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Facility Rental

Halls for Rent

A List of Our Facilities

Here is a list of our rooms and halls that we have for rental to the general community.

The Hallamor

The Hallamor is a 1000 seat auditorium. It is an acoustically pure hall. Concerts have included symphonies, acoustical, and rock. The center of the hall is taken up with the 4000 pipe Kimball organ, one of the largest pipe organs in the State of Wisconsin. The Hallamor has also been used for plays throughout the years.

Parlor A

Parlor A is a small, cozy parlor. It is perfect for small receptions. The room is centered on our and clock and the fire place. Parlor A can seat about 50 people, maximum.

Parlor B

Parlor B is a medium sized room. It has been used for smaller concerts, conferences, meetings, and receptions. Parlor B can seat around 75 to 125, depending on seating arrangemnts.


The Ballroom is a medium to large room. It is festooned with the county flags of Ireland, as well as the flags of six of the Celtic nations. It is good for dances, medium sized concers, parties, dance rehearsal, and more. There is a functional kitchen adjacent to the Ballroom. However, the ICHC does not provide any kitchen service. the Ballrom can seat up to two hundred twenty-five people comfortably.

We do have a functional kitchen adjacent to the Ballroom on the second floor. However, we do not provide any food services. People may use the kitchen for their own food preparation.

The ICHC has a full service liquor license. We will provide bartenders for any group that wishes to sell beverages. All beverages sold at the ICHC must be purchased from the ICHC.

For more information on hall rental at the ICHC, please contact managing director JOHN MAHER at 414-345-8800. Our fax is 414-345-8805. Or contact us at our e-mail address at

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