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To Know Love

If you didn't feel complete
until you held her.
If you didn't understand loneliness
until he left your side.
If your thoughts turn to her
throughout the day.
If just the mention of his name
brings a smile to your face.
If the worst day can be
brightened by the sound of her voice.
If one of your greatest pleasures
is in pleasing him.
If you know you can
trust her with your heart.
If you feel safe revealing
your greatest fears to him.
If you know this is a friend
who will always be there.
If this is the one person you know
you can share everything with.
If you can accept and understand him
in spite of his faults.
If you find joy in just being together.
If you look to each other
for strength and comfort.
If you know each others thoughts
without thinking.
If tomorrow seems empty without her.
If today is fuller because you know him.
You know love

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