Village of the Giants is one of the many films that rose and fell like the tides in so many of those old beach movies. Some people would be hard pressed to find information on the film, let alone any kind of items from the film. Here you'll find links to many great sites that can hopefully help you continue to experience Village of the Giants.

The largest database on film, television, and other visual media online. Here you can find out more about the stars of the film, and more.

The internet's largest auction house is a cornucopia of Village of the Gaints material. Though never usually all up at the same time, keep your eyes peeled, and you can even find rare press photos, and maybe a 35mm print may pop up sometime in the near future (a 15mm print sold recently).

The films, books by Tom Lisanti, and more can be found at the internet's largest bookstore.

This site you can order Village of the Giants as well as all form of rare beach movies, and much more.

MGM currently has the DVD/VHS rights to Village of the Giants. The film can be found under their Midnight Movies page.

One of the internet's biggest tributes to B-movies, Brian's Drive-In Theater was the first internet site I found that had a page dedicated to Village of the Giants, as well as a page dedicated to Joy Harmon.

A Yahoo Group founded by D.C. Letcher, an ardent fan of the film and actress Joy Harmon. D.C. also created a comic based on the film, though titled Village of the Giantesses, focusing moreso on the women than the men. Links to his other pages, including his comics series Peculiar Tales, can be found on this Yahoo Group (note: You must be registered with Yahoo and join the group to see the content).

The location of Courthouse Square, one of the largest movie studios in Hollywood also houses an array of attractions, and even special VIP passes where you can explore more of the backlot than the regular tour gets to see. A little pricey, but sounds worth it.

The Warner Bros. Studio offers tours of their facilities, including their backlot area dubbed 'The Ranch,' where the park and suburbs of Hainesville reside. Rservations are required for all tours.

The Official site of the very club where the giant ducks did the Watussi to the Beau Brummels. Opened in 1964, it still stands on the same site almost 40 years after it's opening. A mecca for a number of bands throughout the years, including The Byrds & Lynard Skynard.

The man behind Village of the Giants is back online! Go to the notorious B.I.G.'s webpage to find out what he's up to, including upcoming appearances, and information about his autobiography.

The Official site for the group that rode the coattails of the British Invasion. Plenty of good information, and some good links as well.

The Official site of Freddy 'Boom-Boom' Cannon. The crooner of 'Tallahassee Lassie' who entertained many a bikinied babe in Hainesville.

There isn't a whole lot of information on the late Jack Nitzsche, but Spectropop's guide does a pretty good job of keeping tabs on the guy's albums, magazine articles, and much more..

A former star of The Rifleman, Johnny Crawford is also the only guy in Village of the Giants to actually ride on the (fake) bra straps of Joy Harmon. In recent years, Mr. Crawford has begun to tour and play with his orchestra. his official page has plenty of information, as well as scehduled tour dates.

Former actress Victoria Feldman (aka Vicki London) now has her own website, where she offers her services as a Life Coach.

Former actor Hank Jones (who played Chuck in Village of the Giants), has been interested in genealogy since he was a young boy. His official website gives more insight into his study, as well as his work as an author, a musician, and the history of his entertainment career.

Founded by actress Joy Harmon, her confectionary company supplies all manner of sweets.

Tom Lisanti is a journalist who has written several fine books on the women of 60's cinema. Two noteworthy books of his include Drive-in Dream Girls(featuring an interview with Gail Gilmore), & Fantasy Femmes of 60's Cinema(featuring interviews with Joy Harmon & Tisha Sterling). tom's site also features a blog, keeping fans up to date on what many of the actresses he interviewed are up to.

An amazing site is 1164 Morning Glory Circle, run by webmaster Adam R Jones. Mr. Jones has chronicled houses of the 60's era, notably domiciles that featured residents from the shows Bewitched, The Partridge Family, & I Dream of Jeannie. Adam has also taken aerial images of the Ranch, a former Columbia Pictures set that is now under ownership of Warner Brothers. His site has plenty of great images of the Ranch, including an archived shot from the 1960's, where you can see the spire of the church where Pete (Tim Rooney), places Nancy (Charla Doherty). A great photo archive, and a must see.

This isn't really a Village of the Giants-related page, but part of me owes the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew a debt of gratitude for showing the film on their show, thus bolstering me to continue on finding the original un-MST3K-dubbed one. The site is a frequent visit for me, and usually when any star from any of the films they watched has a birthday or passes on, they make note of it on their site. For any fans of B-movies, I'd strongly suggest this site. Tank you MST3K, for making us laugh and love...again.

The restaurant franchise that helped feed our 8 giant teens. The restaurant's official site tells of their many offerings. while they once offered shrimp, they now offer pizza, along with ribs. The once popular chain is now slightly less known, with a large majority of locations on the Eastern US seaboard, and in the rural regions of Canada.

Barris' Kustom City was instrumental in supplying Village of the Giants with the customized hot rods during the scene with Fred. George Barris founded the enterprise in the 40's with several other family members. His shop has churned out all number of hot rods and custom cars, including the Batmobile from the 1960's television series Batman .

The home of the magazine that chronicles some of the most famous movie monsters ever. This link will take you right to the Official site to the magazine that's been telling us of the scary and monstrous for close to half a century. Too bad Harry didn't learn anything from their issue chronicling The War of the Colossal Beast.

One of the premier magazines for the teenager who needs to know everything. Whether it's the latest on teen dating or dressing to impress for the Prom, Teen Magazine still has what it takes after all these years. Hey, if it was good enough for Joy Harmon to read, then why shouldn't you read it?