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Nolan North Quotes

"Unless we really stink, the show is going to do pretty well. We have great writers, which is pretty much the key to succeeding in daytime."

"I do not have trademark eyebrows. They just have a life of their own."

"So far, everyone who's slept with Chris has moved. Nicole left town. Remember the flight attendant? Buh-bye. Thank goodness Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie) and Julie Pinson (Eve) didn't jump in the sack with me, or they'd be looking for work."

"God forbid some guy should have a heart attack and someone recognizes me and says, 'He's a doctor!' That man would surely die."

"My first week on the job, I was asked to get Tony Geary's [Luke, GH] autograph for a friend. Yeah, I'm going to walk over to Tony Geary and say, 'Hi. I'm nobody. Nobody North. Can you sign this for some person I don't even know? You legend, you.'"

"With my personality, you either love me or hate me."

"It's greed. Pure and simple greed. He's obviously talented, and yet he goes to these extraordinary and dangerous lengths to get what he wants." (on Chris)

"He just loves himself more than anyone else." (on Chris)

"Chris is the kind of character that you love to hate. He does have some redeeming qualities. He has a good sense of humor, and every once in a while he shows his good side."

"Chris has a heart - he just doesn't use it too often. He believes his own lies, so he can justify any action he takes."

"There's an unfair stigma that daytime actors can't act. Thank God for Debbi Morgan [ex-Ellen]. She was brilliant in Eve's Bayou. Debbi doesn't know this, but I watch her work. She's an inspiration, and should be to every actor starting out."

"My character, Chris Ramsey, is there basically to stir up things. He's kind of a rich spoiled jerk and as you've seen on the two-hour premiere, he's less than...nice."