Jennifer Hammon
New Attitude, from ABC Soaps In Depth, 10/21/97
Before and After, from Soap Opera Digest, 2/24/98
As Good As It Gets, from Soap Opera Digest, date unknown
Past Imperfect, from Soap Opera News, date unknown
Backtalk, from Soap Opera Update, date unknown
My Funny Valentine, from Soaps in Depth, 2/16/99
The Making of a Soap Opera Diva, from Soaps in Depth, 6/15/99
Leap of Faith, from ABC Soaps In Depth, 7/27/99
Hollywood Dreamer, from ABC Soaps in Depth, 6/13/2000

Michael Dietz
The Joe Luck Club, from Soap Opera Digest, 1997
Just Some Guy From Pittsburgh, from ABC Soaps In Depth, 2/3/98
Spoken For, from Soap Opera Digest, 1999
California Dreaming, from ABC Soaps In Depth, 1/26/99
He Never Was Your Ordinary Joe, from ABC Soaps in Depth 10/17/00
Strong Medicine, from Soap Opera Digest 12/17/02
The Doctor's In, from, 1/03
Diagnosis Romance, from, 2/03

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