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The GameFAQs Weird/Funny Topic Archives

The GameFAQs Weird/Funny Post Archives


The GameFAQs Message Boards

Welcome to The Weird/Funny GameFAQs Topic Archives

I made this website to Archive the weird topics made on the GameFAQs Message Boards everyday. These are the kind of topics that make you go "O_o".
Note: This website was not made to nor does it wish to offend users.
You can see the Weird GameFAQs Post Archives here.

6/21/02 - Walker Boh on how sex is yucky.
6/22/02 - Go to a doctor already!
6/23/02 - Carnies > Employies
6/24/02 - So... can you shoot beams out of your eyes?
6/25/02 - Osama bin Laden is bored.
6/30/02 - Snowjobs!
6/30/02 - The sig topic!
7/8/02 - REPENT! For the coming of CjesusC is near.
7/16/02 - *looks at the dreams* O_o
8/1/02 - What would Jesus leave on your answering machine?
8/15/02 - (_Y_) :)
9/2/02 - Just good old Mickey lovin'.
9/25/02 - watching Satan take a dump > j00
11/9/02 - TEH FIGHT OF TEH CENTURY: Ninja Nuns vs. Robot Pirates!
11/10/02 - >_>