"The Atack of the 60 Foot Centerfold Homepage- I feel so strange, like, Godzilla or something"

Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold never obtained a theatrical release when it first came out in 1995. Instead, it premiered on one of the still-growing markets known as Direct-To-Video. Since its release in 1995, the film has appeared in several home video iterations in the United States and abroad. This page will show you some of the known examples of its release.

Video Cassette

-Back in 1995, VHS video cassettes were the way to go for viewing and owning movies. Concorde Entertainment released 60 Foot Centerfold on VHS in the United States. In the images above and to the left, you can see the US boxart, as well as a rarity: boxart of the film when it was released in Japan. Unfortunately, I do not know what Angel or the others on the boxart are saying.


-Before DVDs were hailed as the wave of future film-viewing, there was another format that was hailed in the same way: the Laserdisc. 60 Foot Centerfold had probably its biggest release on this format, being hailed as a Giant, Deluxe Edition.
The Laserdisc release included such features as a commentary by director Fred Olen Ray, publicity stills, and even unreleased F/X test footage.

Digital Video Disc (DVD)

-Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold on DVD has seen its covers changed over 4 different times. When it was first released, the cover sported a 'warm-toned' border very similar to the one on the VHS box art. Some time afterward, this border was removed, along with the coloration on the cover becoming more neutral. Strangely, the releases tout the original theatrical trailer to be included with the release, but it is nowhere to be found on these releases.
Giant women are also popular overseas. In the upper right, you'll find two examples of the film from foreign lands. The first is the one cover that differs the most from the main promotional image: the French released titled L'Attaque de la Pin-Up Geante. Here, the cover has taken a videoframe of Angel from the actual film. The second foreign release is the cover to the right of this, which is a Thailand release. The title is presented as a bit more serious in its big block letter-style. This DVD is part of a 2-DVD release that also comes with the original Attack of the 50 Ft Woman. It also sports a Thai language and subtitle track.