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The Stupid Gene

After only two years in high school, I have developed a theory of stupidity. But before I reveal this carefully thought out theory, I would like to give you my definition of stupidity.

Unlike the most people's definition of stupidity, I do not define it as someone who is not good in school. Personally, I don't thinnk understand algebra has anything to do with your intelligence level. Stupidity can be described with a story from an article titled "Strange Stories from the Global Classroom" by Grace McCann. For example, a teacher in the Netherlands taught his high school students how to rob cash machines. A teacher and coach in Indian bit the head of a live sparrow in from of his wrestling team it order to motivate them(McCann). Now that is stupidity.

Ok, so a little backround before I get to the theory. As I cannot assume everyone reading this has taken (and understood) biology, I will do a little explaining first. A gene (actually, I think it's an allele, but lets stick with gene just for simplicity) can be either dominant or recessive. When combined, the dominant gene will always be expressed (it will be the one that shows up.) For example, lets say the blue eye gene was recessive, and the brown eye gene was dominant. If a brown eyed person and a blue eyed person mate, and the child recieves both a blue gene and a brown gene, then the child will have brown eyes. If they recieve two brown genes, they will have brown eyes, and if they recieve two blue genes, they will have blue eyes. This seemingly complex explination can be summed up in the Punnett Square shown below.

Perhaps you are wondering what the heck eye color has to do with stupidity. To tell you the truth, it has almost nothing at all to do with it, I just had to explain recessive and dominant genes.

So, here's my theory:

The reason there are so many idiots on this planet is because the stupid gene is dominant and the smart gene is recessive. This makes it much less likely that a smart child will be produced when two parents breed. Let me show you some Punnett Squares to further explain this.

I am pleading with the last remaining intellegent people left. Choose your future spouses wisely. The fate of the world depends on how your genes are used. I am also pleading with the idiots. Stop breeding!

Now, of course, there are a few exceptions. People with the Ss gene, may actually rise above their genes and become intelligent. People with the ss gene may be so smart that they can't handle it, and resort to being stupid. However the fact remains that approximately 75% of the world are idiots. This percentage rises even more when things like common sence are factored in to the equation.

Well, there you have it. That's my theory. If you would like to make a comment that is to long for the guest book, write to me here. Otherwise, just post it in the guest book. I will be posting more of my opinions and theories later, so check back.

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