"The Atack of the 60 Foot Centerfold Homepage- I feel so strange, like, Godzilla or something"

Hello, and welcome to my webpage dedicated to the strange B-Movie, Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold. I have put together this little FAQ in case you may have had some questions about this site.

Why a page on a bad B-movie? This page was meant moreso as a follow-up to my other page about giants, based around Bert I Gordon's 1965 film Village of the Giants. You can find a link to that page at www.villageofthegiants.net, but I decided to create this strange little niche for Fred Olan Ray's 1995 film.

Wait a minute: Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold? Shouldn't it be Centerfolds? In recent years, labeling of newer released of this film have taken on the use of the word "Centerfolds." However, given that I am stickler for original things, I prefer to go by the title when this film originally came out.

How did you find out about the film? I first hear inklings about this film around the time it was first coming out in 1995. However, being under the legal age to watch or purchase such films, I waited. Eventually much later, I was able to see the film, but much like the early years when I had seen snippets or clips of Village of the Giants, it never reached or exceeded the levels that my youthful imagination could reach.

Do you own anything from the movie? I do own some items related to the film, but nothing prop-wise. I have the DVD release of the film, along with an issue of the magazine Femme Fatales, that covers a good deal of the making of the film. I also was able to procure a set of trading cards that were made for this film.

Do you have a favorite character? There is something rather beguiling about the rather innocent way that J.J. North portays the character of angel. She is almost attempting to be an innocent girl-next-door type alot of times, even if she doesn't really 'attack' like the title of the film seems to hint at.

Have you ever met any of the cast or crew? No.