to do them. I ordered myself, among other things, a purple dual-head stethoscope. Black just seemed too predictable.
>Anyhoo...someone signed my guest book and suggested a section for fan art. This is kind of odd to me, but then again, it's odd for my web site to be recognized at all. I have people coming up to me telling me they know me from my web site. Weirdness all around. If anyone wants to create fan art, I am never one to let such efforts go unnnoticed. Send to to me at, and I will create a section.
Other than that, I added new links. If anyone stumbles across cool links that I've missed, send them my way. In case you were wondering, I also list all past "scary sites of the month" in my links section.

12 August, 2002

Well, if you people are actually going to read my website, I guess that means I'm going to have to update it. I put up three new scary sites of the month (to make up for the...uh..5 months that I didn't update. Heh. Sorry, been busy) and archived the old links. I'm going to stress again that if you are at all interested in the stuff that I write about on this website, I urge you to check out Art Bell's radio broadcast (go to the website to check out which station for your area). I listen to it all the time (though not now in the summer due to the fact that it's on late at night and I have to go to bed at 10:30 to go to work in the

4 July, 2002

American Gothic has been chosen as the Milwaukee Gothic Council Goth Home Page of the Month. So woo hoo! Yay for the Brew City's dark folks.

25 March, 2002

Added a set of pictures to the picture page called "Fishnet Recyclery".

15 March, 2002

I revamped the picture page...all new pictures (it needed an update, hoo boy...can we say 4 years ago?) and shorter, sweeter...I think you'll like it.

6 March, 2002

I made some very cool banners for the website that you are free to pick up to link to my site (believe me, having them on your site will make you 10% cooler), provided you download them - if you point, you are 10% less cool. You can find them here. I will be adding more to them in the next few days, so you can check back if you don't like the ones I have up presently.
As requested, I'm adding my e-mail address. ~Meg
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