Part 14: Still All Woman

Ext.Angel's Circus Tent

Mark drives up in a van, parking it right next to the tent. He gets out of the van, and bring along a bouquet of roses. He walks over to the entrance to the tent, and looks in.

Mark: Angel honey? Angel, you here? (quietly, to himself) Where is that big bimbo? (speaking in normal tone again) Angel?

Mark turns around and walks back towards the van. As he does so, giant footsteps are heard, and Angel soon appears next to the van, towering over him

Angel: Mark?

Mark: How are you feeling?

Angel: I'm scared.

Mark: Don't worry, everything's gonna be alright. Trust me. You're gonna be back to normal in no time.

Angel: What if I'm not? What's gonna happen to me?

Mark: (handing over the bouquet) Here, these are for you.

Angel plucks them from Mark's tiny hands, and takes a small sniff.

Angel: Could you get in touch with my doctor for me? His name is Paul Lindstrom, he has a clinic in L.A.? Tell him what's happened?

Mark: Yeah. Yeah sure, anything you want honey.

Angel: What's gonna happen to me?

Mark: Everything's gonna be fine. Bob put in a call to a specialist. He's gonna help you.

Angel: I hope he comes soon.

Angel suddenly starts sniffling.

Mark: Are you okay?

Angel: Fine. I think it's the flowers. I'd better toss them.

Angel tosses the flowers away with a girlish giggle.

Mark: Yeah, you can't be too careful.

Angel suddenly begins to sniffle again, which finally gives way to a sneeze.

Angel: Ah-choo!

The force of her sneeze knocks Mark down on the ground.

Angel: Are you okay?

Mark gets up and dusts himself off. Mark: Uh, yeah. Just try and relax, okay? I'll see you a little later.

Angel then bats her eyes sensually, and caresses her body a little.

Angel: Mmmm. Um, Mark? Do you, want to come inside for a little while?

Mark: You know, I really don't think that is such a good idea right now. Maybe later.

Angel continues her little tease, playing with her hair, and running her hands down her body.

Angel: Don't be scared. I may be 60 feet, but I'm still all woman.

Mark: I just got this really bad headache right now. Um, how about tomorrow?

Mark then gets back in the van and drives off, waving to Angel. Angel waves back, a look of lonely disappointment on her face, as she walks off.

Ext.Plaything Mansion, upper balcony

Bob is standing by the balcony rail, looking outside and smoking a pipe. Mark appears next to him.

Bob: She buy it?

Mark: Hook, line, and sinker.

Bob: (nodding) Hmm.

Mark: She asked me to get in touch with her doctor.

Bob: (chuckling) What did you tell her?

Mark: Oh, I told her I would. But it's kind of funny...I can't seem to remember what the guy's name was.

Both of them chuckle at the little joke.

Bob: Good boy.

Mark turns around and goes back inside, leaving Bob out on the balcony to smoke.