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Welcome to the Unofficial Black Eyed Peas Website.

  • 3/3/00- After yet another long break, I have put up some stuff on the site. I think I may wait until 2 weeks before the album is released to put the site through a major update. I just want to through a shoutout to Keeb, for keeping me on task and gettin me to do the work on this site.

  • 10/30/99- After a long break, I have finally updated the site. I have added a new section called Site News. In it you will find all news about what is happening and about to happen with this site. I also updated the News. I will be adding a bio about the Peas soon as well as adding some pictures. Thats all for now,

  • 6/11/99- I have finally updated this site as well as most of it. Some of this site may not be working proporly for about a week or two. That will be normal as I will be remodeling it. But for the most part it will be up. I will be adding a bio of the Peas this weekend and have updated news about the Peas awards, along with Tour Dates and some updated stories.

  • 4/27/99- I have updated the news with some upcoming BEP stuff. But heres the big scoop: The "Offical BEP Site" is gone. I can reach it at all. They aparently have unregistered their name and the site is gone. I don't know why but I do remember someone saying, "The Official Site is goin through some serious corperate bullshit".-George Pajon Jr. For more on this and other stories, check out News

  • 4/7/99- I added a mailing list. Check that out at the bottom of the page. The Black Eyed Peas have the Official Site back up, so check that out too. Still gotta get those movies up though. Thats all for today, probably more tomorrow, bookmark the page so you can get here quickly.

  • 4/6/99- I changed the entrance and will be changing some info. I guess the Black Eyed Peas have two different players. Prince Board is now playing Keyboard and George Pajon Jr. is playing guitar. I got an e-mail telling me this from the people themselves. I am still trying to get the news up but I don't have any! I am still looking for a source. If you have BEP news, Contact Me. Also, if you know when the BEP Official Site is going to be back up, Contact Me

  • 4/2/99- I got all the Real Audio up. Some of it might have a wierd background to it. I will try to fix that problem A.S.A.P. I will have some .wav files up and some movies very soon.

  • 3/31/99- Well, I still am working out some bugs in my page. I hope you all have a happy Easter. The Black Eyed Peas are updating their page so I will alert you all when its done. I just need to make a couple of phone calls and I will have up to date news, real audio, and possibly some inside stuff. Stay tuned. Bookmark us now. I will have an entire week off so I will upload some RA and lyrics as well as get some news and pics. Happy Easter.

  • 3/10/99- I finally got my page back from that hacker. Its going to take me a while to get it all back up. I can promise G2 Real Audio of the entire CD, more Mp3s and videos. I am really sorry that this page has gone, but the Party Don't Stop. Keep it Positive. Peace.

  • 2/1/99- Here's the deal: I really have a couple of things to talk about and you will be able to find this info in the News Page when that is put up. I have added a CDNow logo to my Real Audio Section. I know that the CD is hard to find but you can get it at CDNow. It has also come to my attention that schools are banning this site. Thats just negative energy, the Peas are about positive energy. Thats just those people hatin' the Peas.

  • 1/28/99- I have finally gotten this page updated. Well here is what was added: In the Real Audio Section I added some mp3 files. You will need a Mp3 player (WinAmp) to hear them. The movies will all be up before Valetines Day. For some reason I don't have any plans that day. In one week I will be adding some more pics to the Pics Section.


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****  If you are in the LA area, be sure to check out "The Third Floor" on 90.1 FM. Its a great show with great music, be sure to check that out.
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