Why create a page for an obscure B-movie? - Since I was young, I had often sought out as much information about this film as possible. One day, I realized it would be fun to share the amount of information I had with the world wide web, and add to the knowledge base regarding this film.

How did you find out about the film? - Back in the 1980's, I came across the end of the film on the TNT cable channel. Intrigued by the few minutes I had seen I checked out the local TV Guide in the Sunday newspaper, and found this brief summary about the film: Teens eat boy genius food. Grow big and bad..

Do you own anything from the film? - Thanks to the site eBay, I've been able to obtain a number of production materials from the film throughout the years. These include two(!) final drafts of the script, casting notes, and even costume notes for a few of the actresses. You can find them by going to the Production Materials section on the main page.

Have you visited any of the locations seen in the film? - I was able to set foot on Courthouse Square at Universal Studios Hollywood in the Fall of 2015, where the final confrontation in the film between Mike (Tommy Kirk) and Fred (Beau Bridges) took place. In February of 2020, I visited Bronson Canyon in the southwestern area of Griffith Park in Los Angeles. The trail leading up to the famed canyon, was where the car crash and landslide in the opening of the film was shot.

What was the goo in the film made of? - We do not know what the stuff growing out of the beaker in Genius' lab was made of. However, Bert I Gordon's daughter Susan told us that she was the one who made the versions of the goo that were eaten. Those versions were made up of angel food cake, and red food dye.

Do you have a favorite character? - I was definitely smitten by a number of the girls in the film. Joy Harmon as Merrie left a major impression on my young adolescent life. In later years, I came to appreciate a bit more of the girl-next-door beauty of actress Gail Gerber (credited as Gail Gilmore in this film).

Can you put me in contact with any of the cast or crew? - While I have been fortunate enough to have been in contact with some members of the cast and crew, I will not give out their contact information to respect their privacy.

Why did the giant brunette disappear later on in the film? - Due to creative differences, Vicki London's role was scaled back in a number of places. You can read her interview here for further information.

Was someone supposed to step on the Sheriff, or the Sheriff's Deputy? - As far as we have been able to learn, this was most likely some internet rumor that got spread around. Reviewing the final draft of the script and other production materials, has turned up nothing.

How much do the giants weigh?* - The teenage males would average around 20,400 lbs (10.2 tons). The teenage females would average around 17,000 lbs (8.5 tons)

How much food do the giants need to eat?* - They would need to consume 50,000-250,000 calories per day.

How strong are the giants?* - The average male can lift 90% of their body weight. If applied to the giant male teens, they would be able to lift 1.5 tons. The average female can lift 50% of their body weight, if applied to the giant female teens, they would be able to lift just shy of a ton.

*Thanks to Ranger X for his help on figuring out this information.