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The Weird Al Conspiracy Page

This site will attempt to examine the massive conspiracy sorounding Weird Al Yankovic. I will examine his connection to the volcano worshippers cult and possible connections to the freemasons and illuminati. The truth is that Weird Al is a truley dangerous individual bent on world domination. There is even evidence to suggest that he may be an alien from outer space. The importance of the number 27 and also of his birthdate, October 23rd, will be examined. of course, I am very lazy, so it may take a while for all this information to get up on the site. Plus, I must be careful of the government. Disclaimer: This site is meant to be a joke and anyone who takes it seriously is an idiot. Of course I might be just saying that so the secret volcano worshipper's cult does not come after me. Just kidding, Al. Or am I?

Enter the conspiracy

The conspiracy begins
The conspiracy continues