Village of the Giants is one of the many films that rose and fell like the tides in so many of those old beach movies. Some people would be hard pressed to find information on the film, let alone any kind of items from the film. Here you'll find links to many great sites that can hopefully help you continue your experience regarding this film.

The Internet Movie Database - The largest database on film, television, and other visual media online. You can find out some additional information about the film, as well as its cast and crew.

ebay - The internet's largest auction house is a cornucopia of Village of the Giants items. Many of our production materials have been acquired from the site.

Sixties Cinema - Tom Lisanti is a journalist who has written several fine books on the women of 60's cinema, and also helped to inspire this website. His site also features a blog, keeping fans up to date on what many of the actresses he interviewed are up to.

Satellite News - An amazing fansite dedicated to Mystery Science Theater 3000. There's some Village of the Giants items here, and plenty of info about the cult classic television series.

Kino Lorber - The international film and video distributor, is the newest company to release Village of the Giants, this time on Blu-Ray.

Whisky a Go Go - The Official site of the very club where the giant ducks did the Watussi to the Beau Brummels. Opened in 1964, it is still in the same location, and is still welcoming musicians to play.

The Studio Tour - A fansite that gives information about film studios, including several where Village of the Giants was filmed.

The Unofficial Columbia Ranch Site - A fansite dedicated to the Columbia Pictures Ranch, where parts of Village of the Giants was filmed. - Director Bert I Gordon's official site. You can find images from his films, along with the ability to order his autobiography.

Freddy Cannon, The Boom-Boom Man - The Official site of Freddy Cannon, the crooner of Tallahassee Lassie who entertained many a bikinied babe in Hainesville.

Jack Nitzsche's Musical Magical World - There isn't a whole lot of information on the late Jack Nitzsche, but Spectropop's guide does a pretty good job of keeping tabs on the guy's albums, magazine articles, and much more.

Victoria Feldman, Empowerment Life Coach - Former actress Vicki London now has her own website, where she offers her services as a Life Coach.

Henry Z "Hank Jones, Jr - The former actor who played Chuck in Village of the Giants, has where he discusses his insight into genealogy, as well as his work as an author, a musician, and the history of his entertainment career.

Aunt Joy's Cakes - Founded by actress Joy Harmon, her confectionary company supplies all manner of sweets.

Chicken Delight - The restaurant franchise that helped feed our 8 giant teens. The restaurant's official site tells of their many offerings, though you can only find them currently located in Canada.

Barris' Kustom City - The company was instrumental in supplying Village of the Giants with its customized hot rods. The company site tells of their history, cars, and so much more.

Famous Monsters of Filmland - The home of the magazine that chronicles some of the most famous movie monsters ever. This link will take you right to the Official site to the magazine that's been telling us of the scary and monstrous for close to half a century.