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welcome friends to the...

Rogues and Scoundrels Gallery

This is me.

Sir Kirk David Johnson

what a mug shot :)

Ian MacTavish of Clan Iron Wolf

Master Norbert

at Audubon Faire

Master Brewer Roderick

at Scottish Highland Games

Brother William Wolfgang
Von Orlok
Captain Joseph Tuzzio ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.........
Dan Davis
Sir Dominick a.k.a.

Carlo Tuzzio

A Knight to Remember

Gerhard by the pond at Bristol
Master Richard


(as seen by most)

Chieftain Morgan Ramsay

of Clan Iron Wolf

Everybody Loves...


Master Rick Gratschmayer
Sir Robert Brooks Master Troy Brooks
Robyn Sotherby

Robyn's Roost

Jerry Miksch

Dunaldeen MacDougal
A.K.A. Beast
Magnus of Correion
Dustin MacRevis
A.K.A. Dustin Andress
A.K.A. Bob Chu

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