A jackass Fansite for UK fans
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A jackass Fansite for UK fans

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A site dedicated to Uk Fans of the hilarious,disgusting and sometimes too painful too watch, American hit show...Jackass.Come and take a look around and find out everything you need to know about Jackass and the Jackasses

8/01/02 added some new links and started to add some new pictures.We're slowly getting there. Its taking me awhile to figure out html. They don't make things easy do they! :)

7/01/02 a new site is born!.I've just started to make this site.It may take me a while to get it up and running smoothly.If you can help me on this site, please contact me below!.Thanx.Helen

Links to some good sites

Official Bam site
The BEST Jackass site on the net
Jackass/Bam message board and chat
Ryan Dunns website

Updated daily to keep you informed on everything Jackass related. You can find out about your favourite Jackass, look at some great pictures,find some great links, AND even ways of contacting them. So what are you waiting for...take a look around!:)

*****This site is under constructionn*****

Please email me here if u want to help me out on this site or make any comments good or bad!:)

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