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This page is under constuction. Please come back and visit again! To Purchase any of the items on this page send cash, check or money order to

Tim Cridland
PO Box 72794
Las Vegas, NV 89170

make checks payable to Tim Cridland Include $3.00 posage and handling per order Questions about these items? Contact for more infromation.

Out now Zamora Sideshow Video 1 hour long SOLD OUT
Everyone asks me “Do you have a video for sale”? Well, no Hollywood production company has thrown a stack of money my way, so I am having one made with the help of indie filmmakers. It won’t be out for a while, but in the mean time I have assembled this collection of footage of Zamora and Zamora’s Sideshow from TV appearances that I have made over the last 10 years. These are the tapes that I would send out as demo tapes when people want to know what my act is like. The tape is a little over an hour long, with examples of the different styles of acts and shows that I do. It includes rare local news footage from Sacramento, CA, Rockford, IL, and Seattle, WA and several Canadian shows.

Circus of the Scars By Jan Gregor and Tim Cridland $30
Hardbound, 450 pages, 32 pages of Photos, Over 100 illustrations, full index What is it like to be a part of a modern day sideshow? How did the whole thing start? This is the full behind the scenes account of the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. From the beginnings in Seattle, WA, the quick rise to fame on the Lollapalooza Festival, the tours, the road, the glory and the grind. This is the “warts and all” story as told by the road manager and one of the founding members of the show. The revelations in this book are so brutal and clear that one of the subjects called up the Ripley’s TV show and begged them not to mention the title on the air. We have not been sued…. yet. Buy your copy while you still can. This book is especially informative if you plan on doing a show of your own.

The Sun Will Rise in The West By Taner Ansari
Softbound, 141 pages This book explains the mystic path of Sufism to the western reader. Meditation techniques to dissolve the ego and enlighten the mind and soul. So powerful is this practice that the it was banned in Afghanistan by the oppressive Taliban government. Sufis are also called Dervishes and Fakirs. You have heard of the Whirling Dervishes. Here you will learn the ritual of the Howling Dervishes, the kind that are know for their feats of self healing. “This book discusses the practices that open the organs of perception to an expanded world of radiance which is normally unseen…. The Ultimate goal of the Sufi is a process know as “surrender,” i.e., the achievement of complete mastery over the selfish urgings of one’s egoistic nature”…William C. Gough, Foundation for Mind-Being Research

Lady Luck image on T-shirt or poster

Phrenology Head image on T-shirt or poster

Hardbound 273 pages

Hardbound, 457 pages, 14 pages of photos. Who was William Hunt, AKA Farini? Half way through reading this book, I thought I was reading fiction. How could I have never heard of a guy who had done so many things. Farini’s wire walking over Niagara Falls outdid Blondin. Farini invented the shooting a person out of a cannon act. He also invented the transvestite arrial act. He was a world explorer and freak show promoter. He invented the safety net and the parachute. A self made man in every way. His amazing life in chronicled in this hardbound book.
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