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Hello and welcome to Katalla Poms. Check back frequently because this page is being updated.

Once upon a time in a land not far away there lived a family of farmers. Their farm was set apart by those of their neighbors for they had poms instead of cattle. The poms came in an array of colors that many were surprised that they existed at all. The family and the poms co-existed peacefully. The family nurtured their fur babies. Their goals seemed quite simple to produce quality colors, to have them be genetically sound, and to have them have wonderful dispositons. Many did not think this possible and told the farmers to achieve all of this only happens "Once in a Blue Moon". So the farmers smiled and adopted the saying that here the "blue moon" shines brightly. Welcome to Katalla Poms and we hoping for all of our poms to live happily ever after : )

Love Kat

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