Every teen film from the 60's had it's fair share of factual errors, and Village was no exception. Here we'll discuss several of them, along with film verification.
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1. "Hey besides, there's this broad down there that I've always had my eye on, what's her name? Uh...Uh, Nancy! N-Nancy or something!" These are Fred's(Beau Bridges) words as they decide to head off to Hainesville, yet in later scenes, Nancy seems to have no recollection of ever meeting Fred. Being that he's the leader of a teen gang it seems strange that if he had even been a Hainesville resident, how come she never heard of him?

2. Puss on the lam! One of the strangest side stories Bert I created was when the stray cat ate some Goo, grew almost 5 ft tall, and then stalked out the basement door. Considering it had to go through the house, how come it didn't make more noise? And for that matter, how come it was let loose to roam free, a giant 5 ft+ cat wandering the neighborhoods? Responsible teens? where are you!?

3. Man, they're big. Stranger of any reactions, is that most people just don't see anything wild or unsettling about giant ducks, let alone giant teenagers. These teens just smile and go along for the ride. When the Sheriff and his deputy see the teens, they don't even happen to see the giant legs of the kids as they approach the teens hanging out. You should have been able to see those kids 10 miles away!

4. No food additives? The giant ducks only enjoyed their new size for less than half a day it seems, before they were killed for the consumption by the teens of the town. Now, what would the odds be that these ducks would not have any side effects on those that would eat it?

5. A whole lot of singing in a small town. Singers like The Beau Brummels, Freddy Cannon and Mike Clifford would probably be playing larger venues, so what are the three groups doing in a place like Hainesville? Either their vehicles all broke down, or they were trapped in the landslide-contained village. for that matter, why didn't the giants just recruit them to be their own personal entertainment? Maybe the musicians just saw the giants and barricaded themselves in the local hotel.

6. The roof is on fire! Well, it would be, after Pete (Tim Rooney) trips Genius'(Ron Howard) burglar alarm, it sets off some fireworks, yet it seems there's nowhere for that firework to go, but into the ceiling, thereby burning down Nancy's (Charla Doherty) house. Unless, there's a secret tunnel leading the fireworks out into the nightsky (Note: In the Final Draft of the script, there was supposed to be a hole that the fireworks exited out through the house and into the nightsky).

7. Nowadays, computer imagery could very easily have burst and shrunk Joy Harmon's clothing, but in the 60's, practical methods had to be found. In image #7, right after the gang steals the Goo, Merrie can be seen wearing a loose light blue top, yet when she's about to take a bite of her own piece of Goo, we can see the top is now quite 'form-fitting.' (Note: Joy Harmon has said in Tom Lisanti's book Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema "I objected to wearing that sweater and asked Bert Gordon if I could wear something else to pop out of.")

8. We all know how malleable rubber is, but a rubber band that can stretch that long? Tisha Sterling's character wears a rubber band to keep up a small tuft of hair, yet after she grows into a giantess, the rubber band miraculously stays on. Man, whoever was behind those rubber bands could make a fortune.

9. Whatever happened to Georgette? That's a question I asked many a time, as actress Vicki London just off and disappeared after the growth sequence. She appeared in only one scene after the teens came to the town square to dance, and then she didn't show up til' all the giants croaded arond the Hainesville Theatre. To this day, many people ask: where did Georgette go? did she just get upstaged by all those other blondes?(Note: Vicki London reveals just where she went in the 'Interviews' section of our webpage)

10 & 11. Cheating perspective has never been easy, and even in this film it's quite a trick. In images 10& 11, we can see a slight line running along the floor. When Merrie talks to Nancy and the Sheriff's daughter, she's on a platform of her own, probably moved in closer to the camera to cheat the persepctive. The same is probably true when the giants first venture out of the theatre in their new clothes. However, if you look closely, you can't see their feet.

12. Spring fresh? Being a teenager means many things, and one such thing is hygiene. Makeup is one thing, but after awhile, teens need deoderant, & perfume. The girls probably wouldn't be so 'fresh' after a day without the basics. Someone on another site even wondered why the girl's makeup didn't streak and stretch when the girls grew.

13. I'm going to need more rope. The implausibility that the Sheriff thinks that he has authority over 30-foot teens, is also enhanced by his having Mike fetch a coil of rope. what were they planning to do, lead one teen out at a time strung along on his pinky finger?

14. The Sheriff's daughter was swiped by Pete & Rick as some leverage against the Sheriff. What's hard to believe is that these 30-foot guys could do it without being seen, let alone possibly causing damage. And for that matter, how did they even KNOW where the Sheriff lives?

15.Giant demands for giant people. Fred reads off his list of demands to the Sheriff, though some would wonder how he managed to write this list on such outsized lined stationary. considering that a normal pencil would even be smaller than toothpick to our size ratio.

16. 'The NRA nightmare.' The teens wanted all the guns brought to them, but what's hard to believe is that the adults, what little of them that are here, can part with their precious shotguns so easily. Normal human nature would have at least one person squandering their rifle.

17. There are also problems with taking normal sized items and making them appear small. The buckets of chicken and Coke bottles don't seem to match as well, as the mini Coke bottles look like novelty items, and one has to wonder what exactly those miniature chicken pieces were.

18. Distracting? Red (Toni Basil) is assigned to distract the guys, yet it doesn't seem that they need much distraction at all. The giants don't really seem to be doing much with their plan to take over Hainesville, other than sitting around and eating chicken and drinking Coke.

19. Size matters not...at least, not to Bert I. The giants teens seem to easily get in and out of the Hainesville Theatre, yet how do they manage to squeeze through those tiny doors? Let alone get from the stage, past all those tiny theatre seats, and squeeze through the lobby?

20 & 21. Someone after awhile must have alerted costume designer Leah Rhodes about some of the girl's clothing. Gail Gilmore (Image #20) & Tisha Sterling (Image #21), both start off wearing clothing with plenty of open mesh patterns. But it seems that when it came time to get them ready to shrink back to normal, the items would probably have been so big the girls could have stuck their heads through one of the holes in the clothing's mesh. So, their outfits were traded in for more 'simple' means of shrinking(Note: the clothing change for Gail & Tisha was actually part of a scene that was found in the Final Draft of the script-however, we do not have any knowledge of whether the scene was filmed).

22. Model and replica work almost 40 years ago was quite rough, and when the task comes to construct a 10-15 foot replica of Joy Harmon's bust, well, things can get a bit complicated. As Image 4 shows, the bust is missing Joy's tanned tone, the myriad freckles, and even the tassles are not right.

23, 24 & 25. Does getting larger mean your brain shrinks? Being 30 ft tall, the air must be pretty thin up there, as many times the teens can't seem to prevent falling into such seemingly simple traps.
In image #23, following the 'good teens' into a trap, Fred (Beau Bridges), just stands there as a girl on a bike circles around his legs. If that wasn't enough, Fred actually helps her rope him by seemingly lifting his leg into the air, just as she lets lose a lasso.
In image #24, Merrie (Joy Harmon), could have swatted Horsey (Johnny Crawford) away when he put the wad of ether-filled cotton in her face, but just sits there and takes a couple deep breaths before passing out.
And in image #25, the teens could have just moved away from Genius and his yellow smoke, or just punted the kid away. Even Rick (Robert Random) and Jean (Tisha Sterling) had a quick and painful way to end Mike's (Tommy Kirk) 'David & Goliath' challenge: either picking him up and throwing him, or stomping on him would have squelched the little jerk.

26. Hey, get out of the shot! As Mike (Tommy Kirk) descends the steps to assert some payback on Fred (Beau Bridges), a strange shadow appears and disappears in the lower left side of the screen. As the camera pulls back, we reveal that that shadow actually belongs to the camera filming the shot. I guess the cameraman was still dizzy from the effects of the yellow smoke, and didn't realize his mistake.

27. No charges filed!? The Sheriff (Joseph Turkel) lets the dilenquent teens off easier than most cities would. The kids assaulted Mike (Tommy Kirk), resisted arrest, kidnapped 2 people, broke into a closed building, and destroyed private and public property (knocking out telephone and radio communications, uprooting trees and lightpoles). That's enough that the guy could have put them behind bars for a bit. But this is the same guy who, when the teens were 30 ft tall, ordered them out of town without caring what they did to anyone they came across. Something tells me the Sheriff is going to be getting some angry letters printed in Hainesville's editorial pages.

28. Only one way out? I've done plenty of travelling in my lifetime, and it seems pretty hard to believe that a town like Hainesville would only have one way out of town. For that matter, it would be a piece of cake if anyone in Hainesville had a motorcycle, they could have jumped the landslide and gone for help (maybe that girl who had that Yamaha motorcycle that tried to trip up Fred (Beau Bridges) could have made the jump).

29. As the delinquent teens begin their exodus from Haineville, they encounter a group of short people going to Hainesville, where they have heard of the Goo. Although there's the big landslide that claimed the teens car, and the communications were cut by several giants, one has to wonder how anyone outside the small town knew anything about the Goo? Telepathy, perhaps?

30. We need more fabric, Mr Gordon! Growing 20+ft tall, you must definitely would need plenty of fabric, yet when our giant delinquents shrink back to regular size, their clothes' proportions don't seem to match how much fabric would actually be needed. The girls just look like they made off with their bra tops, and the guys look like they're hastily heading to the Friars club.