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Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold is a modern-day take on the old B-movies of yesteryear. On this page, we will analyze the references and homages to those B-movies of yesteryear that made their way into Fred Olan Ray's film.

Getting the Point

As Angel and Betty engage in a 60-ft catfight, Dr Lindstrom fires a tranquilizer dart, which hits Betty. It stuns her for a moment, before she plucks it out and angrily throws it at Bob Gordon. Her aim hits Gordon in the butt, and he goes down
The scene actually has several homages to Bert I Gordon's film, The Amazing Colossal Man. In one scene, Dr Lindstrom (same name, different doctor from 60 Foot Centerfold) and an associate attempt to jab the enlarge Colonel Glen Manning with a hypodermic needle meant to hopefully start him shrinking to normal. Instead, the jabbing of the needle into his ankle enrages Glen, who angrily plucks it out, and then throws it, impaling and killing Dr Lindstrom's assistant.

Shrinking's A Gas

At the end of 60-Foot Centerfold, Wilson uses Dr Lindstrom's gas antidote to shrink the 60-Foot Angel and Betty back down to size, leaving the two big girls wrapped in the oversized clothing of their once form-fitting garments.
This is almost similar to the ending of director Bert I Gordon's 1965 film Village of the Giants, in which a group of delinquent teenagers grew 30-ft tall and intended to take over the town of Hainesville. The town's resident boy-genius named Genius (played by Ron Howard), who invented the goo that made things big, invents the yellow-gaseous antidote that shrinks the giant teens back to normal size, grappling with their now over-sized garments as well.