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Welcome to The Weird/Funny GameFAQs Post Archives

Yes I know this website is called the Weird GameFAQs Topic Archives, but I have decided to also archive single posts. The reason for this is that sometimes someone will post something weird in a serious topic. Putting up a whole topic that has one weird post would defeat the whole purpose of having a weird topic archive. So, I bring you the Weird GameFAQs Post Archive part of this website.

6/22/02 - Greham's theory on why AOL CD's still work even after you break and/or scratch them.
6/23/02 - The real meanig of GTFO.
6/24/02 - PoisonJam describes what klez look like.
6/26/02 - CjayC agrees with Xsquander. That's strange enough for me.
7/3/02 - O_O
8/27/02 - Smartest. Person. EVER... I wonder if he kept his promise.