Hello, and welcome to the Unofficial Village of the Giants homepage. Sure, there are many sites out there dealing with all kinds of films. Heck, there's probably 10,000 Star Wars websites, but I wanted to do something different. With that in mind, I'm going to answer some of your most obvious questions here.

Why a page on a bad B-movie? Over the last decade, I've created other pages for ideas or tv shows that noone had considered before. Since Village of the Giants had fried itself into my cranium, I figured tackling a bad movie tribute site would be a fun little venture.

How did you find out about the film? Way back before I even hit puberty, I was scanning around the cable channels, when I came across a strange show involving giants on TNT. I scanned the local TV guide, and was greeted with this quick analogy: 'Teens eat boy Genius food. Grow big and bad.' This was something new to my still developing mind, and I watched a bit more before having to relinquish the TV to my Dad. Intrigued by what I had seen, I set out over the next couple years to tape the rest of the show, but many times my attempts were thwarted. It wasn't until after 1994, when Mystery Science Theater 3000 ran Experiment #523, and sent Mike Nelson and his robot friends to watch the awful spectacle. I vowed next time to record it. I eventually did, though I was looking for a full, non-riffed copy. My wish was granted when a few years later, a new video store opened in the neighborhood. On the science fiction shelves, I found the battered case from the original Embassy Pictures VHS release. Before I knew it, I had joined the video store, and had viewed it several times over. Several years later, in 2001, MGM released the film on DVD, and that is how I came to finally own this weird Bert I Gordon production.

Do you own anything from the movie? You would assume that my site like this I might have something really rare on hand. Sadly, no. And I seriously doubt any props from this film exist. I did manage to obtain several production stills from the film, as well as one of the film's Pressbooks. I also was given a copy of a Production Call Sheet that actor Hank Jones had from one of his days on the set in 1965. Every once in awhile, items will pop up on eBay, though usually some of the items will go to those with a lot more expendable income than I have.

Do you have a favorite character? Like many young men, I'd probably say I was smitten with the girls in the film. Joy Harmon as Merrie left a major impression on my young adolescent life. In later years, I came to appreciate a bit more of the beauty of actress Gail Gilmore in the film.

Have you ever been to any of the sets in the film? I've actually been through half of the town of Hainesville. In 1997, I took a tour of Universal Studios Hollywood, and the tour tram took us through Courthouse Square. The square was a place I had been wanting to visit, but moreso because it served as the backdrop to one of my favorite films, Back to the Future. The other set used for the neighborhood settings is located on a setting called The Ranch, over on the current Warner Brothers lot. I have yet to visit the Ranch, though maybe someday soon I will have a chance.

Can you put me in contact with any of the cast or crew? While I have been fortunate enough to have been in contact with some members of the cast, I won't give out contact information, to respect their privacy. However, if they allow me to, I will include their webpages in my Links page.