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WD's b3ta Gallery

It was getting to the point of sublime ridiculousness listing all the hybrids that I had done under ever new potatomashed image, i.e. the list was starting to be taller than the image posted.

So Or is it? suggested a gallery - muchy thanky lotsy goes to him for the suggestion.

Questions first.

Who are you?

I am me. I live in a place. I student medicine - sorry about that.

When I'm bored I either write for h2g2 or mash up images for b3ta (pronounced like the greek letter beta).

Some people have met me, others have not. And that's it.

What do you use to make these things?

WinGIMP. It's free, and I like it.

For stock photography, lemony has piled this set of links together - I would personally recommend Gettyimages or PBase for high-quality medium to large images for GIMPing.

On a semi-related note, I often make these whilst listening to music. Winamp's the thing I use - that's got a free version too.

Do you do requests?

What on earth do you think I am - your etc... etc...!?

I do occasionally do requests. But only if I want to. In other words, if your suggestion is interesting/amusing/surreal/ugly enough in my opinion (that part is very important), then I'll do it. If not, then hard luck. If you think that very minor issue is not fair, then you haven't lived, evidently.

...and very very infrequently, I can do 'commissions' - example being Alice in Wonderland, as performed by the Medic DramaSoc. The promotional website can be found here, along with a gallery which includes some of my work. The fabulous morphing .gif on the Gallery Page is not mine - (though the manically grinning cat is... well - source pictures are from Gettyimages...), much fluffyness and credit goes to Hugh Harvey for that and his marvelous webmonkeying, as well as director David Bonsall and Hannah Marshall for firstly - the fabulous play, and secondly - allowing me to GIMP such images in the first place. I am, forever, your potatoshopping etc. etc....

How do you do it?

Ah - now that would be telling. However, I'm not so much of a heartless banana not to give you some pointers.

The Gallery: How does it work?

Well, my kittenated interwebbers, it works a little like this. The small images that I initally posted to b3ta are the thumbnails. If there is a larger image, then it should be clickable. Clicky mousey on imagey and the thingy will be enormyfied.

If there isn't an embiggened image, then that's it - there's only a little image. Sorry - but it all depends on how large the source pics are.

If I feel so inclincated, I may be persuaded to create more galleries. However, I am very unfamiliar with HTML, so this will be it for the time being. Which moves me on nicely to my other point...

...yes, this looks arse. However, I haven't the time nor the inclination to learn impressive tricks in webmonkeying, and let's face it - this works, and isn't an irritating colour.

Enjoy, mock, or fwap away. If you like them, then do drop me an email (wittyguins AT hotmail DOT com) - receiving complements gives me the warm fuzzy feeling that I crave.

The Images


New: The Owl and the Pussycat

New: Paintmashed Pengys