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Sunday, 20 September 2009
The biggest news of all, Bert gives more details on his autobiography, and more!
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The biggest update ever to our Fanpage has finally arrived!

Well, it took alot of time, and alot of hard work, but we finally got posted one of the biggest additions to our site: a PDF file containing a copy of the Final Draft for Village of the Giants

Like our last post, this could not have been achieved without Village of the Giants  co-star Hank Jones, who loaned us his script to copy. While some would have been happy enough to put this script on a photocopier, I wanted to go one better: transcribe it word-for-word, and make it as close to the original copy as possible.

I went so far as to find a typewriter font, and attempted to space and indent just like that script. The final draft I typed out is about 98% close to Hank's copy, with the only major differences regarding some typos, and the line and page indents and spacing. You'll find a link to the script on our Information page. Please be advised that you'll need Adobe Reader in order to read the PDF file.

I've probably thanked Hank 10+ times for all his help, both with his interview and contributions to our page, but let's just say it again: Thanks Hank!

Hank speaks as well!

Along with providing us with his shooting script, we've also posted our interview with Hank. Hank tells of the times he had on set, as well as the friendships he formed on the film. 

Bert provides more information regarding his upcoming autobiography!

We recently received the following image to the right, and more information from Mr. Bert I Gordon, regarding the upcoming release for his autobiography.

The cover for his book was designed by Stan Adams, the administrator of the Monster Bash convention that takes place yearly in Pittsburgh, PA (Bert and his daughter Susan have attended previously). The painting in the background was painted by Lorraine Bush, and depicts Glen Manning (played by Duncan Perkin) in the film War of the Colossal Beast.

According to Bert, the paperback version of this book will be released this fall, with a special edition hardcover version to be released at next year's Monster Bash convention in June. We'll keep you posted when more information becomes available. Thanks for keeping us in the loop regarding your recent projects, Bert! Always a pleasure.

Where do rumors get started?

Throughout film history, there are all sorts of stories that come about, from strange flubs to deleted scenes. Some may recall the rumor of an actor playing a Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz who was said to have hung himself in the background of a film scene.

While that rumor was debunked with film analysis, a rumor circulated up and down the small fan channels for Village of the Giants for many years. This rumor concerns the disappearance of the Sheriff's deputy, when he doesn't appear after the first confrontation of the giants in the park.

The rumor says that the deputy was to be stepped on by the giants, giving way to his disappearance. However, after perusing the final draft of the script, I found no indication of this scene. My guess is this rumor may have been confused by someone who read how Rick in the final draft, smashed the Sheriff's car. Some may have assumed the deputy was inside, and that's how his life was ended. And of course, some may have assumed that all the giants talk of stomping on people finally came to pass.

I would like to know where this rumor first started, and find out where it came from. At this point, I'd say the final draft of the script can put the rumor to rest, but I feel there will be giant/giantess and foot fetishists who will still insist that this 'rumored death' was intended to take place.

Recent site updates

Along with the addition of the script, there have been some minor additions:

- Information regarding H.G.Wells' story The Food of the Gods has been updated in the Comparisons area, with a more thorough summary, and a newer title.

- In the Production Materials area, I've set up an analysis of the scenes that were on the production call sheet that Hank Jones provided.

Posted by weird2/villageoftheg at 1:13 AM CDT
Updated: Sunday, 20 September 2009 1:16 AM CDT
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